What Are the Best Bangs for Diamond Face Shape? These Are the Most Flattering Options!

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Can you wear bangs if you have a diamond shaped face? Every woman, regardless of her age, always wants to look attractive! The right haircut that suits the type of woman’s face is very important for a woman’s appearance. We have said many, many times that when choosing a new hairstyle, you need to take into account not only the hair type and structure but also the face shape. Well, what if you are not blessed with the perfect facial features that allow you to wear any hairstyle that you want? You know the problem, don’t you? Well, a good hairstyle helps to correct the shape and hide many flaws and shortcomings. Let’s have a look at the best bangs for diamond face shape!

what are the best bangs for diamond face shape

The Best Bangs for Diamond Face Shape Can Help You Soften Your Features

best bangs hairstyles for diamond shaped face

Beauty standards praise harmonious lines, but in real life, each and every woman is unique, and if you haven’t got the perfect face shape, this doesn’t mean that you are not (or can’t be) attractive. It is very easy to create a visual illusion, and with the help of the right hairstyle, you can emphasize the graceful facets of the diamond shape. The main features of a diamond-shaped face are a pointed chin, expressive, wide, and rather high cheekbones, and a narrow forehead. The narrowest parts of the face are the forehead and lower jaw.

bangs hairstyles for diamond face that soften the features

The main task of women with diamond faces is to visually expand the forehead and narrow the cheekbones. This will help to create the illusion of an oval face and a feminine, attractive look. Bangs hairstyles for diamond-shaped faces can help you do that. But what are the best bangs for diamond face shape? What’s the most flattering length? Short or long bans? How to style them? Let’s look at the most flattering bangs for women with diamond face shape!

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Long Bangs Hairstyles

long bangs hairstyles for diamond face

Haircuts with long bangs emphasize individuality and are suitable for short, medium, or long hair. For ladies with pronounced cheekbones, long bangs will help visually elongate the face due to the fact that they will remove the volume on the sides.

Side-Swept Bangs Are a Great Choice for Diamond-Shaped Faces

side swept bangs are a great choice for diamond shaped faces

Side-swept bangs balance the narrow forehead and wide cheekbones, allowing you to give your face the shape of a perfect oval. Whether you choose a pixie bob or a medium-length layered bob, side bangs will help you create the right proportions.

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Long Off-Center Curtain Bangs for Diamond Face Shape

long off center curtain bangs for diamond face shape

Are curtain bangs suitable for diamond shaped face? With these bangs, it’s a bit tricky, especially when you want to balance wide checks. Despite the huge popularity of curtain bangs, any haircut should be selected to suit your face. It is best to opt for long, off-center curtain bangs. They will look best with medium-length layered hairstyles like long bobs, for example, and long layered haircuts so that the bangs look like face-framing layers. Avoid short bangs that end at check level, as they will make your face look wider than it actually is.

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Bottleneck Bangs

bottleneck bangs can soften pronounced facial features

Bottleneck bangs can soften pronounced facial features, and if you choose this option as a part of a layered hairstyle, you will certainly look great! Medium-length or long hairstyles look great with bottleneck bangs as they frame the face beautifully, and the diamond shape gets a more oval look.

Wispy Bangs

soft shag with wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are great for women who want a feminine and stylish look. However, make sure that you choose a longer, layered version of the bangs. For example, this soft shag looks fabulous.

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What Type of Bangs to Avoid If You Have a Diamond Face?

what type of bangs to avoid if you have a diamond face

Now that we’ve listed some of the best bangs for diamond face shape, let’s list what you should avoid at all costs. Generally, symmetry and flat horizontal lines are not the best choices.

  • Avoid tucking long bangs behind your years.
  • Avoid bangs, and generally hairstyles, that create volume at the central part of the face, as these make the cheekbones even larger.
  • Middle parting is not flattering to diamond-shaped faces because it makes them look even longer.
  • Heavy, straight bangs that create a horizontal line at eyebrow level are also to be avoided, as this type of bangs makes the forehead wider.

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