Black Nails Ideas 2023: Get Yourself a Manicure With The Classic Color This Spring!

by Gabby

Black nails are like the mini black dress that we all have in our closets – they are a classic! In the 80s, they were considered like a bold choice that only Madonna itself could afford. However, since then things has changes drastically and girls are adapting them in many different ways. If you are back on track with the trendy manicure 2023, you know that they are back on the charts right now. That is why, I have prepared a few nail designs that you can try out even in spring time! Who says black is taboo when the weather gets warm? Let’s dive into the beauty of this classic hue and check out the manicure art!

Black nails ideas 2023: How to Adapt This Classic Manicure This Spring?

long matte black nails with glossy decoration trendy manicure ideas 2023

Scouring Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok for original nail art ideas is a favorite activity for many girls. However, not all of us can spend hours researching online and sifting through the dozens of offers that appear before our eyes. Good news, ladies, because our team has sorted it out for you! Here are our top ideas for this spring that are in the perfect classic black color!

Matte black nails ideas 2023

simple matte black nails for the spring 2023


Deavita Photo Gallery/ Marieta G.

The matte nails trend has significantly grown this year! If you are looking for something very simplistic, you can check out this matte black nails. You can match them with all of your outfits and they go with both long or short nails. The bright side is that it is very easy to do at home as well. That way you will save time going to the nail salon.

Spring nails 2023: Black manicure trends

interesting white and black nails for the spring time

Deavita Photo Gallery/ Marieta G.

I will completely understand you if you don’t want all-black nails for this spring. However, you can spice things up with a cute decoration. You can see on the photo that you can even choose a different one for every nail. It will be cute and interesting, and it will make you stand out! If you need more inspiration, check out the spring nail ideas 2023!

Black French manicure

black french manicure ideas 2023 spring nails

The following nail art trend brings us back to simple things, even – to timeless classics. However, this is a modern interpretation as its main color is the exact opposite of what one would normally use. Yes, the black French manicure is a traditional and trendy option that we should definitely try! Make it with an almost “nude” pinkish beige base, or you can use something a little bit more “glazed”. If you want to try something different from the classics for this spring, check out the illusion French nails and how to do them!

Short black nail designs 2023

black nails ideas 2023 trendy manicure for the spring

If you are planning to take the plunge with this trendy nail art, then you should think about the shape and the length of your nails. Black being a fairly showy color when talking about nail adornment, there are some peculiarities to take into consideration. So, if you want a chic black manicure for spring 2023, don’t think about it too much. Cur your nails short and enjoy this playful design shown on the photo!

Astrological black nail designs

black nails with white decoration chrome stars manicure art

Another nail art idea for short nails is to opt for the so-called super trendy astrological manicure. As you can guess, it is inspired by the Cosmos, the signs of the zodiac and the constellations that represent them. We can speculate that it brings good luck too! You can incorporate rhinestones as a decoration, use stickers or simple drawings. For this manicure, I recommend going for the glossy finish, instead of the matte nail polish. It will look better as we want for the art to stand out and look its best. You should keep in mind that you can also mix and match. Do one nail with matte and the rest with a glossy nail polish!

Other black nails ideas 2023

swirl black nails with heart decorations 2023

Simple short black nails

simple short black nails 2023 spring manicure

Monochromatic black nails with matte base and French tips

matte black nails with french tip decoration

Spring nails 2023

black spring nails 2023 with flower decorations

All black monochrome nails

black matte nails 2023 ideas french manicure monochrome

Black and white nails

black manicure ideas 2023 white decoration nails

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