How to repurpose old jeans – super cool denim craft ideas and projects

by Kremy

How to repurpose old jeans super cool denim craft ideas and projects

It is probably hard to find someone who does not feel comfortable wearing jeans. They can be worn at home, when you go out for a walk, and even at a business meeting. Denim is a universal fabric for clothes, which for many decades has been very popular for women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. It is a rather versatile and durable fabric that looks stylish and is always fashionable.

super cool denim craft ideas decorations and accessories


Surely, there is an old pair of jeans lying in your closet which for some reason you stopped wearing. It’s a pity to throw it away, but there is simply no time or desire to alter it. Well, there is a huge number of very interesting useful things that can be made from unnecessary denim clothes. How to repurpose old jeans? What to make? We will show you some super cool denim craft ideas and projects to give a new life to old jeans!

How to repurpose old jeans denim craft ideas

Denim has a huge number of advantages and some of the most important of them are:

  • Exceptional durability – the fabric does not lose its appearance for years. It has the ability to withstand heavy loads and tension.
  • Naturalness and environmental friendliness – the composition of denim does not cause allergies. The material does not contain harmful synthetics and does not harm the environment.
  • Repurposing old jeans has a huge plus as these crafts are non-waste. All details can be used – rough seams, belt, pockets, labels, even locks and buttons.

How to repurpose old jeans – transform them into fashionable shorts

diy denim shorts old jeans craft ideas

There are a lot of ideas how to repurpose old jeans. On the Internet you can find anything – from the simplest alterations of old jeans to the most creative design solutions. Denim clothing has become a whole direction that has shaped the wardrobe and style of a huge number of people around the world. New fashionable jeans models appear year after year and if you look in your closet you may find pairs that you forgot that you ever wore. It’s a pity to throw them away, but there is hope that they will come in handy. Luckily, crafts from old jeans are becoming a huge and fashionable trend, relevant in many areas of life. One of the most common denim crafts is to make shorts from your old jeans.

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How to repurpose old jeans and make fashionable shorts


If you know how to sew, and want something new in your wardrobe, start with shorts. Cutting off some of the jeans, you can get short or knee length summer shorts, depending on which model you like best. Decorate your “new” shorts with delicate lace, embroider flowers, sequins, fringe, beads, patches, etc. If you are not interested in transforming old jeans into shorts, think about using the textile for making a vest, dress, top, cardigan, skirt, etc.

How to repurpose old jeans and make denim bags and backpacks?

How to repurpose old jeans and make denim bags and backpacks

Denim can safely be considered one of the greatest inventions. Being invented specifically for the production of pants, its qualities make it suitable material for bags as well and have been a trend for decades. Even nowadays denim bags and backpacks are a very common and sought after accessory. They look stylish and come in a huge variety of designs and styles. Due to the strength of denim, this material is completely “indestructible” therefore you will have your denim bag as a beautiful accessory for several years. There are many different models of denim bags. It all depends on your imagination and your taste.

how to recycle old jeans and make a bag creative ideas

Clutches are the perfect casual style accessory for young women who need something to accommodate their smartphone, lipstick, keys, wallet, etc.

Denim bags in a casual style are great for every day, for the time when you go out for a walk, picnic, day trip, etc.

Beach bags are an excellent accessory as they are strong and you can carry all the things you need for a day under the sun – a towel, a book, food and drinks, sunscreen, etc.

how to recycle old jeans make denim backpack

Denim backpacks are a true classic. Models are suitable for students and for those who lead an active lifestyle.

Denim furniture decoration and home textile from old jeans

old jeans sofa unique home furniture ideas

You can transform the nursery, bedroom, kitchen or living room by creating exclusive furniture, finishing them with denim. To do this, you will need several pairs of jeans if you plan to use them for larger furniture pieces like sofas, ottomans, chairs, armchairs. You can choose different shades of denim, for example, dark and light blue to make your items look more original.

give new life to your old jeans round area rug

When it comes to home textile, old jeans can be transformed into super cool area rugs. You do not even need special skills, just an idea and desire to repurpose old jeans. The size of the rug will depend on the amount of material. Of course, you will not always have a large amount of material in stock, but in this case you can always ask your friends for old jeans. Whether you prefer patchwork or any other technique – this depends on your taste and skills.

decorative pillows from old jeans

As you know, decorative pillows are one of the most economical ways to add character and individuality to the interior. They can be used to enhance the chosen style or color scheme, and it’s not expensive to make them. Pillows can be sewn from old jeans and the remains of decorative materials that are already in your home. A great idea will be to leave the rear pockets of your old jeans pillows, which will serve as an organizer, for example, for the remote control.

Look at the gallery below to find more great ideas how to repurpose old jeans and transform them into something new and interesting!


unique wall decoration ideas what to do with old denim

what to do from old jeans wall organizer for home office

wall organizers from old jeans cool storage ideas

how to repurpose old jeans original sofa organizer and serving tray

denim storage boxes creative craft ideas repurpose old jeans

creative old jeans craft ideas DIY jewelry bracelets

creative DIY gift ideas denim bottle wrap

creative denim craft ideas tablet and book covers

crafts to do with old jeans table runner and cutlery holders

crafts to do with old jeans place mats ideas

Christmas decoration denim crafts ideas wreath tree ornaments

original denim craft ideas DIY area rug

how to use old jeans unique craft ideas home accessories




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