How to avoid cakey foundation – 5 easy and simple makeup tips

by Kremy

How to Avoid Cakey Foundation 5 Easy Tips

Fresh, even, radiant – makeup foundation can give a flawless complexion in no time. Provided you know how to apply it correctly. With the wrong technique all attempts to create a natural look will fail. Even the best products do not help. We are happy to help and give you 5 simple tips how to avoid cakey foundation. With these tricks you can also compensate for bumps and optically refine pores.

How to avoid cakey foundation – How does a mask-like effect appear?

avoid cakey makeup tips tricks


Many women know the problem, but how does the cakey effect appear? Most of the time, it’s the amount of product being used as a foundation. If too much is applied, the extra amount settles in the folds of the skin. Therefore, begin with a thin layer and then, if necessary, apply another layer. Thus, the opacity is increased, and the complexion looks even.

How to avoid cakey foundation – top 5 tips for a flawless complexion

Apply moisturizer makeup tutorial

Apply moisturizer half an hour before applying makeup. This will hydrate, protect and even out the skin. It will also make the fine lines less prominent.

Shake liquid foundations before use

Shake liquid foundations before use to mix up any separated pigments and other ingredients. Only then will the makeup product have a uniform color and you will have a flawless complexion.

Cakey Foundation mistakes to avoid DIY makeup

DIY makeup tutorial step by step with photos

Apply foundation in the center of the face and where you have redness or spots. Distribute the product with a kabuki brush. The brush takes up exactly the necessary amount of makeup.

DIY makeup avoid cakey effect tips

how to avoid cakey effect DIY makeup tutorial

Go over with a makeup sponge to blend and absorb any excess product. It is best to moisten the sponge slightly before use.

How to avoid cakey foundation DIY makeup

Fix the makeup with a bit of powder. Apply the powder with a flat foundation brush working from the center of the face to the outside Use a big fluffy brush to dust away the excess.

Cakey Makeup mistakes to avoid tips and tricks

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