Rustic baby room design ideas – how to create a cozy atmosphere easily

by Kremy

Rustic baby room design ideas antler chandelier

Rustic baby room design ideas are not only cozy but exceptionally charming. Very often people misunderstand the rustic concept and think that it is all about old and used furniture. The essence of the style, actually, is about eco-friendly materials, handmade items, and natural colors. Arranging a bedroom for a child, using elements from this fantastic style, is a great way to create warm and comfortable atmosphere.

To start from the beginning – what should a room of a small child look like? What environment do you want to create for your baby? The main goal is that the room is stylish, fun, comfortable and functional. How to do it? We shall help you with ideas and decor techniques which will make your task easier!

baby girl nursery ideas shiplap wall white crib pink accents


Creating the interior of a nursery room is a challenge. It is important to consider colors, finishes, all the accents, furniture, textile, etc. because the environment affects both physical and mental health of the child. Cheap materials are often toxic to so saving on high quality natural materials is the wrong decision. Remember that the health of the child should always come first!

Why choose rustic style for the nursery room? One of the main reasons is that it harmoniously combines the past and the present and is simple and elegant at the same time. In such an environment the child will feel free and comfortable. This is a very cozy and at the same time functional style that allows you to experiment and adapt the environment to all the needs of the baby. In addition, rustic style combines a variety of decors – Provence, Shabby chic, English country, etc. All of them share common stylistic features, although each option has its own national characteristics. Some of the common features are:

  • Using natural materials;
  • Neutral and natural colors with bright accents;
  • Simplicity of forms and textures;
  • Functionality of furniture and layout.

Rustic baby room design ideas – what are the suitable color schemes?

Rustic baby room ideas tips for furniture and decoration

In a rustic style nursery, almost any color can be used but they should have natural shades. Bright and neon paints are inappropriate. We advise you to carefully consider everything before decorating the walls and decide on the color of furniture and accessories. All items in the room should be harmoniously combined. The walls should be decorated in a color close to nature – delicate shades of yellow, cream, green, blue, etc. Natural colors such as green apple, ripe peach, grass, moss are welcome.The best color scheme is white and beige as it is very calm but you can opt for pastel shades as well, as they are typical for Provence and Shabby chic styles. Dark colors should be added carefully, and again, they should be chosen from the natural palette. For example, coffee, chocolate, green and olive shades are especially well combined with wooden interior details.

How to choose materials and finishes for rustic decor in the nursery room?

rustic baby nursery decorating ideas wooden crib area rug

Rustic style features environmentally friendly interiors so finishes and materials should be as simple and natural as possible. You can use a wide variety of materials, depending on the particular style.

Walls can be finished with shiplap, plaster or wallpaper with or paint. Shiplap offers good insulation and adds warmth to the interior. You can use it for an accent wall and paint it or leave the wood as is so that the grain is visible. If you prefer wallpaper, you can use a photo wallpaper with a beautiful image or textured models which will work with the overall design concept. Wallpapers with floral print, plaid, polka dots, as well as inserts from photo wallpapers with landscapes will not look intrusive.When choosing paint, make sure you select the right color scheme for the room, so that the interior is calm, peaceful and balanced.

Flooring in rustic baby rooms has to be easy to maintain and of course, safe for the child. Having in mind that the little one will grow in this room, crawl, learn to walk, play, it is recommended to avoid tiled floors. Hardwood floors offer many advantages. They are warm and environmentally friendly.With soft carpets or area rugs you can zone the space in the room and the child will not sit directly on the floor.

Ceilings in rustic style are usually white but you can add wooden beams as decoration or come up with another creative idea.

How to choose the proper furniture for rustic baby rooms?

Wooden rustic baby furniture nursery room decor

The furniture in the nursery should be as simple as possible, made of natural wood. In the Provence and Shabby chic styles you can opt for slightly “aged” look which gives the items a touch of antiquity.

Choose a crib without sharp corners and polished surfaces. Check the stability of the bed frame. There should be no smell of paint or varnish. It will be useful to purchase a cot with a falling bottom. Over time, the child will grow, learn to sit and soon he will want to get out of bed. Then it’s enough for parents to just lower the bottom. This will extend the term of use of the baby crib. A house bed is also an option and it can be incorporated in a rustic decor without any problem.

Baby changing table is a must in a nursery room. Some mothers say that they can do without a changing table, and change clothes on the bed. There are options that allow you to install a soft pad on a chest of drawers and use it as a changing table.

baby room furniture ideas rustic style decor

Storage space in a nursery room should provide comfort for both parents and child. It is best if you have a chest of drawers, some storage cabinets and shelves for packages with diapers, toys, etc.

A comfortable armchair is an important piece of furniture for the parents, especially in the first months after the baby is born.

Carpet is a must for the nursery. The main thing is that it should be a short pile model. Long pile carpets quickly accumulate dust and it is harder to clean them. The soft surface creates a pleasant feeling and the child can play on it.

A night lamp is a necessary as it simplifies the night feeding. Turning on the ceiling chandelier can irritate the baby. A nightlight with a soft light which works on batteries is much more pleasant.


Textile, decorative accessories and lighting in rustic baby room

small nursery room design and decorating ideas in rustic style

In the interior of a nursery room in rustic style textile occupies a special place, the main task is to create coziness. When choosing textiles, give preference to natural fabrics like cotton, silk or linen. The fabric should be plain, with a pattern or embroidery. Classic stripes or natural motifs will fit well into the interior. Polka dots and floral prints will fill the room with optimism and make it truly cheerful.Artificially aged fabrics or with faded color look spectacular. Patchwork is especially suitable for the rustic style. Blankets, plaids, pillows made of multi-colored shreds will add comfort and emphasize the chosen style. Curtains can be decorated with ribbons, ruffles, lace, simple cords or even ropes, depending on the chosen style direction. To store small items and toys, use vintage chests, wicker baskets, wooden boxes and even buckets.

cozy baby nursery ideas shiplap walls white crib

When choosing accessories, you need to emphasize the style, yet not forget that this is a baby room. In this case wicker storage boxes, vintage photo frames, embroideries, floral ornaments on textiles, soft toys, handmade items, etc will add individuality to the nursery room.

Lighting plays an important role in every room. Since a child’s room should be fun, cozy and bright, do not close windows with curtains at all or opt for a light chiffon or tulle in the daytime, and for curtains made of light fabric at night. Artificial lighting in the room should be diffused and soft. A rustic style baby room can be decorated with chandeliers, floor lamps and sconces with textile or wicker lampshades. Lamps reminiscent of street or barn lamps will also be appropriate.




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Rustic baby room design ideas shiplap wall wooden crib

Rustic baby room design ideas furniture and accessories

Rustic baby room design ideas color scheme furniture decoration

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how to decorate a nursery room in rustic style

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