Short Wolf Cut with Bangs: Retro-Inspired Hairstyles That Are Trending in 2024

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Are you ready for a new haircut? Do you follow the fashionable trends? How about a short wolf cut with bangs? Retro-inspired hairstyles are one of the big hair trends 2023, so if you feel like you need a change, let’s go!

best short wolf cut with bangs fashionable retro inspired hairstyles 2024

Short Wolf Cut with Bangs is a Trendy Hairstyle for Bold Women of All Ages

short wolf cut with bangs trendy hairstyle for women of all ages

The wolf cut has been trending for the past year and we have seen many celebrities wear the hairstyle, inspiring their fans to experiment. It combines something from the mullet and the shag cut, born by the fashion of the 70s. Despite the “imperfect look”, the wolf cut is actually carefully structured. Many people think that the haircut is not suitable for everyone, but in fact, it can be adapted individually to any face shape and hair structure. With the right care, a short wolf cut with bangs can give you a stylish and modern look, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

short haircuts for women 2024 wolf cut with bangs

The haircut got its name because of the association with the untamed wolf’s fur. The classic wolf haircut has short layers with uneven texture while the shaggy version combines both styles with great volume and texture. The multiple layers are shorter in the front and longer in the back, and depending on the individual variation, the wolf cut may also have face framing layers or different types of bangs. A short wolf cut is characterized by a very short nape and sides , usually with a slightly longer strands at the back, which add a key feature to the image. This haircut is ideal for round, oval and square face shapes.

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Need a Low-Maintenance Short Haircut? Opt For the Wolf Cut

low maintenance short wolf haircut

One of the greatest advantages of the wolf cut is the opportunity to create an informal look as well as the fact that it is suitable for women of all ages. In addition, the short haircut works with any hair texture – thin, thick, wavy or curly. A short wolf cut is especially suitable for older women with thin hair because the tons of layers add a lot of volume.

The undeniable advantage of the wolf cut is that it doesn’t require any styling. You can run your hands through your hair and that’s it! Of course, you can blow dry it, use gel, mousse or other styling products to straighten your strands and give your hair a new look. As with any short haircut, you need to visit your hairdresser once every 4-5 weeks.

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Short Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

short wolf cut with curtain bangs

A short wolf haircut with curtain bangs is suitable for those who prefer a modern look. It is the perfect choice for women with straight or wavy hair. The hairstyle has a center parting, with slightly longer face framing layers. The layers create volume and texture and add interest to your look.

Short Curly wolf Cut with Arched Bangs

short curly wolf cut with arched bangs

A short wolf cut with lots of layers for added volume looks great on curly hair. The layers emphasize natural curls and give texture to the hair. The longer arched bangs look absolutely stunning and emphasizes the beautiful curls.

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Blonde Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs

blonde wolf cut with choppy bangs

A short blond wolf cut creates a relaxed and bold look. The choppy layers and bangs add depth and texture to the hairstyle, emphasizing its shape.

Pixie Wolf with Wispy Bangs

pixie wolf with wispy bangs

If you need an elegant short haircut, combine the pixie and wolf. Blending shorter and longer layers gives the hairstyle a softer look and the wispy bangs give it a polished feel and a very stylish flair.

Red Wolf Cut with Short Bangs

red wolf cut

This hairstyle can be matched to different face shapes and hair types. The red hair color will not remain unnoticed.

Korean Wolf Haircut

korean wolf haircut

Bold and sassy, the Korean style wolf haircut adds texture and volume to straight hair. It is a bit longer but still it ends at collarbone level. This haircut has some of the bixie look and the off-center bangs work great to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Japanese Wolf Haircut

japanese wolf haircut

The Japanese wolf haircut resembles a shaggy bob. The layers and textured bangs give the hairstyle its voluminous look. This haircut is most suitable for women with a heart, oval or square face shape. It looks especially good on thick and very straight hair, as it gives it texture and allows for styling.

Salt and pepper short wolf cut for women over 60

salt and pepper short wolf cut for women over 60

Short haircut with bottleneck bangs for older women

short haircut with bottleneck bangs for older women

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