The best shea butter face mask recipes for all skin types

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The best shea butter face mask recipes for all skin types

What are the best shea butter face mask recipes? Can you use it on all skin types? What are the benefits of this product and why is it so popular in cosmetics? We shall give you the answers and of course, face mask recipes which you can prepare at home. Face masks with shea butter are especially popular. This is due to the useful properties of the product, its excellent composition and high efficiency. Even homemade masks will help you to cope with many skin problems.

Shea butter is widely used in African countries. It is used in cooking as well as for body and hair care. Nowadays it is a part of many skin creams, balms, shampoos and hair care products. The benefits of shea butter can be found in our previous article. Shea butter is a good face care product. It is suitable for all skin types and increases the benefits of any components used with it. This allows each woman to experiment with the product until a perfect recipe is developed that suits her.

What are the benefits of shea butter for the skin?

properties and benefits of shea nuts and butter for skin care


Shea butter is used to eliminate facial wrinkles and give the skin elasticity. This component contains a lot of vitamins, in particular A, E, D and F. It is based on fats, carbohydrates, proteins and acids. Together, they have a positive effect on the skin of the face.

The main advantages of shea butter is that it contains all-natural ingredients, has a wide range of healing effects, it is suitable for any age, easy to apply on the face and ideal for various masks, scrubs and creams. In addition, it can be used separately without risk of overdrying the skin, does not require special storage conditions and despite the dense texture quickly becomes liquid when heated.

shea butter skin care mask recipes natural cosmetic products

Shea butter has very few disadvantages. It should not be applied on excessively oily skin and is not suitable for continuous use. The product should be used periodically. If used improperly or due to individual intolerance, the butter may cause undesirable consequences. The high price tag is also something that you need to keep in mind.

The benefits of this natural product for facial skin are quite many. This component has a lot of positive properties. It is environmentally friendly, which makes it completely safe and the whole complex of vitamins has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face. It has a softening and moisturizing effect. It is an ideal source of nutrition for dry skin and promotes cell regeneration, eliminates dryness and acne. Shea butter is widely used for wrinkles around the eyes as well. It has antioxidant properties and slows down the aging process. It has the ability to eliminate allergic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis, burns, bruises and wounds and is often used to relieve muscle pain and swelling. Further, it fights inflammation, eliminates peeling, irritation and itching and protects the skin from exposure to the sun, wind, cold.

benefits of shea butter for facial skin easy mask recipes

Thanks to its exceptional properties, shea butter is very popular in cosmetology. It is an effective, organic, natural ingredient for face care products. If you are not sure what to choose – refined or unrefined butter, then the choice depends on what you need it for. In general, shea butter of these two types is equally useful but it is better if you find unrefined butter.

How to use shea butter for facial skin care?

shea butter properties and benefits for the skin

Unlike other cosmetics, shea butter extract can be used in its pure form and undiluted. In this case, it is applied to the skin instead of night cream. In the morning, the result will be amazing. The skin will become fresh and moisturized.

Using the butter as a skin care product is especially appropriate in the winter season as it gives best results. Cold and frosty weather injures the skin and it needs special protection that will prevent negative consequences. It is noteworthy that the component has a positive effect not only in cold weather, but also during the hot season. It allows you to protect the body from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays and sunlight in the summer. It can be used as a base for makeup as well.

Is it possible to use shea butter instead of facial cream? The answer is yes, but you need to apply a moisturizer first. This is important since water is the main component that moisturizes the skin. If you do not have any moisturizing product, apply the butter on wet skin.

As we mentioned above, the product can be used in its pure form or as an ingredient in face mask recipes.

For intensive skin nutrition, especially in the autumn-winter period, you can prepare a cream with shea butter and grape seed oil. To do this, mix equal proportions of the two ingredients in a clean bowl and warm up in water bath until homogeneous. Allow to cool slightly. Use a mixer to beat the mixture until a light, airy mass is obtained and your skin nourishing cream is ready to use.

Homemade shea butter face mask recipes

homemade face masks with shea butter recipes

Despite the huge selection of ready-made face masks in stores, many women prefer homemade skin care products. DIY shea butter face masks are often more effective than any product sold in stores. In addition, you know exactly what you apply to the face as you mixed all the ingredients by yourself.

When you prepare skin masks, you need to keep in mind that shea butter is quite heavy and may clog pores on oily or prone to rashes skin. If you notice the appearance of comedones and black dots you should not use the product more that once a week or not use it at all.

Shea butter face mask for dry and sensitive skin

Shea butter face mask for dry and sensitive skin recipe


1 tsp cocoa

1 tsp wax

1 tsp shea butter

2-3 drops of mint essential oil (optional)


All ingredients are mixed together and applied to the skin.

Shea butter face mask recipes – for oily skin

Shea butter mask for oily skin recipe


1 tsp shea butter

1 tsp tea tree extract

1 tsp clay

2 tbsp water


Mix all the ingredients and apply to a clean face, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes and rinse with running water.

You can apply this mask once a week. Make sure that you do not leave the clay dry completely so as not to dehydrate the skin.

Mask for skin around eyes

DIY Mask for skin around eyes with natural products


1 tsp shea butter

1 tsp almond oil


Mix the ingredients and apply around the eyes and to the eyelids. Let the mask sit for 20 minutes.

Nourishing face mask

Shea butter nourishing face mask easy DIY recipes


1/3 banana

1 tbsp shea butter

1 tsp honey


Mash banana with a fork, mix with melted shea butter and honey.

Apply to a clean face for half an hour and then rinse.

Apply the mask once or twice for a period of 7-10 days. If you are allergic to honey, it is better not to use it and find a more suitable recipe.

Face mask for wrinkles

Shea butter mask for wrinkles home skin care


15 ml shea butter

7 ml rosehip oil

1 egg yolk

dried lemon zest


Grind the lemon zest into flour with a coffee grinder and mix it with melted shea butter and egg yolk. The mass should be homogeneous, without lumps.

Add rosehip oil and mix thoroughly.

Apply a thin layer of the mask to clean skin for half an hour and rinse with warm water. The procedure can be repeated 1-2 times a week.

Protective face mask

Protective face mask recipe with shea butter


3 tablespoons of shea butter

6 tbsp avocado oil

2 teaspoons of each lecithin, zinc oxide and beeswax

1 capsule of vitamin E


Mix all the ingredients until homogeneous.

Apply a thin layer on clean face for 10-15 minutes before going out at low temperatures outside.

Moisturizing face mask for deep hydration

shea butter face masks recipes homemade skin care organic ingredients


10 ml of orange juice

40 g. Shea butter

20 g. wax

10 ml of avocado extract

4 drops of sandalwood oil


Mix all the ingredients and apply a thin layer of the mask on clean face. This mask will allow you to restore damaged skin.

Easy shea butter mask

Easy Shea butter mask skin care with natural products


4 ounces Shea butter

2 ml of jojoba oil


Mix the two ingredients thoroughly. Apply on clean face and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with cool water.

DIY Face mask for smooth skin

skin care tips masks recipes for your face


½ tsp Shea Butter

½ tsp Raw Honey

1 – 2 drops of Geranium Essential Oil


In a small bowl mix all the ingredients thoroughly to form a cream.

Apply on clean face and keep from 10 minutes up to an hour.

Wash off with cool water.

Shea butter face mask recipes – Rejuvenation face mask

Rejuvenation face mask recipe to try at home


1 tsp of Shea Butter

2 drops Lemon Essential Oil


Gently mix the ingredients until well combined.

Prepare your face with a 5 minute session of facial steaming to open the pores.

Pat dry excess moisture and apply the mask.

Leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and wash off with cool water.


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