Blue nursery and kids bedroom interior design ideas for boys and girls

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Blue nursery and kids bedroom ideas for boys and girls

How to decorate blue nursery and kids’ bedroom for a boy and a girl? What are the advantages of this color and how it affects the psyche of children? What are the shades that you can combine with blue to create a harmonious interior? You will find a lot of information in this article, some design tricks and techniques which will help you choose the perfect interior for your boy or girl. Blue tones are very diverse and despite that people are used to associate this color with nursery rooms and children’s bedrooms for boys in the photo gallery you will see some wonderful interiors which are ideal for young ladies.

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A children’s room decorated in blue can be suitable for both a girl and a boy. The main thing is to correctly emphasize and correctly choose the interior. It can combine several shades that complement each other. Interiors in blue tones are unusually pacifying. This is due to the fact that this color soothes and has a relaxing effect on the eyes. Having in mind the mobility of modern children, blue color is ideal as a base for a children’s room. Of course, selecting the proper tone is essential as blue palette comes in numerous shades – cobalt, aquamarine, indigo, smoky blue, sky blue, ice blue, etc.

How blue color affects the psyche of children?

blue white furniture and textile in nursery room

Blue is an amazing color for interior design of kid’s bedrooms and nursery rooms. It balances feelings and emotions and has a calming effect on the nervous system and helps to easily fall asleep. Blue interiors are the perfect choice for hyperactive toddlers and children that do not sleep calmly. The color relieves tension and anxiety as well. It also improves mood and promotes concentration. As per psychologists, blue shades are beneficial to thinking and mental activity. Further to that, observations determined that children develop interest in calm games and puzzles and learn to control their emotions. However, if the child is calm or phlegmatic, you need to add brighter accents which will be stimulating so that the child does not feel depressed or melancholic. For a calm atmosphere in the room, pale blue pastel colors are perfect. The pale palette in the interior looks elegant, which gives the space a special sensitivity. You can give the atmosphere a summer mood with the help of azure shades.

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When choosing the basic shade and color combinations for a nursery, child’s room or teenager room, be sure to consider the preferences of your son or daughter. Ask the child for help, especially if he is of age to give you an opinion. It is good to keep in mind the following:

  • For a child aged 0-3 years it is recommended to choose soft pastel tones which will not interfere with day and night sleep;
  • Bright, but not flashy shades that can be combined with yellow, orange and green, are suitable for children of preschool and school age – 3-12 years old. This is the period when children begin to actively explore the world, and cheerful colors in personal space can contribute to this.
  • For the design of a teenage girl’s bedroom, you can choose any shade – from pale blue to bright turquoise, and in addition you can choose shades of pink, fuchsia, purple, lilac or any other shade.
  • For a teenage boy, muted or gray-blue shades will be a good choice.

How to introduce the color to the interior?

blue and white nursery room furniture and decoration

A blue interior is recommended for well-lit rooms. Keep in mind that light blue visually increases and expands the space so it can be used as a main color, for example, in the design of walls, large furniture pieces, floor and ceiling. You can use blue color in nursery and kids bedroom in many different ways. The most obvious and popular way is to paint the walls in the preferred shade or use wallpaper. If plain blue walls look too boring, you can decorate the surface with different patterns – geometric, floral motifs, harlequin or polka dots, for example. The color works in a harmonious way with additional decoration so you can add elements like crown molding, wall panels or picture frames and give the design character and individuality. Blue stripes are another popular wall decoration and they can be the perfect background for a marine style design.

girl bedroom ideas in blue and white

A blue ceiling evokes associations with the sky. The ceiling can be decorated with clouds, birds, the sun or tree branches. Depending on the particular theme, if you have one, and the age of the child, you can opt for light or deep blue color for the ceiling. For example, the dark deep shades are ideal for space-themed interiors and can be decorated with stars, planets, etc.

blue color in nursery rooms and kids bedrooms curtains and textile

Textile and accessories are the perfect way to add blue shades to the nursery room. You can match bedding or duvet with the curtains or the carpet and the upholstery. Blue curtains with strict geometric prints, floral ornaments or floral motifs look really spectacular. Stars and moon are another cute pattern. Decorative pillows, floor cushions, especially for teen rooms, are another option to add blue color to the interior design of the room.

blue color in childrens bedrooms for girls and boys

When choosing the furniture pieces for your child’s room, you have many options to combine blue and other colors. From blue bed, cabinet doors and bookshelves to chest of drawers, chairs, desk or wardrobe – you can have one main blue accent or combine different shades.

Blue nursery and kids bedroom – successful color combinations and design ideas

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What colors can be combined in blue nursery and kids bedroom? Depending on the gender of the child you can select different combinations. Some people prefer bright and warm shades like orange, red, yellow and green while others opt for neutrals like beige, sand, brown, cream. Red and black accents can be used, but you should not overdo these colors in a child’s room.

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Blue and white is a classic choice of colors for nurseries and kids’ rooms. Such a contrast does not cause irritating emotions and eye fatigue. This color scheme visually expands the space and creates a light and airy atmosphere.

Blue and yellow is a bold combination, so you need to be careful. This is a strong energy combination of the colors of the sky and the sun. These colors create a contrast between cold and warm and if you choose the right shades they will look balanced, the room will have a fresh, cozy and cute look.

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Blue and beige is a winning combination which looks refined and calming. You can paint the walls in beige and add blue furniture and decorative accessories. Sky blue shades diluted with brown elements give the atmosphere a sense of warmth and comfort. Blue is used in the design of walls, white is preferred for the ceiling, and brown tones for the flooring and furniture.

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If you want to use a gray and blue combination then you need to add brightness to the interior with the help of furniture, curtains or other elements.

Blue works with orange, yellow, green and pink shades as well. Orange and yellow soften the cold shades from the blue palette and the combinations look very fresh, bright and vivid. Green-blue combination is as natural as possible. Adding light green tones to the interior of the child’s room creates a bright atmosphere which stimulates positive emotions and good mood. Pink shades add a romantic touch and are the most popular choice of girls.

blue wallpaper and ceiling decoration girl bedroom design ideas

As far as design ideas are concerned, there are numerous opportunities – you can choose a particular style or a particular theme. Blue color palette works with classic, Mediterranean, Scandinavian and modern style as well as rustic, shabby chic, Provence. Themes also vary and Winter Wonderland, Frozen, Sea and ocean, Pirate ship, Starry sky, Space, etc. are just some of the possible options to choose from.



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