Exceptional beach wedding dress ideas and styling tips for a fabulous look

by Kremy

Exceptional beach wedding dress ideas

For the last few years beach weddings are a growing trend and it is not a surprise that bridal fashion reacted accordingly with gorgeous models. We have selected some of the most beautiful beach wedding dress ideas and will give you some styling tips for the hairstyle, shoes and accessories which will help you look stunning on your big day!

Despite the fact that a wedding on the beach allows a lot more casualty and freedom, there are special requirements for the bridal dress – it should be comfortable without losing the feeling of solemnity. After all, this is a wedding not just a picnic with friends. How to choose the perfect bridal dress? What criteria should it meet? What are the best fabrics, designs and accessories for a beach bride? Read on and find out the most important that you need to know!

Beach wedding dress ideas – basic rules for choosing your attire

bridal couture low back beach wedding dress


Obviously, beach weddings are held during the warm season. Therefore, the dress should be light and gentle. Many designers offer fantastic beach wedding dress ideas and designs from thin, delicate fabrics that are easily draped and are exceptionally pleasant to the touch.

One of the main criteria that a bridal dress should meet is to allow free movement. Forget about dresses with tight corsets which are suitable for traditional weddings. Think of light, airy and feminine designs suitable for warm, even hot, weather. There are different styles, length, fabrics, so finding your dress may not be as easy as you imagine. The great news is that beach brides have quite a good choice of wedding dresses in different styles. As mentioned above, it is worth abandoning models with complex cut and excessive pretentiousness. Here are some of the options:

  • Greek style;
  • Slip style wedding gowns;
  • A-line silhouette;
  • Crop top (separate);
  • Mermaid style;
  • Models with an open back;

Thanks to the huge variety of models, you can choose an outfit that matches your personal taste which will emphasize your beauty.

Beach wedding dress length is another important feature to think about. There are no rules and restrictions so you can choose in accordance with your preferences and taste. The most popular models come in three lengths – short, tea length and long.

short beach wedding dress

Many brides prefer short beach wedding dresses. Such outfits allow you to walk on the sand and grass as much as you like and even enter the water, without worrying that the hem may get wet or dirty.

Unique bridal dresses for summer beach weddings

Tea length dresses are ideal for brides who feel reluctant to wear a short dress and at the same time worry about long gown’s hem getting wet and dirty on the sand. These dresses are calf long and leave the ankles open.

elegant mermaid style bridal dress

Traditional length wedding gowns are also a popular choice. They can be straight, loose mermaid style, with of high slits on the skirt, etc.

With or without train? Probably many girls see themselves in a wedding dress with a long train. Well, this detail of the toilet really makes the outfit solemn and very beautiful. But is it worth wearing a dress with a train on the beach? It seems that the train is impractical because it will inevitably get dirty. However, if the bride wants a dress with a train, then she should have one. There are models with removable trains which are perfect for a beach wedding. The bride can remove the train after the ceremony and continue to have fun in a dress of comfortable length.

bridal dresses for beach weddings

Fabrics for a beach wedding dress must be light. In addition to traditional silk, organza, lace, crepe de chine and chiffon, it is appropriate to choose fabrics based on flax or cotton. Such dresses, as a rule, are decorated with lace, and embroidery. Choosing material, be guided by your own feelings. Remember that you must be comfortable in the dress.

Beach wedding dress color options also vary depending on the personal taste and preferences of every bride. The informal atmosphere of a beach wedding allows brides to choose something different from traditional white. True, most often different shades of white are used, but lately, many brides prefer pastel tones. A bright dress will also be appropriate on the beach and only dark tones should be avoided. Delicate shades of pink, turquoise, blue, lavender – these are just some of the popular colors.

Beach wedding dress ideas – tips for shoes and accessories

Summer wedding short dress with detachable long skirt

When choosing a wedding dress for the beach ceremony, heels are not the best choice. Walking in the sand in high heels is extremely uncomfortable and it is impossible to do it gracefully. Graceful flat sandals – this is a very good choice. You can opt for models decorated with rhinestones, beads or sequins that emphasize the elegance of the feet and protect the skin from shells and stones. Ballerina shoes are another good option. Some brides prefer to be barefoot and wear foot or ankle jewelry – bracelets, rings, etc.

We have to say a few words about accessories, as they add the final touch to the overall appearance of any beach bride. For a beach wedding you need to choose the right accessories. It is not advisable to wear a lot of jewelry. Beach themed, bracelet or hairpins, shining crystals, fresh flowers, natural or artificial pearls, even a shell necklace are a good option. The same accessories can be used to decorate a wedding bouquet. Choose a bouquet of delicate flowers in pastel shades or in bright red which will be a good color accent. If you have selected a particular color scheme for the wedding decor, choose the flowers in the relevant color.

beach wedding dresses crop top lace bridal dress with open back

Look at these exceptional beach wedding dress ideas and fabulous bridal styling and find inspiration for your unique look!




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