Makeup ideas for blue eyes and dark blond hair – easy tutorial

by Kremy


Makeup ideas for blue eyes peach eyeshadow and pink lips

It is undeniable that blue eyes are extremely beautiful, especially when highlighted with a flattering makeup. There are many makeup ideas for blue eyes and dark blond hair and one should remember that colors play a particularly important role. It is best to choose shades from the color wheel around the orange area. Warm tones such as caramel, brown and peach nuances caress blue eyes while giving a very natural look. We’ll show you a simple makeup tutorial that explains step by step how to master the look quickly at home.


Easy makeup ideas for blue eyes and dark blond hair – Makeup products and tools:

Makeup tutorial products and tools





Setting Powder

Peach Eyeshadow

Pink Eyeshadow

Brown Eyeshadow Pencil

Brown Eye Pencil


Eyebrow Gel

Bronzing Powder



Lip Gloss

Makeup Sponge

Big Fluffy Brush

Flat Foundation Brush

Fluffy Blending Brush

Defined Crease Brush

Pencil Brush

Fluffy Angled Brush

Blush Brush

Kabuki Brush


Makeup ideas for blue eyes and dark blond hair – step by step instructions

makeup for blue eyes apply moisturizer and foundation

Before applying makeup it is important to apply moisturizer, especially in winter. Then apply the foundation to the center of your face and spread evenly with the makeup sponge.

step by step tutorial apply concealer on the face with sponge

Then apply concealer to the areas under the eyes, the middle of the forehead, the bridge of the nose and the bow. Dab with your fingers and spread it with a makeup sponge. Then move over the eyelids to make the complexion look even.

makeup for blue eyes step by step Foundation and Concealer

Fix the foundation on the entire face with setting Powder using a big fluffy brush Use a flat foundation brush to set the area around the eyes and the lids as well.

how to apply eyeshadow with different brush types

Apply peach eyeshadow all over the lid and in the crease with a fluffy blending brush. It is best to use the blender brush. Apply peach eyeshadow on the lower lid with a defined crease brush. Add pink eyeshadow in the crease with the defined crease brush. Apply bronzer in the crease with a pencil brush. Blend any harsh edges with the fluffy blending brush.

Makeup ideas for blue eyes step by step instructions

Draw a line along the upper edge of the eyelashes with the eyeshadow pencil. Gently pull the line upwards. Apply eyeshadow pencil on the bottom lash line. Blend with the fluffy blending brush.

how to apply makeup tutorial blue eyes colors ides

Line the outer corner of the upper lash line with a brown eye pencil. Line the upper waterline.

Makeup ideas for blue eyes and dark blond hair

Use eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes, apply mascara and eyebrow gel to set the eyebrows in place. Go over the eyebrows with the sponge to absorb any excess product

Apply highlighter blush and lip gloss

Complete your makeup with bronzer, blush, highlighter and lip gloss.


natural color daily makeup

Makeup ideas for blue eyes easy tutorial


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