Prom Nails 2023: Let’s Make Sure That YOU Are The Queen on This Special Evening!

by Gabby

What is the most important event in a girl’s life? You are probably thinking her wedding, however there is one more thing happening before that, which makes us feel like we are about to face the real world. Prom is where we finally realize that we are growing up. But, let’s not talk about the deep feelings right now. We all want to look our absolute best on that day, there is no doubt about that! From our dress to shoes, everything should look amazing! Let’s not forget about the manicure as well! What are the prom nails 2023 trends? I am going to give you the best suggestions today!

Prom Nails 2023: Let’s Make Sure That YOU Are The Queen on This Special Evening!

cute nails for prom 2023 manicure trends

The first thing you should know, when choosing your nails for prom, is what dress you are going to wear. This is really important, because imagine this for a second… You are wearing a baby blue dress, that is really subtle and feminine, and suddenly you are looking at your hands and you see BRIGHT ORANGE nails… Even if you love orange, you still have to coordinate your nails to your dress, not the other way around! To prevent this from happening, I have a few different suggestions that you can copy, if you find something that you like and that will compliment your dress in the perfect way possible!

Prom Nails for Purple Dress

lavender nails ideas 2023 purple dress manicure trends


According to our fashion specialists, one of the main trends for prom 2023 will be purple dresses. Why? The color is super popular this year and we saw it a lot on the runways during Fashion weeks. Many celebrities are also starting to love and wear bright colors, one of them being the purple in all of its shades. If you are planning to wear a purple dress, then something sparkly will be the perfect choice. You can see on the photo that you can even mix and match different hues. Lavender prom nails 2023 will also be a hit!

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Glazed Donut Nails 2023 for Prom

glazed donut nails 2023 prom manicure ideas

Of course, we cannot skip on the glazed donut nails when we are speaking about prom! Many girls are in love with anything that Hailey Bieber is wearing, even though she can be a little controversial these days. This manicure became such a trend, that I don’t see it going away for a while. If you want something super chic and minimalistic, but fashionable at the same time, you have to choose the glazed donut nails!

Black Prom Nails: Double French Manicure

black french manicure double tips prom nails 2023

If you are wearing a black dress, then I don’t recommend doing all-black nails for your prom, unless you want to give off Wednesday Addams vibes. I suggest going for something a little bit more sophisticated like the double French manicure shown on the photo. It is the perfect combination between black and silver glitter tips. This nail art will make your dress stand out and your jewelry will look more expensive!

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Prom Nails 2023: Color of The Year

magenta nails hot pink manicure chrome trends 2023

Are you wearing a simple pink dress? Or did you choose something that screams “hot pink”? No matter the choice, if your dress allows it, try doing your nails in the color of the year 2023 – magenta! It is very glamorous if you are going to adapt it in the glitter version. Doing tiny decorations on your nails will turn them into the perfect prom accessory for the night. Keep in mind that the compliments won’t stop all night!

Prom Nails for Light Blue Dress

swirl nails for prom 2023 blue manicure ideas

I know that many of you want to feel like Cinderella on their prom, that is why the light blue dresses will be the top choice! Swirl nails are the ideal way to incorporate your dress color into your manicure design, and at the same time add another color that will compliment your outfits. The darker sparkling shade really reminds of Cinderella’s glass shoe!

Other Prom Nails 2023 Ideas

how to do my nails for prom 2023 ideas trends

French manicure with decorations: Spring nail designs 2023

spring nails 2023 french manicure with white flowers

Milky white nails with golden decorations

milky white nails with gold decorations prom 2023

Nude nails 2023: For the girls that love the minimalism!

nude nails 2023 prom manicure ideas and trends

Cute nails to show off at prom 2023!

prom nails 2023 manicure trends to try out this year

White Prom nails 2023

white prom nails 2023

Blue Prom nails for the most stunning look!

prom nails 2023 manicure trends with gold foil blue swirl

Emerald green nails for Prom 2023

emerald green nails for prom 2023 manicure trend ideas


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