Spring Break Nails: Make Sure You NAIL it With Your Manicure Design!

by Gabby

Easter 2023 is only a few days away and that means that Spring Break is coming too! Whether you are still at school, college or university, I am sure you are preparing to have the best time of your life. I remember when I was a freshman, this vacation was a big deal for everyone and we couldn’t wait for the spring to finally arrive… Of course, you have a lot of things to prepare, but you can’t forget to take care of your manicure as well. I want to put your mind at ease and make it easier for you, and that is why I have prepared some of the trendiest Spring Break nails for you! Get ready to be inspired by the many colorful and fun nail designs!

Spring Break nails 2023: Make sure you NAIL it with your manicure design!

spring break nails ideas design manicure trends 2023

With spring comes the desire for change and creating much more colorful outfits and nails. The fashion trends are already in and we can’t wait to be inspired by them. However, if you’re planning your Spring Break, you need to make sure you feel confident, and that can be done with the help of a trendy new manicure. What to expect from the Spring Break nails trends this year? We will definitely show you lots of colorful ideas, decorations and beautiful delicate designs.

Short Spring nails 2023: Reverse French manicure

short spring nails 2023 orange manicure neon trends


If you have planned to visit a lot of places during your vacation, or you are backpacking, then you should put comfort first. Short nails also allow you to do something creative with the design. In spring, undoubtedly go for bold colors like orange, yellow or maybe green. A neon manicure will also show that you are someone who wants to have fun. The reverse French manicure is the one to try out, if you want to make your short nails look longer. The combination of pink and orange is also a classic for the warm weather. Find out which are the most trendy shades for your manicure with these spring nails 2023 designs!

Pink Spring nails 2023

spring break nails 2023 cute animal design art trends

You want pink nails, but how to make them fun for the Spring Break? Check out this nail design that combines the soft pink shade with the animal print, which made a huge comeback in 2023. You can make this manicure your own, by personalizing it with a different animal print, or with a different pink hue. If you want to stand out even more, try it with hot pink as a base.

Cute Spring nails 2023

french manicure with spring nail design 2023

It’s spring time, so we cannot escape from all the colorful flower decoration that a lot of the nail artists are presenting to us right now! If you don’t want to go all out with the flowers, try mixing them with the classy French manicure, but make the tips with a bright hue that screams “Spring Break is here!”.

Spring break nails for dark skin

spring nails for dark skin flowers decoration manicure trends

For this year’s Spring Break, make sure to highlight your skin tone with a gorgeous manicure! If you love wearing outfits with nude colors, you can adapt a spring nail design that is brown and has a pink base, like shown on the photo. To make it extra springish, don’t forget to add tiny flowers. For the nail shape, this type of art will be perfect for almond nails and square nails.

Cloud nails with butterflies decoration

cloud nails with butterfly decoration cute ideas for manicure in the spring

Have you heard about cloud nails? There are exactly what they sound like – cute nails with cloud decoration on them. If you want to look like a girl who wants to have fun on her vacation, add little butterflies that will make your manicure special. Let me spark your imagination little more by showing you cloud nails 2023 designs that you can choose from!

Easter nail designs

easter nails 2023 manicure decoration ideas spring trends

How to prepare for Easter? Go get your nails done! Try out a cute decoration with a bunny and flowers, or if you are feeling bubbly, try out something with tiny colorful eggs and flowers. There are many decorations to choose from. When it comes to colors, I think should you opt for pastel shades. Check out more trendy Easter nail designs here!

Other Spring Break nails ideas

abstract nail designs spring manicure trends 2023 pink and green

Swirl nails 2023

swirl nails 2023 colorful manicure pink and yellow

Spring nails for dark skin

simple nail designs for dark skin micro french manicure

Short nail designs for spring 2023

spring break nails 2023 short manicure ideas colorful

Swirl French manicure

french manicure swirl nails 2023 trendy ideas

Easter nails 2023 with bunny decoration

easter nails 2023 with bunny decoration cute manicure ideas

Gothic nails with hot pink decoration for the Spring Break

gothic nails for the spring trends 2023 black and pink manicure

Short spring nails for dark skin

nail designs for dark skin spring colorful manicure 2023

Neon nails 2023

neon nails lime green manicure 2023

Easter nail design with flowers

spring break nails 2023 easter manicure with flowers


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