See-through Bangs: Everything You Need to Know about the Latest Hair Trend, 2023!

by Anjelina

Trends in hairstyles are constantly changing. Until recently, we’ve witnessed the curtain bangs obsession. But now things are different and once again we have something new that is quickly making its way into the trends, with millions of influencers already trying it out. We are talking about a new kind of bangs, namely the see-through bangs. First invented on the Asian continent, they are fast becoming popular in the West, so they definitely deserve our attention today! In today’s article, we’ll tell you more about this new trend, who it is suitable for, how to get such bangs and how to style them! Keep reading if you’re interested in learning all about it!

What are See-through Bangs?

see through bangs for every face type and hair texture

As you can guess from the name, see-through bangs, also called air bangs, are thin, and the forehead is easily visible. i.e. the lack of density is their main characteristic. In fact, they have been popular in Asia for a few years, but the trend is only now spreading to the west as they slowly but rapidly replace curtain bangs, which we know require certain styling skills.

see through bangs suitable for all face types


Facial features (forehead, eyebrows) can be seen through the bangs as it is primarily designed for that. Moreover, they are shaped and cut according to the type of face and hair texture to suit every hairstyle and preference. Unlike thick bangs, see-through bangs are extremely easy to style, maintain and give an extremely sweet and soft look that definitely has a rejuvenating effect.

Who are See-through Bangs Suitable for?

short see through bangs long wavy hair korean style

When we talk about thin bangs, the shape of the face is not so important. In fact, you need to take into consideration what your forehead is – whether it’s bigger and high, or smaller and narrow. If you’re the first type, you’re lucky, because see-through bangs are particularly suited to you and can be any length (up to your eyebrows, a little longer, or shorter). However, if your forehead is smaller, you don’t have much of a choice as short bangs will look very odd and optically reduce your forehead even more. That is to say, the only viable option is to go for long see through bangs.

Are See Through Bangs Good for Round faces?

air bangs long wavy hair latest trends 2023

By the way, it is considered that the see-through bangs are a real lifesaver for people with round faces, as they can distract, as well as visually elongate the face. Moreover, they would also be beneficial for people with square face where sharp lines can be softened.

How to Cut Air Bangs?

You must have noticed that most of the times when the hairdresser cuts your bangs, they get them wet beforehand. But that’s not the case with see-through bangs, which are cut dry. Usually, a very small section of hair is taken from the front and cut to length as preferred. Check out the video we shared for more details and also if you’re brave enough to try cutting your bangs yourself! If not, you can always go to a hairdresser you trust enough!

How do You Style See-Through Bangs?

how to style and maintain see through bangs

Whatever type of bangs you have, you probably know that it’s almost impossible not to have to style them daily. The good news is that see-through bangs won’t take you much time (it is certain that they are easier to style than thick bangs). For example, you can use a hair straightener and get the perfect-looking bangs in a matter of minutes.

see through korean bangs trending in 2023

But if you want to make your see-through bangs a little more voluminous and bouncy, you’re better off using the effect created by a brush and a blow-dryer. It’s also not a bad idea to try to slightly curl them inwards with rollers, which will create a very romantic and feminine look (and will also reduce the length, which is especially convenient if your bangs have become too long and are obstructing your vision).

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