Which Bangs Will Suit Me? 20 Hairstyles with Bangs for Every Face Shape

by Kristiyana

Lately, hairstyles with bangs have been exploding all over social media. You have the super trendy curtain bangs, wispy bangs, side-swept fringes, thick, full bangs and many more stylish other variations. But the question is, why are bangs getting so much attention? Could the inspiration be coming from more nostalgia trends? I mean, which girl wouldn’t want to rock a 70s shaggy cut with feathered bangs in 2023? I know I would. But before going for the kill, you have to ask yourself one thing – “Which bangs will suit me?” Find the perfect type of bangs for your face shape now!

Which bangs will suit me according to my face shape?

which face shape are you chart


Yeah, there are many beautiful hairstyles with bangs that we see everyday on social media, but unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that we ourselves can always pull them off. Your facial features and bone structure largely influence the way that any type of bangs, or haircut for that matter, can sit on you. Before cutting bangs, be sure to check out the chart above to know precisely the face shape that you have. Once you’ve got it, look through our article to find out which type of bangs will suit you the most. Are you ready?

What bangs to choose for a round face?

bangs for chubby cheeks


If you have a round face, bottleneck bangs will add softness to your facial features. They are quite similar to curtain bangs, and their shape resembles a bottleneck, hence the name. They are slim and short in the middle, longest at the line of the cheekbones and curve around your eyes, greatly framing the face. To make your bottleneck bangs look their best, dry your hair with a blow dry brush and preserve the shape with a soft hairspray.

side fringe round face shape hairstyle

Thick side-swept bangs are also suitable for a round face shape. They are a very popular choice among women who have a round face with chubbier cheeks and softer edges. Side-swept bangs can make your face look longer than it is and create the illusion of a more oval shape.

bangs for round face

And of course, how can we not mention the super trendy and chic curtain bangs?! While this type of bangs looks good on most face shapes, it is particularly flattering for round ones. Curtain bangs will frame your rounder face, making it look slimmer. To keep their flowy appearance, blow dry with a round brush. Use an anti-frizz hair spray as well.

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Type of bangs to get for a square face shape

which bangs will suit square face

Which bangs will suit your square face shape the most? Birkin bangs have also been trending a lot lately. Named after the actress Jane Birkin, these bangs have a signature feathered look that will help to soften the sharp edges of your square face shape. Plus, they look super chic, don’t you think?

bangs for square face shape

More bangs that will look good with your square face shape? Try the thick and long, trendy wispy bangs. If you have a strong jawline, opt for these bangs that extend down to your eyebrows. The thick, wispy bangs will soften your harsh facial features and break down your jawline.

which bangs will suit me square faces

A long, layered fringe can also be good for your square jawline. It will soften and balance out your harsh facial features. If you don’t like the choppy bangs style, you can opt for a 70s-inspired curtain fringe, which will give you an effortless and stylish look.

Which bangs will suit me for a heart-shaped face?

 bangs for heart shape faces

Looking for bangs that will suit your heart-shaped face? You’ve come to the right place! A long, side-swept fringe can add a lot of style to your haircut and create the illusion of a more narrow forehead. A more wispy version can also work great here.

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what bangs would suit my face

Up for trying these fashionable crescent bangs? This type of bangs can suit most face shapes, but look especially good on heart-shaped ones, which are wider at the top and draw to a point at chin-level. Opt for soft crescent bangs which are longer at the outer edges and a little shorter in the middle.

short blunt bangs

Do you have a heart-shaped face and wish to draw some focus to your eyes? Then try these cute baby bangs! Baby bangs create a fun and chic look. If you are not too big on their blunt version, opt for soft baby bangs that hit in the midline of your forehead. Even better if you wear them feathery.

The best type of bangs for oval face shapes

messy bangs for oval face

Which bangs to choose if you have an oval face shape? Luckily for those with this shape, you can cut any type of bangs! An oval shape is very versatile, hence you can freely experiment with different kinds of bangs and pick the one that makes you feel most confident in yourself. As a start, you can try these stylish piece-y bangs with a slight curl for a supermodel look.

bottleneck fringe oval face

The aforementioned bottleneck bangs also look superb on an oval face shape. Cut them shorter in the middle and let them gradually gain length as they reach the sides of your face to frame it and draw attention to your eyes.

 bangs for oval face

If there is one celebrity that has been an inspiration to many for cutting bangs, then that would definitely be Dakota Johnson. Her signature blunt bangs are perfect for an oval face shape. Opt for a softer version that is cut straight across your face.

More hairstyles with bangs for each face shape

which type of bangs should i get for a round face

Grown out parted bangs for a long face shape

bangs for long face shape

Thick wispy bangs for a heart-shaped face

will bangs suit a heart shape face

Bangs suitable for a triangle face shape

bangs for triangle face shape

Jaw-line length curtain bangs for a long face

bangs fo long face shape

Wispy bangs for chubbier cheeks

wispy bangs round face shape

Brow-grazing bangs for a big forehead

hairstyles with bangs 2023

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