Slicked-back bun trend 2023: How to get the supermodel look? Easy tutorial and tips on styling

by Kristiyana

Can we really keep up with all the latest hair trends of 2023? I mean, by now we already have the Undone Bob, Butterfly Haircut, The Bixie, Bob with Bangs, and so many more! Instagram and TikTok are practically flooded with images of the latest new haircuts and hair colours, that a lot of girls can’t wait to try on their own. And more are coming out each day. Did you already hear about the supermodel Slicked-back Bun? Well, you are going to! It is only the latest A-list celebrity hairstyle. Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez are among the few who have been spotted sporting the look.

What is the slicked-back bun? 

rosie huntington-whiteley sleek-back-bun_bun hairstyles

The slicked-back bun is nothing new when it comes to the world of hairstyles. The thing about this bun is that the 2023 version is a lot more sleek and tight that previous ones. It’s a cool twist on the top-knot bun, offering a more polished appeal. And a lot of models are choosing it as their go-to hairstyle. It’s a great look to wear during the hot summer days, as it neatly keeps your hair off your back. Plus, you can style it with a variety of products: gels, mousses, hairsprays for shine and hold, etc. See for yourself!

How to get the trendy 2023 hairstyle?

how do you get Hailey Bieber sleek bun_hailey bieber slicked-back bun


Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the notorious supermodel slicked-back-bun:

  1. Make sure you pick the right hair tie. This is crucial for preventing extra damage to your hair with this bun. Avoid a high-grip, rubber band material.
  2. To achieve the super-sleek effect, start on lightly damped hair. You can dampen it with a little water or a leave-in-conditioner.
  3. Brush your hair back using a soft bristle brush.
  4. Secure the hair with the no-damage hair tie and wrap the ends into a bun.
  5. Use a clear pomade, gel, or styling cream and a brush to secure any strained hairs in place.
  6. Once you’ve made sure that all your hairs are in one place, spray a lightweight hairspray for high gloss or medium shine hold.

slicked-back bun 2023_sleek bun 2023

Additional tips:

  • Make sure you use a brush made from natural materials, that is catered to your hair type.
  • For an even easier approach, you can pull your hair back into a ponytail, and then make it into a bun.
  • Don’t over-use styling products in your hair with this hairstyle.

The slicked-back bun 2023: Which look is the best?

simone ashley hair_slicked-back bun

Bridgerton star Simone Ashley’s take on the slicked-back bun is the perfect choice of style to wear to any big and fancy social event. Wear your best long earrings to really show off your sleek bun and beautiful neck.

hair trends 2023_bun hairstyles 2023


Or maybe go for a messier bun like Hilary Duff’s here and sport it to a gallery opening or a casual coffee date. And yes, statement earrings really go with this 2023 hairstyle.

jennifer lopez hair_jennifer lopez bun

The sleekness of this bun makes J Lo’s chunky blonde streaks against her light brunette hair all the more eye-catching. I mean, yes this bun would look great on any hair colour, but the more tones the better in my opinion.

hairstyles for girls with glasses_glasses hairstyles

And if you are looking for a chic and sexy hairstyle to wear with your glasses, then you certainly must try the 2023 slicked-back bun. Might make you look like a secretary, but in the sexy way. You get me? Finish off the look with your favourite red or mauve lipstick.

how do you do a slicked-back bun_slicked-back bun tutorial

Why not enhance the slicked-back bun even more with some hair accessories? Once you tie your bun with a no-damage hair tie, wrap around a cute and trendy ribbon and secure it in a bow. This creates a super girly and fresh hairstyle.

sleek knotted bun_bun on blonde hair

A trendy hairstyle can take you many places, but you won’t get too far without a matching glamorous makeup look. A dark shade of red lipstick can really put you in the spotlight if you happen to have light blonde or raven black hair. Complete the look with some subtle shimmer for your eyes.

slicked-back bun_bella hadid bun

Bella Hadid’s take on the slicked-back bun doesn’t even include tucking in all your hairs, but looks absolutely stunning nonetheless. She surely knows how to show off the beauty of her neck and shoulders, by wearing the bun with a high neck dress.


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