How to thrift shopping like a pro in 2022? These 5 tips will help you find your thrifted treasures!

by Gabby

I love the soothing feeling of going to the thrift store. It is like opening a door to a big closet full of vintage clothes. That reminds me of all the things the important women in my life, like my mother and grandmother, used to wear back in the days. It brings back my childhood memories, and suddenly I am feeling like a little kid again. Sometimes, I even turn, going to one of these stores, into a treasure hunt. There are so many rare and cool findings there. You may even come across some designer clothes, shoes, and bags. It happens at times, if you are lucky enough, that they have their tags on, which means they were never worn! Also, the price is beyond comparable! With the choice of going to the second-hand store, you are not only going to save money, but you can also help save the environment! Let’s see these 5 tips that will show you how to thrift shopping like a real pro!

How to thrift shopping and saving the environment?

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Many of us nowadays are used to the fast fashion culture. But how do you keep up with it? There are many trends coming up essentially every month, if not every week. Fast fashion clothing brands are ready to blast their new stuff on the internet, and they are so many that it can be overwhelming and money consuming. We want to be as trendy as possible, so we try to keep on track. That can be looked at as a huge environmental issue when it comes to the electrical and water usage, for manufacturing all these clothes. But let’s think about the quality for a second. How many items have you thrown away because they were ripping off, falling apart, or simply because they will be out of style? People should realize the big impact this has on our ecosystem. It is understandable that many people are currently working on saving our planet, but I think we should start small first. And if this minor step of going to the second-hand stores is going to help, why not do it? On top of that, it is super fun once you try it!

What are the benefits of thrifting?

First and foremost, thrifting is helping reduce waste. Let’s face it, we are consumers. We love to shop and buy new things, however, it is good to remember that we should recycle for the better being of our planet. Recycling clothes and building a one-of-a-kind wardrobe, sounds like a perfect plan. A big advantage is that you can prevent clothing from landfill. The same goes for the clothes that you no longer need. You can simply donate them rather than just throwing them away in the garbage bin. Other significant benefits of the second-hand shopping are reducing chemical pollution and lowering the excessive water and electrical usage. Let’s not forget to mention that by going to a thrift store, you are helping boost a local business, a small charity or a community. Instead of giving your money to the big corporations, which is not beneficial to the planet, you are supporting the local.

how to thrift shop like a pro tips saving the environment


What can be found in the thrift stores?

If you haven’t been to a thrift store, grab your shoes and coat and let’s go find some autumn favorites! To your surprise, there isn’t only clothing there. Yes, designer clothes are everybody’s dream finding, however the treasury called a thrift store can offer so many things. There are thrift stores that offer antiques, music instruments, furniture, games, old records, home appliances, glasses, and even collector’s items. I always keep an eye for those! I almost forgot to mention the books. Who doesn’t love the scent of old books? Can you already imagine, how can you arrange them perfectly on your bookshelves? You can also find vintage silverware, designer sunglasses and even plates. I once found Dior vintage plates! They were definitely breathtaking, so elegant and beautiful! Until this day, they are my biggest achievement in thrifting.

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How to thrift shopping? 5 tips that will turn you into a real pro!

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When it comes to thrifting, there aren’t any strict rules to follow. It is a big cliché if I tell you simply have fun, however, essentially this is the most important thing. Enjoy it! Bring along some friends and choose clothes to try on for one another, or play a game, who is going to find the best thrifted gem. You can also go buy yourself and try finding something in particular that you are looking for. There are 5 tips or tricks that I normally do to help me get the best out of thrift shopping. Let’s check them out!

Let’s make a list of what you would like to find!

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Knowing what you are looking for always makes things easier. Second hand stores are usually full of choices. This is normally a great thing, but it can lead to some confusion on what exactly to get. This is just an example of a thrift shopping list. What I recommend is setting a budget, so you know how much you want to spend. In that case, you are not going to make any unnecessary purchases.

Be familiar with your personal style

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You can create an entire outfit from shoes, bags, blazers, jackets, t-shirts, pants, with just one visit to the thrift store. The key is to be aware of your personal style. You can draw some inspiration from Instagram or Pinterest. There are people that dress up only using thrifted items, like shown on the photo. This is how you are making sure that what you are wearing is simply one-of-a-kind! If you are not able to find the same clothes as from the pictures you found on the internet, get creative and try cutting, sewing, or gluing something. You can turn a normal size blouse to a crop top, for example, or repurpose an old pair of jeans that you found in your local thrift store. Most of the second hand items are low-priced, so you can play with your imagination!

Wear your most comfortable outfit

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When going to the thrift store, I recommend you dress really comfy. Wear something that you can take off easily like leggings, joggers, a t-shirt, or a tank top. Some thrift shops have no fitting rooms, or they do, however they are very small. Bear in mind that sometimes you will have to change behind an aisle, since you do not want to buy something without trying it on first. Many of these places do not have a return, or a refund policy. Wearing a small backpack or a crossbody bag is something that I do, so my hands are free to find all the hidden gems!

How to thrift shopping like a pro? Make sure you do a quality check!

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Finally! You found the perfect item, you grab it before anyone else does, you buy it and go home. You try it on and check yourself in front of the mirror, and oh no… What do you see? A hole in the sleeve! To prevent this from happening, I suggest you do a thorough quality check. You can easily miss a stain or a missing button. Scan the items and start from checking the zippers, buttons, any loose threads, or a worn out material. Before rushing down to the cashier, really think if you see yourself wearing the item. You have to get the best out of it for the price, even if it needs small corrections.

Tailor your thrifted finds to make them fit like a glove!

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Old, new, vintage, bought from your favorite store, the item you are purchasing should have the perfect size for you. I am a petite gal, so I often pay visits to my tailor, so she can make my jeans shorter, or cut up some long sleeves. When finding a thrifted item that you like that does not fit you very well, think about the price range and the quality. If for example you found a Chanel skirt, but it is two sizes bigger, consider going to your tailor. If you add up the price of the skirt and the price for the corrections, and it is still a good deal… Of course, you should buy it! If it requires a smaller modification, and you are good with the needle, try doing it yourself.

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