Everyday winter makeup tutorial – natural look during the cold season

by Kremy

Everyday winter makeup tutorial natural look taupe brown pink

A good makeup allows you radiate and show off your natural beauty better. With the right facial care and makeup, you can look breathtakingly beautiful even in winter, despite the freezing cold. Shades like taupe and brown are great for everyday life. A lip gloss in pink gives your lips a shimmering and sparkling look. Take a look at our everyday winter makeup tutorial and find the step by step instructions.

Everyday winter makeup – necessary products

Everyday winter makeup tutorial products





Setting Powder




Brown Eye Pencil

Brow Gel

Taupe Eyeshadow

Pink Lip Gloss

Makeup Sponge

Big Fluffy Brush

Flat Foundation Brush

Fluffy Angled Brush

Tapered Fluffy Brush

Defined Crease Brush

Everyday winter makeup tutorial with photos

winter daily makeup discreet taupe pink colors

The delicate skin of the face is put to the test in winter. The reduced fat production, the freezing cold outside and the dry heating air can be irritating. That is why proper hydration is of particular importance.

winter makeup instructions step by step moisturizer

To restore skin moisture, use rich creams with a special texture and oils as well as moisturizing substances. Apply moisturizer according to your skin type. For dry skin, use facial products with thick ointment. For normal skin, winter creams based on a water-in-oil base are ideal. They protect perfectly against cold, frost and wind. For greasy skin, choose moisturizing lotions or fluids. Greasy skin needs less care.

DIY winter makeup spread foundation with dabbing motions

winter make up ideas for every day apply concealer

Once you’ve creamed your face, use the makeup sponge to spread foundation with dabbing motions.

Now you can use the concealer to brighten up the under eye area, the center of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the cupid’s bow.

winter makeup tutorial prime the eyelids

Apply setting powder with a big fluffy brush

Go over the eyelids with what’s left on the sponge to prime.

Apply setting powder with a big fluffy brush.

Use the powder to set the eyelids with a flat foundation brush.

apply powder to set the eyelids with a flat foundation brush

winter makeup for every day instructions apply blush on the cheeks

Apply blush on the cheeks and on the nose using a fluffy angled brush.

Swipe the brush gently all over the face for a soft, youthful and healthy look.

Highlight the cheekbones, the tip of the nose and the cupid’s bow with a taper fluffy brush.

makeup tutorial set the eyebrows with eyebrow gel

contour the crease with taupe eyeshadow

Set the eyebrows in place with an eyebrow gel.

Go over with the makeup sponge to absorb any excess product.

To contour the crease use taupe eyeshadow and a defined crease brush.

Apply brown eye pencil in the outer part of the upper eyelid.

winter makeup instructions apply brown eye pencil

makeup tutorial step by step apply mascara

Apply mascara to give your eyelashes more length and volume.

Finally, apply pink lip gloss to your lips.

easy DIY makeup tutorial apply pink lip gloss

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