Blush pink wedding dress designs – graceful elegance in pale shades

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exceptional blush pink wedding dresses ideas romantic wedding

Pink is one of the most popular colors in wedding collections. The palette includes all shades of pink, from blush and light pink to darker and richer shades. We will show you magnificent blush pink wedding dress designs which are suitable for a variety of wedding styles and themes. In addition, we will tell you how to combine your blush pink dress with other colors.

The times when the bride had to wear a white wedding dress are in the past. Nowadays young women have a choice from a variety of palettes – blue, pink, creamy, peach, and can select the perfect color which will complement their beauty. Blush color belongs to the pink-purple palette together with rose, peach, coral, raspberry, etc. Blush is incredibly delicate and tender and creates a certain aura of romance and femininity. The beauty of this refined pastel color reveals the beauty, elegance and sophistication of the bride and it is not a surprise that blush pink color is presented in almost every wedding dress collection.

What are the advantages of blush pink wedding dress designs?

Strapless wedding dress in pink from tulle for a princess look


In ancient Greece, pink was considered as the color of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. Even today pink is associated with tenderness, shyness, romance and love. A girl in a charming pink shade immediately looks more tender and graceful. These perfect blush pink wedding dress designs will certainly make every bride look exceptionally and the ceremony -bright and memorable.

Blush pink wedding dresses help brides to stand out from the crowd without causing bewilderment or disapproval. What are the advantages of blush pink wedding dresses?

On the first place you get away from the traditional white color, which some young women find boring.

Blush pink color can be considered versatile as it is suitable for blondes and brunettes, for women with pale and darker skin.

Pale pink outfits can be accessorized in different ways. The style of the dress can be modest or have ruffles, flowers, bows, etc.

This color literally exudes a light mood. It is the best solution for a themed wedding, for example, a wedding ceremony in bohemian, vintage, Shabby chic styles, etc. A dress with a chiffon skirt, complemented by accessories made of lace, would look best in these styles.

Blush pink wedding dress designs, styles and models

mermaid style wedding dresses with beautiful ruffles

According to ancient traditions, a wedding dress should emphasize the tenderness and purity of the bride and floor length gowns with long sleeves and covered shoulders are designed following these principles. Of course, nowadays wedding fashion has undergone major changes, and today designers offer brides a wide variety of options.

Voluminous multi-layered dresses allow girls to turn into real gorgeous and charming princesses. The hem can be decorated with delicate lace, embroidery, flower arrangements, etc. Such designs emphasize the solemnity of the event and are ideal for romantic and dreamy brides.

Elegant straight dresses are ideal if you want to create a discreet aristocratic appearance. There are a lot of variations – with seductive slit on the skirt, asymmetrical cut on one shoulder, etc.

Mermaid silhouette is the perfect choice of sensual and sexy women. This model looks very feminine, elegant and seductive.

Short dresses in delicate pink colors are usually chosen by flirty young ladies. Bold and eccentric brides can wear a short dress with a long luxurious train that will make the image bright and irresistible. The outfit can have a simple cut or emphasize the waist, puffy multi-layered skirts, original straps, interesting elements on the corset can be used as decoration as well.

How to complement your blush pink wedding dress with bridal bouquet and accessories

Wedding dress in pink with white embroidery for a subtle contrast

Blush pink shades can be combined with almost all colors. You need to be careful not to create too obvious contrasts. A wide variety of palettes, consisting of gentle tones, allows each bride and groom to create an incredibly touching and romantic look. A blush pink wedding dress looks very harmonious in combination with beige, peach, nude, ivory, champagne, lilac, pale green, gold, blue, purple and pearly gray shades. Such combinations are appropriate not only for accessories but also for the overall design of the celebration.

Choose accessories and bouquet related tones for a truly romantic wedding look. They may be a little lighter or darker than a dress, but should delicately complement it, without drawing attention to themselves. Jewelry and decorative elements made of pearls are ideal for a blush wedding dress. Gold and silver will also look appropriate. Keep in mind that this color does not tolerate massive or fancy accessories. It is better to choose an elegant tiara, vintage brooch or vintage jewelry – earrings, bracelets, pendants on a chain, thin bracelets on the wrist, etc. Keep accessories as modest as possible.

Elegant wedding dress in pink with ruffled fabric and romantic lace

The optimal makeup for the ceremony will be as natural as possible, with a slight emphasis on the eyes. When choosing shoes it is best to get a model in light pink, beige or white color with elegant high heels. The bridal bouquet should fit perfectly into the overall appearance. Peonies, roses, dahlias, tulips, lilies will look appropriate. They do not have to repeat the tone of the dress exactly and one bouquet can combine the colors of several light and bright shades. The main thing is that the floral arrangement is in the color palette of the wedding attire.

Last but not least – the outfit for the groom should suit the color of your dress. For example, a shirt in the same shade or a smaller accent such as a matching tie or a bow tie is enough to make both of you visually the perfect pair. As we mentioned blush pink is complemented by many colors, so the groom can select a suit in gray, black, white or dark blue.

Enjoy the gallery of blush pink wedding dress designs and you will get some great ideas for your look. Whether you prefer, lace, silk, chiffon, tulle or organza, one thing is certain, you will look irresistible!



elegant and stylish blush pink and lace wedding dress

wedding dress design ideas strapless a line silhouette

trendy blush pink color romantic wedding dress ideas

Stunning blush pink wedding dress designs mermaid silhouette

strapless pink wedding gown for fairytale party

strapless blush pink wedding dress with rhinestones decoration

romantic ruffled dress blush pink color fairytale wedding

mermaid wedding dress in blush pink color with beautiful ruffles

princess wedding gown blush pink and white embroidery

exclusive wedding dresses in blush pink

exceptional wedding dress in blush pink with bow on the waist

elegant wedding dress design pink blush color

corset with silver rhinestones and pink tulle bottom romantic wedding dress

Blush mermaid wedding dress with ruffled organza skirt

beautiful strapless wedding dress with ruffled skirt


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