What are the most common makeup mistakes that you need to avoid?

by Kremy

common makeup mistakes that you need to avoid

Women use cosmetics to look more attractive and younger, but sometimes makeup mistakes give the opposite effect. A flawless face is equivalent to the synonym of “elegance” and “beauty. Proper makeup can work wonders and change the image and style of any woman. We have prepared some useful tips for you that will allow you to avoid common makeup mistakes.

We shall give you some practical tips for each step of makeup application including the choice of primer, foundation, eye makeup, eyebrows and lips. Before all, however, a woman needs to know that makeup should not be applied on unprepared skin. This is one of the so called “general” mistakes.

wash your face hydrate skin before applying makeup


Some girls consider that it is not necessary to wash and moisturize their skin before applying makeup. On dry skin the foundation will start peeling and on oily skin will shine. Prepare your face if you do not want to spoil everything from the very beginning.

common mistakes applying too much makeup

Applying too much makeup – this is another “general” mistake. Yes, women want to look beautiful and this is understandable, but you should not cross the line of good taste. Unfortunately, many young women have problems with the sense of proportion. Going too far when applying makeup means simply that instead of looking elegant, stylish and sexy, you will look cheap and vulgar. Remember that naturalness if the trend and nude makeup, for example, is widely popular and fashionable.

The third “general” mistake is breaking the rule for only one accent. When you apply makeup you need to know whether you want to accent on your eyes or your lips.

It is true that even those who have a lot of experience with cosmetics make mistakes but hopefully, we shall help you avoid them! Let’s find out together what to do and what not to do.

What are the most common makeup mistakes that you need to avoid?

applying too much concealer DIY makeup mistakes

One of the most common makeup mistakes is applying too much concealer. Many women, wanting to achieve the effect of perfect skin, often overdo it. In the attempt to hide skin imperfections, they focus the attention on them. A thick layer of concealer makes the face look like a mask and when you apply powder on top of it, the look is even worse and you emphasize all the existing flaws, wrinkles and pores.

DIY makeup tips and ideas important mistakes to avoid wrong color foundation

Foundation in the wrong color – this is another common mistake. It is very important to choose the right shade for your skin tone. The main rule is that your foundation should be exactly the same shade with the neck. Before buying, it is necessary to test the shade on the face or even on the neck. Makeup artists usually advise applying it near the lower corner of the jaw. Make sure that you pay attention to the overall shade. Pinkish shades are rarely suitable for the natural skin tone of most of us.

concealer mistakes important tips and rules

Concealer mistakes are using too dense and light one or neglecting it. Black circles under the eyes are one of the most common female problems. One of the magic tools that help getting rid of them is concealer. It is important to apply the concealer in a small amount with patted movements. It is also very important to choose the correct color of the concealer. If you choose too light shade, it turns the dark circles under the eyes into light patches, creating a “panda effect”.

highlight eyebrows too much what mistakes to avoid

Highlighting your eyebrows too much can give you a severe expression. Thick and well-groomed eyebrows are very fashionable and many young girls try to achieve the thickenss by using a pencil, not knowing the measures so the result is too large eyebrows that look unnatural. In addition, using very dark colors makes eyebrows look very artificial. It is advisable to use the same tone as your hair so that you emphasize or correct the shape of the eyebrows. Carefully fill the “empty places” but do not overdo it!

Overusing eyeliner and mascara dos and donts DIY makeup

Overusing eyeliner and mascara on the lower eyelashes trying to achieve long and thick lashes – this is another huge makeup mistake that you need to avoid. Yes, the goal of eye makeup is to make your eyes more expressive and open but overusing eyeliner and mascara often has the opposite effect. Too much dark eyeliner to your lower lid may change the shape of the eyes and make them look smaller and narrower. It is not advisable to apply more than two layers of mascara. Remember that the rule here is “not too much.”

highlighter mistakes than may ruin your appearance

Highlighter is used to adjust the shape of the face, hiding flaws and emphasizing its advantages. This technique needs practice and it is best if you try to do it at home until you are certain and know how to do it. Typical errors are the use of unsuitable shades, poor blurring, etc. Bronzer should not be mistaken with highlighter. Like the highlighter, bronzer is applied to the protruding parts of the face and its task is to emphasize the tan and create a glowing effect. Bronzer should not be used for correcting the shape of the face!

DIY makeup mistakes applying too much powder

Too much powder is another very common makeup mistake. Powder is great for correcting and hiding skin defects but it should be applied in small quantities. Excess of powder will make your face look as if it is sprinkled with flour. Mineral or rice powder are great if you want to get rid of the greasy effect in the T-zone. Powder should not be applied around the eyes as this will make wrinkles more visible.

makeup mistakes choosing inappropriate eyeshadow color

Inappropriate eyeshadow color can ruin all your efforts. Properly selected eyeshadow will emphasize the eyes and make them more attractive. When applying dark smokey eye makeup, make sure that you do not to apply shadows over the whole lid area. This will make you look older. Only dabbing the outer corners of your eyes is the right thing to do.

dos and donts common mistakes to avoid when applying makeup

Blush mistakes – those are usually either too much blush, wrong color choice or wrong application. Sometimes girls think that the more blush, the fresher they will look. Too much blush, however, will turn a young beautiful woman into a circus clown.Blush is applied to the upper part of your cheeks, not the central part. Choosing the wrong color will also have a negative result and you may look older. Avoid dark and intense colors. Choose soft and natural tones which will look natural on your skin and will not stand out too much. This will make your face look younger and give it a romantic glow.

cateye makeup the most common mistakes

Cat eye makeup look looks attractive but you need to keep in mind that this is one of the most difficult techniques that require accuracy and clear lines. An inexperienced hand will apply it in the wrong way and the final result will not be very pleasing.

makeup mistakes that you need to avoid important dos and donts

Lipstick mistakes – this may sound as something that is impossible to happen, but believe it or not, the wrong lipstick tone may ruin all your efforts. In addition, many women underestimate the lip liner techniques. So, here are some essential tips and tricks. When we talk about lip liner, it is the way to outline the mouth and make it more appealing. Lip liner should be used carefully and you must always shade the lining. In everyday life, lipstick and lip liner should be the same – both in tone and in color. An exception is the flesh-colored contour pencil which blends with the skin tone and can be combined with any lipstick. Lipstick color choices can be tricky. Every season fashion dictates new colors, sometimes rich and saturated, sometimes pale, matte, etc. One of the most important rules when choosing your lipstick is not to follow fashion trends blindly. Keep in mind that dark-toned lipsticks are not a good choice for narrow lips as they make them look thinner. Peach, pink, coral and red shades make lips look appear fuller. Moisturizing the lips is a must. It makes lips look natural. Moisturizing lipsticks and lip balms help eliminate the problem with chapped lips. If you have chapped lips, you should avoid dry and matte lipsticks. It is best to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick and choose ones with creamy structure.



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