What containers to sow your seeds in? 4 recycling ideas + video instructions!

by Anjelina

Spring will soon arrive and we will start little by little to sow seeds to start our vegetable garden, but also our small herb garden. Planting the seeds indoors accelerates the germination process thanks to the warmth of the house and allows a good and efficient development of the plant. But what containers to sow your seeds in? We have a great idea for a cheap and eco-friendly way to do it: your own recycled pots! Read on to discover the best containers, some (or all) of which you probably already have in your kitchen!

What containers to sow your seeds in?

what containers to sow your seeds in recycling ideas

Planting seeds is about to begin, and it’s best to be well-prepared! Whether you’ve decided to plant strawberry, cucumber or zucchini seeds, choosing the right container is the first step to mastering successful indoor planting. If you are on a tight budget this year or if you simply want to stay in the ecological trend (or both), we suggest that you swap plastic cups for recycled containers. Where to find them? Well, you may have a few lying around in your cupboards or fridge. We’ll explain them all in the following paragraphs!

Seeding in toilet paper rolls

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, you probably already know that toilet paper rolls can be used to make several fun and decorative items. Making seedling containers is no exception, and there are two ways to do it. The first is the simplest and consists in leaving the bottom of the rolls open and arranging them one against the other (and tightly) in the holder. On the other hand, the second one requires cutting the bottom and then folding to secure it. Demo in the video below:

How to sow seeds in egg cartons?

Don’t wait any longer and recycle one or more egg cartons! Ecological, inexpensive and easy to handle, this method is also biodegradable, which is a major advantage. Why exactly? Because the egg carton will decompose. Feel free to check out Antonin’s video that explains in detail how to do this. Also, be sure to put in planting labels to avoid confusing your plantings.

Recycling plastic bottles

Making your seedlings in plastic bottles is another great idea to copy that will actually make your job much easier. Why? Plastic bottles act as a mini greenhouse for seedlings, which further accelerates germination and saves you from watering. How does it work? You make drainage holes, put clay balls at the bottom, add special soil and plant! The bottle is previously cut in two and when the plantation is finished, you must fix the two parts with tape. When the germination starts and the plant is already a bit developed, remove the tape and take off the top part. More instructions in the video below:


Believe it or not, eggshells are a great growing pot, and you can handle them quite easily. All you need to do is wash them well and poke a hole with a needle to facilitate drainage. Next, take a felt pen and write the name of your future plant directly on the shell. Finally, put some special potting soil on it and plant your seeds.

What support for seedlings?

Now that you know which pot to use to grow a healthy seedling, let’s see what support to use. So, here you have a lot of choices and reclaimed materials available to you. A good option is to use heavy cardboard boxes. If you planted your seeds in eggshells, put them directly into their original box.


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