Amazing crop top wedding dresses – casual elegance and femininity

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How to choose the perfect crop top wedding dress

When choosing a wedding dress, many brides face a situation where they love the upper part of the dress and dislike the lower part or vice versa. There is a great solution for such cases – a gown that which consists of two completely different parts. We have selected some amazing crop top wedding dresses which will help you escape from the traditional bridal look and take advantage of the most innovative designer solutions.

Two-piece wedding dresses are a stylish and chic alternative to traditional gowns. Such outfits allow brides to combine details in different style, size and color – skirts, corsets, blouses, T-shirts, creating a completely unique look. Crop top dresses are both bold and stylish, they are versatile and unique at the same time. Depending on what details the bride chooses,a variety of images can be achieved and the dress can be selected for different styles and themes – from rustic and bohemian to Shabby chic and ethnic.

Many believe that most daring brides choose this type of gowns. It is our belief, however, that all young women who are not afraid to be in the spotlight and surprise others with their originality, may decide on such a choice. We shall have a close look at the pros and cons of crop top wedding dresses and will give you some useful tips how to choose the perfect gown for yourself!

Pros and cons of crop top wedding dresses

White lace crop top with off shoulder long sleeves


What is the secret of crop top wedding dresses that makes brides look so attractive? Despite the fact that wedding fashion does not seem to change so dramatically and dynamically from one season to another we still observe that designers come up with fresh and unusual ideas that break the traditions and the canonical restrictions. Crop top wedding dresses are one of these exceptional examples. A crop top dress consists of two parts – a separate top and a skirt and can be in traditional style or combine South Asian, Latin American and even beach styling. The gowns can be playful, flirty, modest, eye-catching, bold, provocative, sexy, etc. and reflect the character and personality of the bride! Two piece bridal gowns have a number of significant advantages that allow solving problems of a different nature so let’s have a look at some of the most important ones.

crop top wedding dress with blue skirt metallic sheen

On the first place, crop top dresses allow you to highlight or hide your figure. If you have a non standard figure then a two-piece dress is your perfect and right choice. This outfit allows you to choose the top and bottom in accordance with specific features of the figure. Knowing the pros and cons of your body, you can select the components in such a way as to balance and adjust the silhouette. For a full-breasted bride, a smooth top and a lush air bottom will be an excellent combination. A combination of lush top and a straight smooth skirt will give the correct proportions to the pear-shaped figure.

Beach wedding dress chiffon crop top pleated skirt

You can combine different textures and shades. A two-component wedding dress allows you to create a more vivid look. For example, you can combine an elegant lace top and a smooth satin skirt or a satin top and a skirt with delicate floral decoration. You can even combine different colors – white top and lavender, blush pink, rose gold or blue skirt.

Adding a jacket or a blouse to a crop top dress is another option which allows brides to wear such a model in colder weather and for the ceremony in the church.

Pregnant brides will feel very comfortable in a two-piece wedding dress. Brides can choose the most convenient combination, for example, it can be a straight top and a loose skirt with elastic band.

Crop top dresses allow a huge variety of design solutions and can help you solve the problem of finding the perfect dress.

How to choose the perfect crop top wedding dress?

two piece bohemian style wedding dress

At first glance it may seem that bold two piece dresses for brides are not entirely appropriate for a wedding ceremony. It is important to choose your crop top wedding dress correctly so that it complements not only your personality, but your figure. If you have a slender figure you do not have to worry that a crop top gown will shock your guests. A two piece dress will give your wedding look unique femininity and sophistication. Designers come up with a lot of original ideas and the top can be with sleeves and without them, with or without embroidery or additional decorations. Most designers create stunning models in classic colors like white, champagne, ivory and you will see how magnificent these non-classic dresses look in the photo gallery. When choosing a crop top dress brides need to keep in mind several considerations.

This type of dress visually divides the figure in half, making it possible to adjust the waist line higher. If you choose a long skirt the body will seem graceful and the legs – longer. However, short women should be careful as this type of dress can make them look even shorter.

If you want to avoid excessive flesh exposure and achieve a more restrained and elegant look, choose a skirt with a high waistline, so that in combination with a crop top you can see only a small strip of skin.

boho chic wedding ideas two piece dress with lace top

For a wedding in warm spring or hot summer, the combination of a short top with a lush, airy skirt will be ideal. You can play with shades as well – a light top with an azure blue or blush pink skirt looks more than romantic! An ultra-short crop top with a long multi-tiered skirt is a great choice for a wedding ceremony on the beach. For a rainy and cool weather you can add a a translucent or lace jacket and wear it over the dress.

Bold and confident brides can experiment with oversized pencil skirts and even trousers.

Crop-top dresses can be blended in different stylistic trends and allow the bride to stand out and express her personality. For example, delicate lace and luxurious fabric are a great choice for traditional weddings, knitted lace and fringe are suitable for boho chic themed weddings while natural fabrics and embroidery are a good choice for rustic and Provence styled celebrations. Ruffles, frills, decorations create a romantic look and will work with fairy tale and romantic beach weddings.

If the top is decorated with stones, rhinestones, beads, or embroidery, then the bottom should be completely smooth and vice versa.

Crop top wedding dress ideas, color options and accessories tips

elegant crop top dress bridal couture

A two piece wedding dress will undoubtedly attract the attention, so if you are a brave, bright and confident girl then this style is created just for you. But remember, the outfit on you should look beautiful and spectacular, and not vulgar and provocative. Choosing a crop-top style should reflect an impeccable taste and it is hugely important to really know the advantages of your figure and temperament. As per experts, the top sets style and the skirt sets the mood. What does this mean?

Corset tops expose the upper neckline, shoulders, arms, and sometimes the stomach. They can be complemented with straps, sleeves, and a collar. The idea was borrowed from European ball gowns of the XVIII-XIX centuries, popularized in evening dresses in the 90s.

beautiful bridal dresses crop top with mermaid style skirt

A closed top or a top with a collar emphasizes the classic elegance of the bride and even sleeveless models look very feminine. However, brides need to remember that sleeves can adjust the silhouette, give it new proportions and hide what you do not want to show. Long sleeves enhance elegant lines, three quarters look feminine while short sleeves create a flirty look.

The length of the top is also important and the choice is strictly individual, depending on the figure of the bride. There are several options – waist length tops which occasionally expose a strip of the abdomen, short tops which expose the abdomen area and longer models which go over the waistline.

The most commonly used fabrics for the top of a wedding dress are satin and brocade, silk and chiffon, Guipure lace and often knitwear. Silk and chiffon create a feeling of nobility, airiness and sophistication while guipure adds elegance and romantic touch.

beautiful and stylish two piece wedding dress with silver top and white skirt

When it comes to the skirt, most brides prefer to make it the highlight of their look. Of course, there should be a harmony between top and skirt and even the most extraordinary and eclectic combinations should be chosen with care. The styles of skirts varies significantly from traditional to extravagant – ball bell, mermaid, pencil, pleated with or without train. Lengths also vary from short to medium or long. Depending on the model of the top, the skirt is chosen with high, low or to fit exactly the waistline. When choosing a crop top dress, it is important to pay attention to how the waist area will look at a given top length. Light fluffy skirts made of chiffon, silk, guipure, slim stylish skirts from brocade or satin, tiered skirts, the variety of designs and options is huge!

We already mentioned that when choosing a color for your crop top wedding dress, it is not necessary to select the classic white color. Did you know that we owe the white color in wedding fashion to the English Queen Victoria. At her wedding in 1840 she wore a dazzling white dress, made of heavy silk satin, with an excitingly rustling six-meter train decorated with orange flowers. At that time white color was considered as an unusual choice but women enthusiastically accepted the new tradition.

amazing two piece wedding dress with skirt decorated with feathers

Nowadays white is considered a symbol of special solemnity and immaculate purity. Modern fashionable tendencies give preference to a wide variety of colors and a rich palette of delicate shades appeared in bridal couture. Ivory, lilac, lemon, pink, champagne, cold pale blue are just some of the popular colors. Today nobody is surprised by red, purple and even black wedding dresses.

What are the suitable accessories for crop top wedding dresses? Obviously, a two piece wedding dress in itself is already original and unique. Stylists recommend choosing minimum accessories depending on the theme of the wedding. A veil and a small tiara with stones or rhinestones will be appropriate for traditional and classic style weddings while wreaths of flowers will complement a bohemian look. The bridal bouquet should be in harmony with the dress. It is very important that accessories do not attract more attention than the dress. The general rule is to opt for simple and discreet jewelry.

elegant two piece bridal dress ideas

It’s not easy to find the perfect wedding gown without a clear idea of what you want. You need to know what want to look like and find the right attire. Choosing the most beautiful dress is a difficult task. Your wedding day is an important day. Crop top wedding dresses are designed to break stereotypes. Each girl, getting married, dreams that this wedding is the first and only one in her life. Therefore, the bride should certainly be the queen of the day – beautiful, fashionable, attracting attention.




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elegant two piece bridal dress with bell skirt

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Crop top wedding dresses bridal fashion princess style skirt

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Amazing crop top wedding dresses in different styles


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