Discover the Secrets of the Mushroom Bob: The Trendiest Haircut of 2024

by Kremy

Dynamic, feminine, and very glamorous, the mushroom bob is predicted to be the trendiest haircut of 2024. Who can wear it? How to style it? Let’s reveal all the secrets of the rejuvenating bob hairstyle!

discover the secrets of the mushroom bob the trendiest haircut of 2024

What Is a Mushroom Bob?

hair trends 2024 the mushroom bob

For many people, 2023 was the year of the Bobs. We had Jenna Ortega-inspired “chopped bob,” Hailey Bieber-inspired “sleek bob”, butterfly bob, flipped bob, Italian bob, French bob, etc. It is not a surprise, if you think about it; after all, this haircut has long been a classic, allowing quick changes in women’s appearance, and it does not want to leave the trends.

what is a mushroom bob

Recently, Megan Fox showed her rounded and ultra-smooth hairstyle – the mushroom bob. We all know that everything new is something well forgotten, and the main haircut of 2024 – the mushroom bob – is a proof of that. It is very likely that you already wore this hairstyle, especially if you were born in the 90s. Yes, in fact, it’s the good old bob that needs to be styled properly. But what we won’t do for trends! So, ladies, let’s talk about the latest take on bobs – the one with a rounded shape and a chic, retro vibe!

trendy hairstyles 2024 the mushroom bob cut

So, what is mushroom bob? The mushroom bob is the well-known regular rounded bob with the tips styled inwards, which makes it look more voluminous, like a mushroom cap. This hairstyle is a great choice for women of all ages with thin hair that lacks volume and lushness. Usually, it is cut just below the ear line, but the latest versions feature a shoulder-grazing length. The volume at the roots gives the hair a luxurious look. The hairstyle is perfect for mature women as well because it will distract attention from skin imperfections and make you look younger. The mushroom bob covers the cheeks, making them appear smaller, which makes it ideal for women with heart-shaped faces.

How to Style Your Mushroom Bob?

how to style your mushroom bob

Do you know the saying “To every woman her own bob”? It is true that this haircut suits all women because it is versatile, adaptable, and very youthful. To style your mushroom bob, it is recommended to first apply a little mousse. The hair is then separated and blow-dried with a small, round brush. After that, you should let the hair cool down a bit and then comb it with a brush before fixing it with hairspray.

trendy mushroom bob variations with or without bangs

You can wear this bob variation with or without bangs, depending on your face shape and personal preferences. If you want a different styling, leave the strands straight instead of blow-drying them inward. The chin length allows you to experiment with half-up half down hairstyles, add braids, tie a sleek low ponytail, gather your hair in a small low bun, or even a French twist. Soft waves, curls – these are also great styling options suitable for special occasions, so as you see, your retro-inspired hairstyle provides many opportunities to create a different look.

The great advantage of this retro-inspired bob is that it suits every type of face. As far as bangs are concerned, curtain bangs remain one of the most fashionable options. Of course, straight or blunt bangs are also possible. If you are looking for a radical change, very short baby bangs will give you a bold, extravagant look.

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Experiment with Trendy Hair Colors

ice blonde bob trendy hair colors 2024

Despite the fact that Megan Fox chose a very intense burgundy for her mushroom bob, you can choose any other color that suits you. For example, you can opt for light blonde, copper blonde, or honey blonde. Platinum blonde is another shade that will be trending in 2024, as well as copper red. The expensive brunette look with its deep, dark tones is another trend that you can try.

copper red mushroom bob

In conclusion, we have to say that you should not be surprised by this new take on the timeless bob haircut. Vintage and retro are back in fashion and have a particular charm and a very special vibe. It is certain that the mushroom bob will be seen much more often in fashion shows, magazine covers, and photos of celebrities.

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