Cool Party Makeup ideas- Nude Soft Cut Crease and Pink Lips Tutorial

by Kremy

Nude Soft Cut Crease and Pink lips Tutorial

The latest trend is called Cut Crease. In this eye makeup technique, the eyelid crease is emphasized with a dark color, while the movable eyelid is made up in a lighter shade. It is very important that light and dark eyeshadows are clearly distinguishable. The combination of the two tones ensures that the eyes look bigger and more open. The Cut Crease look comes in very different color ideas, which can sometimes be less noticeable. Today we’ll show you how to make nude soft cut crease.

Nude Soft Cut Crease – Makeup products and tools:

nude cut crease makeup products and tools



Sheer Setting Powder

Matte Ocher Eyeshadow

Matte Taupe Eyeshadow

Matte Nude Eyeshadow

Silver Eyeshadow

Black Eye Pencil

Black Gel Eyeliner

Eyelash Curler



Pore-filling Primer

Eyebrow Gel

Illuminating Bronzing Powder



Nude Lip Liner

Pink Lipstick

Makeup Sponge

Flat Foundation Brush

Defined Crease Brush

Fluffy Blending Brush

Packing Brush

Eyeshadow Brush

Smudger Brush

Angled Brush

Big Fluffy Brush

Fluffy Angled Brush

Kabuki Brush

Fan Brush

Lip Brush

Nude Soft Cut Crease – step by step guide

prime eyelids with concealer as eyeshadow base

Prime the eyelids first. A concealer can be wonderfully used as an eye shadow base. Dot concealer on the eyelid to smooth out the skin. Blend with your finger and use a makeup sponge to soak up any excess product. Set with sheer powder and a flat foundation brush to make the eyeshadow easy to blend.

Nude soft cut crease makeup tutorial

Contour the crease with matte ocher eyeshadow and a defined crease brush. Use a fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh edges. Apply matte taupe eyeshadow with a defined crease brush and again, use the fluffy blending brush to soften any harsh edges.

Apply concealer with a packing brush all over the lid. Set the concealer with matte nude eyeshadow using a clean brush. Smoke out the lower lash line by applying matte ocher eyeshadow with a smudger brush. Add matte taupe eyeshadow on the outer part. To brighten up the inner corner apply silver eyeshadow with a packing brush.

DIY Makeup nude soft cut crease tutorial

Emphasize the outer third of the lower and upper eyelash line with black eye pencil. Apply black gel eyeliner with an angled brush and draw a wing.

DIY makeup curl eyelashes and apply mascara

Finally, use the eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes and then apply mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes.

DIY makeup tutorial eyebrow shaping

Apply moisturizer to the entire face and work the pore-filling primer into the skin with circular movements. Dab foundation on the center of the face and distribute it evenly with a makeup sponge. Apply eyebrow gel and go over the eyebrows with the makeup sponge to soak up any excess product.

cover area under the eyes with concealer and fix with powder

Apply Concealer on the protruding parts of the face (cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of the nose and the bow and forehead center). Blend everything well with the makeup sponge. Apply sheer setting powder to the area under the eyes. Use a big fluffy brush for the rest of the face and also to dust away any excess powder.

Apply face contour powder blush and highlighter

Warm up the cheekbones and the forehead by applying illuminating bronzing powder with a fluffy angled brush. Gently move the brush under the cheekbones. Use a kabuki brush to apply blush. Highlight the cheekbones, the nose and the cupid’s bow with a fan brush.

Line the lips with nude lip liner and apply lipstick

Line the lips with nude lip liner. Soften the edges of the liner with a lip brush. Then fill in the lips with pink lipstick.

trendy makeup tutorial nude cut crease and pink lips

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