Old Money Haircut/Hairstyle 2023: 17 Glamorous Rich Girl Looks

by Kristiyana

A lot of us girls look up to celebrities, and we strive to always keep up with their new and trendy looks. Whether it’s about fashion, makeup or hairstyles, each of us want to get that effortless rich girl look even if we are not on this month’s cover of Vogue. How to do that? Just pick one of these 17 glamorous takes on the old money haircut/hairstyle of 2023!

Black headband on straight hair

how to wear a headband black headband hairstyles

Get your rich girl vibes with this glamorous black headband on straight hair old money haircut/hairstyle. All you will require is a black headband, and just wear it on your straight or slightly wavy lengths. An effortless hairstyle that will make you look like Blair Waldorf.

Old money wavy ponytail with bangs

wavy ponytail with bangs old money haircut


If you have wavy hair with bangs, you can easily style it into this fab high pony. This look is red-carpet worthy, but can also be worn when performing your daily activities.

Black bow rich girl hairstyle

bow hairstyles old money hairstyle

Oh, I just adore bows! Bows can create an elegant or cute look, suitable for any occasion. All you need to do is just grab a few strands of your hair and tie them with this lovely hair accessory. So easy, yet stylish.

Old money sleek back bunslicked back bun slick bun hairstyles

And don’t get me started on those trendy celebrity slicked-back buns! This look is off the charts. It is THE supermodel look to wear in 2023 when trying to appear stylish, yet effortless.

Long & wavy shiny rich girl hairstyle

wavy shiny hair celebrity hairstyles

To get the old money haircut/hairstyle look, opt for wavy and shiny longs strands of hair. To make your hair look shiny, you must take proper care of it. Use a clarifying shampoo once a week, then rinse the hair with cold water. You can also sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase. For temporary shine, use a shine pray to style your hair.

Old money hairstyle with silk scarf

old money haircut silk scarf hairstyles

Another very easy, yet fabulous old money look. Tuck in your hair back into your favourite silk scarf to look like a real celebrity. A pair of shades is utmost necessary to complete this lux look.

Minimal easy cool girl bun hairstyle

effortless chic hairstyles old money hairstyles

Want to get a minimal, easy cool girl hairstyle? Here’s how to make this fab low bun: Tie your hair in a low pony with a hair elastic. Then make a loop with the tie and pull the ends of your hair to get your desired bun. Wrap a piece of your hair to hide the elastic. Finish with hairspray to hold. Voilà!

Fabulous celebrity 90s blowout

retro voluminous hair 90s blowout

The Cindy Crawford blowout from the 90s is one of the trendiest hairstyle choice for women in 2023. It’s utterly fabulous and creates a stunning retro look for your hair.

Rich girl balloon braid hairstyle

balloon braid rich girl braid

Thoughts on the balloon braid? Balloon braids were trending a lot last year, but it appears that the top choice of many celebrities is here to say. Get your old money vibes with this braid in 2023.

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Old money hair with pearl clip

pearl hair clip old money hairstyles female

And where are we without those fabulous pearl hair clips? I have one just like this at home. Wore it with a black velvet dress to a retro party a few years back. It was a hit! And I felt like I had more money than I carried with me…

Tucked-in hair for rich girl vibes

tucked in hair old money haircut women

You might be surprised by this one, but you must have noticed it on social media. A lot of celebrities are wearing the tucked-in sweater hair look nowadays. My thoughts on this one are likely that you are so busy or care so little, that you don’t mind if half of your hair is not even on display. Right?

Big headband on long sleek hair

big headband hairstyles hailey bieber hairstyles

Hailey Bieber’s old money haircut/hairstyle is definitely a must-try. A big black headband on long, sleek and shiny hair. I can already picture myself wearing this look for my first big summer party at the Hamptons. Can’t you?

Messy bun with a gold hair clip

messy bun hairstyle gloden hair clip hairstyle

Looking for another effortless rich girl hairstyle? The messy bun with a gold hair clip is just what you need! You have already seen many A-list celebs sporting this look on social media. Perfect for when you are grocery shopping or taking out your poodle for a walk in the neighbourhood.

The celebrity’s natural hair trend

old money haircut female celebrities natural hair

A lot of celebrities are also going for the bold, natural hair look. For me, this look is not optional for everyone, as a lot of us girls don’t have naturally wavy or curly mermaid hair. But if your hair can stay in one place (not like mine), then go for this effortless celebrity look.

Old money simple braided ponytail

braid hairstyles braided ponytail

On bad hair days, you need to have an old money hairstyle that can still make you look chic. A braided ponytail is a great and easy choice to still look cute even if your hair is a bit greasy or frizzy.

Rich girl vibes with short sleek hair

old money haircut short slick hair

Do you need an old money haircut for your short hair? Opt for Hailey’s short, sleek rich girl hairstyle. To achieve it, you will need to wash your hair first. Then have a blowout, straighten it and use hairspray.

Old money hair with hair clip at middle

hair clip hairstyles rich girl hair

Get the effortless chic rich girl look by just wearing a cute hair clip at the middle of your hair. If you have naturally wavy hair, all the better.

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