Upcycling ideas with plastic bottles: Learn how to reuse plastic and help the planet!

by Anjelina

Plastic is one of the most used materials on the planet and takes thousands of years to decompose. It is becoming a huge enemy of the environment, threatening many species of flora and fauna with extinction. Fortunately, campaigns are being organized all around the world to try to stop the destruction of our planet. We believe that positive change must start with each and every one of us! That’s why we have prepared some great upcycling ideas with plastic bottles. We have both practical and amazing ideas for beautiful home decor. Keep reading because this article will give you some excellent ideas!

Upcycling ideas with plastic bottles

Upcycling ideas with plastic bottles garden decor plant holder plastic pot

As alarming as it may sound, millions of tonnes of plastic bottles are produced every day worldwide. Because of this, the planet is suffering from pollution, resulting in the extinction of many species and the accumulation of a huge amount of waste. As already mentioned, there are many campaigns that try to recycle plastic, and not only it, but also glass, paper, cardboard and aluminum products. The things you can do using plastic bottles are really many. It is a very durable material that is easy to work with. Now, let us give you some good upcycling ideas with plastic bottles that are surely found at your home.

Vertical garden

vertical garden beautiful wall art botanic idea


Why not make an accent wall on your balcony, in the garden or somewhere in your home using plastic bottles to turn into a unique vertical garden? Apart from flowers, you can also grow small vegetables or aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil and mint. Surely everyone who comes to visit you will congratulate you on the idea, and thus you may even encourage other people to do the same!

Bird feeder

bird feeder made of a plastic bottle wooden spoons

А plastic bottle can become a great bird feeder to hang on your balcony or in your garden and feed the birds near your home. Just be careful when cutting the bottle not to hurt yourself. Poke a wooden spoon through the holes to make it easy for the animal to feed. This is also a great DIY project to do together with your child to awaken a sense of responsibility to nature.

String light decoration

fairy string light covers made of plastic green bottles

You can use plastic bottles for many decorative purposes. For example, you can make beautiful string light covers by cutting out the bottom of small bottles (in a color of your choice or why not use more than just one color). You make small holes that are just big enough to put the light through, and you end up with a great decoration for your balcony or garden! Easy, isn’t it?

Self-watering planter

self watering water bottle planters unique idea

It’s amazing how much you can achieve with just one plastic bottle. Cut it in half and use the top to plant a small plant in. Thread a string through the soil, and make a small hole in the cap for the string to come out. Fill the other part of the bottle with water and place the first on top of the other. This way you will make a self watering water bottle planter.

Phone holder

Upcycling ideas with plastic bottles phone holder diy

Don’t throw away your shampoo bottle if it has run out. Make a phone holder that makes it easy and convenient to charge without it sitting on the floor or on a cabinet. This practical solution is easy to implement and if you’re the creative type, you can come up with a unique design!


money-box piggy-bank cute pink piggy for collecting money

Another wonderful and practical idea with which to upcycle a plastic bottle is to make a piggy-bank. Surprise your child with a cute money-box where they can collect money to make some dream come true! And why not have fun and make it together?

Pencil holder

reuse plastic bottles pencil holder decorative tape

Make a pencil holder out of a plastic bottle for you or your child. There are lots of possibilities here too, but the easiest way is to cut a bottle and use the bottom, then decorate it to your taste – you can spray paint it or stick decorative tape.

Plastic bottle planters

cute planters plastic bottles wiggly eyes kittens

One of the most wonderful ways to upcycle a plastic bottle is by making it a home for one of your favorite plants. You can experiment with the design in any way you like – try making a cute animal with wiggly eyes, like a kitten for example, or if you don’t like that idea, you can simply paint the bottle a color that goes with your decor. Then just plant your beautiful flower and place it somewhere where everyone in the house will enjoy it!

DIY doll house

diy doll house upcycling old big bottles

What little girl doesn’t dream of a doll house? You don’t have to spend much money to make your child happy. On the contrary, make it for her yourself using an old big plastic bottle. Cut out the bottom part, make windows, and then arrange small toys and decorations to resemble the interior of a home. Decorate the bottle to make it colorful and bright to attract the child’s attention and invite them to play!

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