Luggage Tag: Learn What You Should Put on It and Be Prepared for Spring Break 2023!

by Anjelina

It is in the nature of all of us to travel! And with today’s wide choice of vehicles, ease of travel and conditions, people simply cannot be kept in one place! Whether for business or pleasure, travel takes up a large part of our lives. Unfortunately, however, it is very common for our luggage to be lost, and we have to wait days or even weeks until it is found, which causes a great deal of stress and unpleasant emotions. We know that spring break 2023 is on its way and many of you have somewhere to travel to. That’s why in today’s article we’ll talk about the benefits of having a luggage tag, which can ease things if it comes to that.

What is the purpose of a luggage tag?

purpose of luggage tag importance and safety while travelling

Every day around the world countless bags, backpacks and suitcases get lost in one way or another. And it’s not just the airlines where this happens, despite all the measures taken. You can also lose your luggage in the hotel where you are staying temporarily, or on public transport, etc. Unfortunately, the loss of a suitcase or bag is a common occurrence and not always associated with the actions of unscrupulous people. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a tag on your luggage, which can greatly ease your efforts to find it.

Is it necessary to have a luggage tag?

In principle, luggage tags are not compulsory, but they are highly recommended, especially when travelling by plane or any other means of transport where you know that your personal belongings will be taken over by other people, which poses a risk of getting lost. If unfortunately something like this happens, you will be contacted in the quickest way when your luggage is found.

What information should and should not be included in your luggage tag?

what you should and should not include in a luggage tag


The minutes spent at the airport baggage carousel are sometimes much more exciting than the flight itself. It crosses most of our minds that it’s possible not to see your suitcase on the conveyor belt among the luggage of other passengers, which is an intimidating experience even for those who travel frequently. But if it does happen, you should keep some things in mind! You don’t know whose hands your luggage will fall into if it is lost, so you need to be extra careful with the information you put on your tag. We’ll give you some helpful tips on what to include and what you should definitely not put on for safety reasons.

brown leather luggage tag on a suitcase at the airport

The most important information that should be written on your luggage tag includes your name, phone number and email. This will ensure immediate contact with you. Also, if you are travelling abroad, it is not a bad idea to put the name and address of where you will be staying (a hotel, for example) so that your luggage can be sent there. Another thing worth doing before your trip is to take a photo of your suitcase and tag. This will verify that it belongs to you.

Under no circumstances write your home address. Apart from the fact that this information does not matter, as you will be contacted by email or phone, it can also be dangerous. As we said above, you don’t know whose hands your luggage might fall into, so don’t put your home at risk of robbery while you’re away.

What types of luggage tags are there?

custom wood luggage tags to match individual needs

Luggage tags display up-to-date information about the passenger (luggage owner) and are designed to attract attention and provide convenience. They come in various forms.

The most common types of luggage tags differ according to the material used, which can be paper, cardboard, leather, plastic, metal or even wood. It is important that the final product is reliable, wear-resistant, functional and individual. We recommend choosing tags with flaps so you can hide your information from onlookers. Recently, smart luggage tags are gaining popularity and are considered the most convenient and secure option. They allow your personal data to be encrypted and hidden from view! They are equipped with advanced technologies such as QR code, and unique individual code.

If you want your own individual luggage tag, you can do it yourself at home. We will share a video for a beautiful fabric tag if you are good with the sewing machine. The information you will put inside is best printed on a sheet of paper and be laminated afterwards. Here is the video:


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