The perfect wedding makeup – simple rules, tips and ideas for the big day

by Kremy

bridal makeup trends tips and basic rules

The perfect wedding makeup will enhance the beauty of the bride and complement her elegance and tenderness. Yes, the bride is in the spotlight during the whole day, so she needs to take care of a competent makeup which will emphasize her best facial features. Wedding makeup is one of the most discussed elements of brides’ appearance as it has to perform several functions. On the first place, it has to look great when a bride communicates with the guests, it has to look perfect on photos and videos and last, but not least, it has to last for many hours.

The perfect options for wedding makeup are strictly individual and this is one of the most important things that every bride-to-be needs to understand. There are different trends, fashionable colors and makeup techniques, but the fact that something looks good on one girl does not mean it will look good on you. Naturalness is one of the most fashionable trends, but if you choose nude makeup, your face may look unnaturally pale. The main rule of wedding makeup is professional cosmetics and skillful hands of a makeup artist. Well-prepared skin, high-quality tone, competent eye makeup, emphasizing your individuality, as well as beautiful contouring – these are the basics for the perfect look!

The perfect wedding makeup in accordance with your eye color

bridal makeup ideas trends basic rules


On the wedding day, every bride wants to be a princess. Whatever the trends, every girl should take into account that skin color, face, hair color, dress, veil, accessories and overall styling – all of these are important factors when choosing her perfect wedding makeup and all these elements should be harmoniously combined. Here are some useful tips which will help you look absolutely irresistible!

  • Get enough sleep before the wedding.
  • No cosmetic procedures on the eve of the wedding.
  • Trust a professional for your makeup.
  • Makeup will look better on photos if it is a little brighter than the one you wear every day.

The main thing is not to overdo it, to find the right balance and feel comfortable.

The main rule of excellent makeup is to choose the right tone and palette of shades. Usually brides choose a color palette that will complement their eye color. This is ok, unless the theme of the wedding and the dress itself require a different palette.

Naturalness is the main word for a wedding look. Use pastel and subtle tones like cream, peach and pink. Do not forget about the rule of warm and cold shades, which will help to visually correct some parts of the face. Neutral color makeup is ideal for a classic dress and a traditional ceremony. A classic look that never goes out of fashion is radiant skin, a light blush, pink lips and a slight emphasis on the eyes. It is best if you do not experiment with bold colors on the eve of the wedding, but if you want something unusual, you can have a look at the main makeup trends for the season and you will definitely find something suitable for you.

how to apply the perfect wedding makeup tips

Blondes, thanks to the light hair color, can create the softest look and do not need to be afraid when using bright saturated colors. Gray and nude shades are the ideal choice. Delicate pink and coral tones will help emphasize the lips. Deep, dark or soothing colors are ideal for brunettes. Plum, green or warm blue palette, without flashy shades, will emphasize the depth of your eyes.

As we mentioned, many brides prefer to select their makeup based on the eye color. Here are some useful tips:

  • Brown eyes have natural depth and expressiveness, so a classic makeup is a good choice. There are almost no restrictions in the choice of shadows. You need to exclude only orange and pink color as they are not suitable for brown eyes. Black eyeliner, the right foundation and lipstick and you will be shining!
  • Brides with blue eyes should focus their makeup exactly on the eyes. Tenderness, lightness – these are the main rules for blue eyes. To emphasize their natural beauty, pink and crimson shades are suitable while light violet, indigo and green palette will help you give a spectacular look to blue eyes. Gray or brown eyeliner is recommended. Shades of coral and peach-pink will look good on the lips.
  • The perfect wedding makeup for gray eyes is based on golden and coffee brown shades. Warm and tender, they will create a contrast with cool eye color. Girls with gray eyes should avoid blue shades which may give you a painful appearance. However, dark cobalt mascara is a great idea.
  • There are many options when choosing eyeshadows for green eyes – purple, gold, copper, green shades, etc. If you want to choose a bright make-up, experiment at home with the one that will look best. Be careful with bright shades of blue as they make green eyes fade.

Useful tips for your perfect wedding makeup

Wedding makeup ideas for brides

With the help of cosmetics, makeup masks the obvious defects and imperfections of the skin, makes some adjustments to the shape of the face, reduces the forehead or emphasizes the cheekbones. But the main goal is not to overdo it. Otherwise, you risk looking like a doll.

Carefully select the color of foundation and powder so that they match your skin tone. In this way they will be less noticeable and more natural. If you want to match the color of makeup with the dress, use a shade which is a little lighter. If you want to be tanned, it is better to go to a solarium for a week than applying tanning lotions or sprays.

Minimum artificial glitter! Use glitter only if your overall styling requires it. Especially in summer, when weather is hot and face sweats, glitter makes things worse. Avoid shimmering eyeshadows and powder. Matte makeup is a better choice and emphasizes the natural beauty.

Have a look at the photos in the gallery and choose the perfect makeup that will complement your personality and individuality!


wedding makeup in natural colors and classic updo hairstyle


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