Mother of the bride and groom hairstyle trends 2023 – chic hairdo ideas for mature ladies

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For the parents of the bride and groom, a wedding is a very exciting event. On this solemn day, the mothers of the newlyweds worry not only about their children, but also about their appearance. And the hairstyle plays an important role in this, because it is the appearance of the hair that will hide age-related changes and imperfections. What are the mother of the bride and groom hairstyle 2023 trends?

General recommendations for the Moms’ wedding hairstyles

Mother bride and groom hairstyle ideas 2023 trends

Before the wedding, there are lots of discussions about the bride’s hairstyle, but she is not the only one that should look decent on this day. Her mother, like the mother of the groom, will be important guests and, of course, they want to look chic. Although there are no strict requirements for their appearance, there are still several important recommendations that allow the moms of the newlyweds to create not only a spectacular, but also an appropriate look.

Usually, mothers of brides and grooms rarely have long hair, since it is believed that long hair suits only young girls, and to adult women it adds extra years. It is more or less true, because short haircuts significantly reduce age. For a woman with well-groomed, shiny hair, various options for wedding hairstyles are suitable. A properly selected mother of the bride and groom hairstyle can make a lady of respectable age look younger. Here are some tips for the mother of the bride and groom hairstyles:

Avoid old fashioned hairdos

Wedding hairstyles mother of bride groom avoid old fashioned hairdos


Avoid complex hairdos. First, they are out of fashion, and in addition, they take too much time. Such hairstyles are completely impractical. Simple and natural styling is trendy, so do not look like some from the past!

Choose a simple hairstyle

how to choose your wedding hairstyle mother of bride groom tips

Choose a simple hairstyle appropriate for your age. Simple styling makes the face softer and younger. It is better to leave braided and elaborated hairdos to the bride – she will have to shine on this day. If the bride has chosen a natural wedding hairstyle and her mother chooses a complicated hairdo, it will look quite strange, right?

If the bride’s or groom’s mother has short hair, it is best to opt for natural curls. This treatment refreshes the hairstyle and is not too elaborate. High-quality fixation will allow the Moms not to worry about their appearance throughout the celebration.

Use hair accessories sparingly

mother of bride groom hairstyle trends natural chic hairdos

Mother of the bride and groom hairstyle trends 2023 feature the use a minimum number of accessories or none at all. A mother should be associated with wisdom and harmony. An excess of rhinestone hairpins and lavish hair decorations hardly fits this definition. One neat accessory that fits seamlessly into the whole look is appropriate, but an excess of items on the head should be avoided.

What are the best mother of the bride and groom  hairstyles for 2023?

2023 Best Hairstyles for Mother of the Bride and Groom

When choosing an elegant and chic hairstyle, the mother of the bride or groom, needs to take into account the dress she is wearing at the ceremony, face shape as well as wedding theme. For example, the French twist looks very elegant, making even thin hair look voluminous.

An elegant low bun

Wedding hairstyles for moms elegant low bun

A low bun at the back of the head or on the side looks elegant and stylish, in addition, with such a hairstyle Moms will not have to worry about their look throughout the wedding day.

Mother of the bride and groom hairstyle – Pulled back curls

Pulled back curls wedding hairstyles for women over 50

This hairstyle is suitable for the mother of the bride or groom, in case she has short or medium hair. To create it, the hair is combed back, twisted with curling iron and fixed with hairspray.

Loose curls for long hair

Loose curls for long hair wedding hairstyles women over 50 2023 trends mother bride groom

With an evening dress, hairstyles with light curls will look great. This is an excellent alternative to straight, loose hair. Curls will allow you to adjust the oval of the face and hide age-related changes on the skin of the neck.

Mother of the bride and groom hairstyle 2023 – Bob hairstyle variations

mother bride groom hairstyles for women over 50 Bob Hairstyle Variations

A bob haircut will look stylish and fresh on the mother of the bride or groom. It can be asymmetrical or straight, with any parting, with bangs or curls – any variation is suitable for an adult woman.

Hair Coloring Tips

wedding hairstyles women over 50 trends Mother of the Groom Hair Coloring Tips

Hair coloring should be done in advance. Do not leave this for the last minute! If something goes wrong or doesn’t look very well, there will be time to correct the color of your hair. Avoid radical changes and bright colors. Choose a calm color scheme that is close to your natural color. The same applies to styling – it is better to try it a few days before the wedding to see whether it really suits you and if you feel comfortable.

mother bride groom hairstyles for women over 50 2023 trends chic hairdo

A sense of proportion and elegance – these are two simple rules for any hairstyle for the mom of the bride and groom. It is important to remember that proper styling is a way to look luxurious, but not tasteless.

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