DIY beach wedding decoration – creative ideas for a stylish decor

by Kremy

DIY beach wedding decoration creative and easy ideas for a stylish decor

A wedding on the beach is a unique opportunity to celebrate the big day in a stylish way. Every beach ceremony is different from the rest and of course, every wedding requires a carefully planned organization. Yes, there is a lot to think about – choosing a venue, planning the seats, reception, menu, cake, the perfect dress, shoes, hairstyle and makeup, suit for the groom, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, the list goes on and on. We selected some really special DIY beach wedding decoration ideas which can be the inspiration that you are looking for!

The idea of making wedding decorations with your own hands is becoming more popular. Many future brides prefer the personal approach and with the help of friends and family they create amazing decorations and party favors. There are hundreds of ideas for decorative elements suitable for a beach wedding and we hope you will like the ones we selected for you!

DIY beach wedding decoration ideas – tips and tricks that will help you

how to decorate a wedding on the beach creative DIY ideas


Why do brides choose DIY projects and craft ideas for their wedding decor? Without any doubt, this is a chance to keep the expenses within budget limits. Using ideas from the Internet in decorating a banquet hall and involving relatives and friends as assistants creates memories, on the first place, makes the wedding unique and will not cost a fortune. When you browse for DIY beach wedding decoration ideas there is one thing that you need to remember. Choose simple ideas or something that you already have experience with. This will make the process more enjoyable and you will be proud of the result. Do not forget that handmade decor takes time, often more time than you expect. Avoid complex craft projects. Most likely such ideas will lead to additional costs and stress, as well as absorb all your free time.

original DIY beach themed wedding ideas bride and groom starfish

The lack of time is another reason for choosing DIY wedding decorations. Sometimes you just haven’t got the time to order a wedding decor from professionals with a busy schedule, or vice versa, you still have a lot of time before the date of the celebration and you thought why not do everything yourself. It is advisable to plan your time wisely before you head to the craft store. Make a list of all the decorations you want and try to calculate how much time you will need for each element. It is better to leave only those ideas that you can definitely fit into your schedule. It might be a good idea to arrange a bridal shower party as a master class and ask your girlfriends to help you with the decoration projects.

easy affordable DIY beach wedding favors ideas

Last, but not least, brides who prefer to craft the decorations for their weddings are enjoying the pleasure and the creativity involved in the process. This is a great way to spend time relaxing and divert your attention from all other wedding affairs as we all know there is a good deal of stress when planning such an event. After all, doing something with your own hands is not just saving money, right? The perfect way to forget the craziness and stress of everyday life is to pour honey in miniature jars for party favors or write wedding invitations by hand while listening to your favorite music.

DIY beach themed wedding party favors

So, here are some useful tips for all brides who browse for DIY beach wedding decoration ideas:

  • Plan ahead! Make sure that you have the time needed for crafting and this will not ruin your schedule.
  • Make the most of your abilities! If you have a beautiful handwriting then write the invitations. If you are skilled in baking, then bake cookies as wedding favors.
  • Think of yourself! This may sound a bit weird, but if you burden yourself with baking and decorating the cake, make table centerpieces and chair decorations, place cards, party favors – there is a good chance that you will be too tired at your own wedding!
  • Do not buy all craft supplies at once. It is better if try and make one or two decorations before buying the supplies for 100 pieces.
  • Feel free to combine the decorations that you made with professional ones.
  • Explore wedding sites for free layouts for invitation or place cards, table numbers and other prints that you can use in your decor.

Easy and creative DIY beach wedding decoration ideas

creative wedding decorations DIY ideas

When it comes to DIY decorations, you can use local craft items and everything related to sea, beach and leisure. For example, you can put pebbles from the beach on top of napkins and write the names of guests on the pebbles with white or silver felt-tip pen. Here is our selection of DIY beach wedding decoration ideas.

Wedding invitations are not only a must but they are also the perfect way to inform your guests for the date and time of the event. In addition, the invitations are the way to announce the theme of your party and the dress code, if any. With beach weddings you have a lot of freedom and you can decorate the invitations with lace, beads, sea shells, sea stars, ropes, anchors, etc.

nautical wedding decor ideas lifebelts seashells

Another great idea is to make your own ring pillow from a seashell. Decorate it with sating or organza ribbons, beads and pearls, tiny shells and sea stars and you will have a wonderful and unique piece of work!

DIY decoration for wedding ceremony – you can decorate the arch and the chairs, as well as the isle without much effort and huge expenses.

Of course, these are just some of the numerous DIY beach wedding decoration ideas. Look at the photo gallery to see fantastic and inspiring examples!



wedding table decor ideas blue and white color palette

wedding on the beach simple decor ideas lanterns and candles rope

table setting ideas for beach themed celebration color scheme

super easy DIY beach themed wedding ideas place cards

groom boutonniere wedding on the beach styling ideas

easy DIY wedding decorations beach theme tulle rope starfish

easy and creative DIY table decorations for beach weddings

diy wedding table decoration ideas flower and sand centerpiece

DIY table decoration ideas jars with flowers

DIY nautical themed wedding decor chairs

DIY beach wedding decoration ideas lanterns starfish

creative ideas for ring holders for beach themed weddings

creative and easy ideas for decorating beach weddings

bridal bouquet ideas for beach themed wedding

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beach wedding table decor ideas centerpiece shells and candles

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