Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeup – Tips and Ideas for Your Elegant Look

by Kremy

The Wedding day is one of the most important and exciting moments in the life of every family. It is not only the newlyweds who are at the center of attention on that day, but their parents as well. Moms are very special and they should look as good as the young couple. What should the mother of the bride and groom makeup be? What is the best lipstick color? We have the best tips for you, dear ladies, which will help you look impeccable, elegant and sophisticated on the wedding day of your child!

Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeup – What Do You Need to Know?

mother of the bride and groom makeup what do you need to know

When we talk about mother of the bride and groom makeup, we have to point out that this is just one element of the overall look. Everything is important in a mom’s wedding look: makeup, hairstyle, and attire. Here are some tips and recommendations:

Think About Skincare

At least a month before the wedding (two months are even better) start a skincare routine to make sure that your face will be in the best possible condition. Mature skincare routine is important for every woman, but with a coming event like a wedding, you want to make sure you look your best. Use soft exfoliators and apply moisturizing masks.

Choose Makeup That Complements You

Choose the color scheme of your makeup in accordance with the color of your skin, hair, eyes and outfit. Avoid bright colors. It is better if you keep to restrained and classic tones. If you wear a cocktail dress, the makeup should be as natural as possible. This will make you look fresh and younger. If you wear a long gown, you could add a small amount of shimmer.

Pay Attention to the Season

The season of the wedding is important. In hot weather you should apply a minimum amount of cosmetics otherwise your makeup may be ruined from sweat. Spring makeup for mature ladies should be delicate and it is better if you opt for nude shades.

Accent Eyes or Lips

One of the main rules of makeup for mature women is that you emphasize either the lips or the eyes. Mother of the bride and groom makeup must not be flashy neither tasteless.

Experts’ Tips and Ideas for Your Makeup on the Wedding Day

mother of the bride groom makeup tips and tricks for perfect look


Surely, you have planned the way you want to look at the wedding of your child. As we mentioned, the makeup must complement your skin tone, hair color, facial features and attire. Foundation, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush and lipstick – all these should be chosen competently. In addition, makeup should be resistant to water… yes, happy tears should not ruin your look!

Apply Foundation

mother of the bride and groom makeup before after

Foundation is the base of every makeup. It helps hiding age-related changes like pigmentation of the skin and wrinkles. Make sure that you apply the foundation in a well lit room and make sure you apply a thin layer.

Eye Makeup

what is the best makeup for mother of the bride or groom

When applying eye makeup, the goal is to make your eyes look more open, correct drooping eyelids, lowered corners of the eyes and conceal wrinkles. It is recommended to use natural shades in the same color palette, for example, from light beige to dark brown.

experts tips and ideas for your makeup

To raise the corners of the eyes, apply a dark shadow on the outer corners of the eyes and blend it in toward the eyebrows, then apply a light shadow on the surface of the inner eyelid. For a smooth transition between colors, use a brush to blend the border of colors.

Mother of the Bride and Groom Makeup – Pay Attention to the Eyebrows

mother of the bride makeup ideas natural makeup mature women

Pay due attention to the eyebrows. If your eyebrows are very light and rare, fill them with a pencil. When filling eyebrows with a pencil, make strokes similar to hairs and then lightly blend with an eyebrow brush. Natural eyebrow makeup look is easy to create even if you are not a professional makeup artist.

Choose Proper Lipstick

makeup tips for mother of the bride and groom

What is the best makeup for women over 50? There is not a single answer to that question. Of course, the choice will depend on whether you want to accent your eyes or your lips. Either way, pay attention to the contours. The pencil for the contour should be from the same color palette as the lipstick, but it should be darker by 1-2 tones.

Should the Mother of the Bride and Groom Have Her Makeup Done?

mother of the bride and groom makeup tips and ideas for your elegant look

The most important thing for mother of the bride and groom makeup is that it should feel natural. The makeup should be rejuvenating, calm and festive. There is nothing wrong with having a professional apply the makeup for the wedding of your children. This is an important day, a lot of photos will be taken and if having your makeup done by a makeup artist will surely lower the stress and make the preparations for the wedding a real pleasure.



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