How to use oval and round carpets in interior design

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Interior design requires a careful and creative approach. If you are interested in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, you can do it even if you are not a professional designer. Colors, shapes, textures – these are important elements and today we would like to focus your attention on oval and round carpets and the ways to use them in your home.

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Carpets are one of the universal elements of design. They create not only a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the house, but can also become an excellent tool for zoning the space. In addition, this is the element that links furniture, interior items and room decoration. Carpets can set the mood, emphasize the style of the room and, most importantly, can affect the space, visually increasing or decreasing it. As a rule, the carpet is selected when the design of the room is finished, but it happens that the design of the carpet is so unique and original, for example if you have a beautiful antique rug, that the entire interior is created in accordance with this focal point of the room. The smooth lines of oval and round rugs create a feeling of softness in the interior. The shape is ideal if you want to highlight and define a certain area in the room.

How to choose oval and round carpets?

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When compared with traditional rectangular rugs, oval and round carpets have some specific features that you need to keep in mind.

Round and oval carpets help soften the straight lines and sharp corners in a room, which are characteristic for contemporary and minimalist style. Of course, the main goal of every interior design is to create a harmonious environment. According to psychologists, objects with rounded corners in the interior contribute to the peaceful moo of a person. In turn, experienced designers advise that oval or round carpets that add harmony and sophistication to any interior design. Round, as well as oval carpets look especially light. They immediately attract attention with their specific shape and take up less space than square or rectangular rugs. At the same time, an oval carpet can visually increase the space in the interior of a small room. A round carpet will look stunning if its shape is enhanced by other objects or elements of the interior with the same shape – a table, floor lamp, ottoman, etc.

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When choosing an oval or round rug you need to follow some general rules:

On the first place you need to know for which room you choose the carpet. Carpets can be a major color accent or just add comfort and blend in the overall palette. Bedroom, living room or dining room – the carpet for each of these rooms should be different in size and texture. Models with thick pile are perfect for a bedroom or living room but not a good option for the hallway or dining room where rugs with short pile are better.

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Choose the right size of carpet. Before you go to the store, make sure that you measure the area of the floor that you are going to decorate. A small model is ideal for defining different functional areas in an open floor plan space. However, if you want to place it under the sofa, you need a carpet which is wider than the sofa and covers the entire sofa area.

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Select the color and pattern of your rug. When choosing a carpet, do not forget that its color should be combined with the color scheme of the interior. Some people want to create an interesting visual effect which will be a bright accent in the interior while others prefer to blend their rug with the general scheme in the room. Take a look at the textiles in the room – towels, tablecloths, curtains, upholstery, etc. Does the room decorated in neutral colors seem boring and too calm? Then you need a bright carpet. Complement it with decorative pillows in the same color scheme and you will add fresh and vivid accents to the atmosphere of the room. If you prefer a rug that blends with the color concept of the interior, make sure you choose a model that differs in saturation or shade. Remember that light shades visually expand the space of a room. Solid colored carpets of saturated and warm colors will visually narrow the room, while cold and calm carpets will expand it.

How to use oval and round carpets in interior design

Materials determine the quality and carpets are made of natural or synthetic fibers. Wool, cotton, silk, jute, viscose – these are the most popular materials used in carpet manufacturing. Wool is soft, durable and pleasant to bare feet. Wool carpets retain heat very well and are the best option for homes with cold floors, poor heating or moist air. In addition, they do not shrink and retain their shape for years. Cotton carpets have the ability to breathe, which is especially important if you have allergies, asthma, or other lung diseases. They are lightweight and do not fade or lose color but quickly get wet. Silk carpets have long been considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. They have a gorgeous appearance, shine with a unique gloss and brilliance, and, in addition to all this, are extremely durable. As a rule, silk carpets amaze with their designs, since silk threads are easily dyed due to their texture, flexibility and elasticity, and quite often silk round carpets are custom made, which justifies their cost. Jute carpets are made from the herbaceous plant whose fibers are combined with wool fibers. This material is resistant but absorbs moisture. Carpets made from artificial materials like polypropylene and viscose have high wear resistance, they are easy to clean and retain their shape and color and are the most affordable option. However, their main disadvantage is that they are not environmentally friendly.

Where can you place oval and round carpets?

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The shape of the carpet as well as its size and color, have a great effect on the interior and the atmosphere of the room. Oval and round carpets ideally perform a decorative function. Place it in the center of the room, near the sofa area or window and are suitable for any room. You can place them in different ways depending on your needs and ideas.

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Oval and round rugs in the living room are the final touches that anchor the interior concept and all elements. Despite the fact that designers and psychologists value the curved lines, you should keep in mind that oval and round carpets are be appropriate in every room. The main task of the carpet in the living room is to create additional comfort for both the owner and his guests. It should be selected taking into account how the room will look, whether the rug is just a functional element or a focal point of the design. If you need a practical and functional rug, then you need to combine its color and texture with other interior items like upholstered furniture, curtains, walls, etc. Usually, the carpet is located in the center of the room, visually combining all the details of the interior.

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Round and oval rugs bedroom interior need to add to the relaxing atmosphere, coziness and comfort. The place where we sleep and wake up should be warm, inviting and tranquil. A pair of oval bedside rugs located on the sides of the bed will become not only an original addition to the interior, but also very functional. An interesting and original solution will be to place a large round carpet under the bed with the edges protruding under it. This technique will smooth the angular shape of the furniture and add softness to the atmosphere. With a small oval rug you can define a separate area for example, for a dressing table. As far as color solutions are concerned, the same recommendations apply as for the living room.

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Round and oval rugs are a great option for children’s rooms. On the first place, the carpet is a necessity in nurseries and kids’ bedrooms not only for the warmth but as a protection and prevention against injuries. Further to that, this geometric shape is more understandable and well perceived by the child. Nowadays rugs for children’s rooms come in a huge variety of colors, patterns and themes – cartoon characters, animals, flowers, letters, numbers, geometric shapes, etc. Such rugs can be placed near the crib, in the play area, in the child’s working area, etc.

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A round or oval carpet will look appropriate in the kitchen or dining room as well especially if it is placed under a round dining table. In the hallway and bathroom you can place small oval carpets. The shape of the rug will be beneficial to long and narrow bathrooms. Look at the photo gallery below to find inspiration for your own home!


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