How to take advantage of Black Friday 2022? Check out 5 of the most helpful tips!

by Gabby

We all love a good sale, and we want to get the most out of it. However, are you ready for the biggest sale in the year? Yes, I am talking about Black Friday. Every year, most of our favorite products or items that we dream of, can be in our hands with lower prices than usual. Many people wait for this particular day to buy something or get their Holiday gifts. But are you really prepared for this year? You want to know how to take advantage of Black Friday? Check out some of the best ideas and advices to help you save money and time!

How to take advantage of Black Friday 2022?

how to take advantage of black friday tips and tricks save money and time

This year’s Black Friday will be on 25th of November, and we have to be really prepared if we want to get our favorite items. Whether you are going to shop for clothing, make up, technical equipment, or even furniture, there are some very helpful tips and tricks that you can adapt to make your experience better. Let’s leave the thrift shopping for a bit, and use that sale to save money and buy all the new things that we want. We all know Black Friday can get really overwhelming because of the big crowds, the rush, and the stress. With these advices, I guarantee you can turn your shopping into a pleasant adventure.

1. Do your research!

black friday cyber monday how to do a research shopping tips and tricks


Doing research is one of the most important steps before stepping into the sales world, especially when it comes to Black Friday. I would suggest to first, think of your favorite brands and download their apps or go to their website. There you can find more information on when they are going to have the sale and are they going to participate in it. Remember not every brand participates in Black Friday, such as Apple for example. Also, sometimes they do early sales, and you can grab your favorite items before 25th of November. Check the dates and prepare yourself to have fun!

2. Compare prices and check the return and exchange policy

how to get most out of black friday tips ideas compare prices

Going on a shopping spree, especially during sales, can sometimes lead to spending a lot of money and then regretting it. How to save money and get the best deals possible? Compare prices first! I have to warn you that sometimes, brands will put a red label with the word “on sale”, but that’s not always the truth. They put regular prices and think that people are going to buy it. That is why it is absolutely mandatory to compare prices. Not only to check for scams, but also to see where you can get your items at the best prices and quality. I would suggest writing things down, or saving them on your phone as this will help you when the 25th comes. Something very important is to check the return and exchange policies at the places you will shop. This will save you the troubles when you made a hasty decision, and you end up regretting it.

3. How to take advantage of Black Friday? Create a list with “most wanted”!

black friday shopping list how to get the best prices easy tips and tricks ideas

I love making shopping lists, even when I go to buy my regular groceries. They really make things easy and allow you to create the perfect plan. Also, this will keep you extra focused on buying specific things and not spending money on useless items. Once you know the best prices, you can create your Black Friday shopping list. As you can see on the picture, I am almost done with mine, and of course, Uggs are a must-have for this winter! I will add a few more things, and I am ready!

4. Plan how and where you are going to shop

how to shop on black friday online or in stores tips advices shopping sale

Once you have your list, you have to decide how and where you are going to shop. Pick whichever suits your needs better. If you want to avoid crowds, I would suggest you shop online. Be careful with websites that look sketchy and shop only at real shopping websites, as there are a lot of scams out there. If you love the adrenaline and want to actually try on, or see the things you are buying, then it is better to put your most comfortable clothes and go shopping. Scan your list, check the stores and shop in places where you can get your items quickly. For example, at the mall there are always more options and more things you can get. You will also avoid the cold weather.

5. Avoid situations where you won’t be safe

black friday 2022 shopping sales avoid crowds best tips ideas

This is a really important step, if not the most important one. Remember that your safety comes first. On Black Friday we often see on the News that it can get really messy. The crowds are going wild, and they don’t keep distance. If you notice that this is going to happen, please find the nearest exit and leave. You can always shop online, or go the next day as many of the brands keep the sale for an extra day or two. You should also probably wear a mask, just in case. Another useful tip is to keep your belongings close to you. If you are wearing a purpose, make sure it is a crossbody one. Keep it in front of your body and keep your eyes wide open. I would suggest bringing a friend, it will be more fun, and you can have someone to count on during Black Friday!

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