How to Style Baggy Jeans: Casual Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

by Kremy

Jeans are one of the staples in any woman’s closet. They have become an integral part of our wardrobe regardless of age, weight and social status. Jeans are so deeply integrated into our lives that today it is impossible to imagine what would happen to us if they suddenly disappear. In wear jeans on dates, to work, shopping, to meeting with friends, going out, etc. From year to year, fashionable women’s jeans remain a must-have, only the trends change – from skinny to flared, from straight to wide leg, from low-waist to high-waste. Baggy jeans are trending this season but what if you are curvy? Do you know how to style baggy jeans? Stay with us because we have some fantastic outfit ideas for plus size women!

how to style baggy jeans casual outfit ideas for plus size women

Do Baggy Jeans Make You Look Fuller?

do baggy jeans make you look fuller

Many curvy women feel somewhat reluctant to wear baggy jeans because they think that this model is suitable for slim girls only. But do baggy jeans make you look fuller? No! Learning how to choose the perfect plus size baggy jeans (and pants, in general) is a vital skill. If you are a curvy lady, developing this skill will allow you to assemble great looking outfits and add to your self-confidence. Today we will tell you how to style baggy jeans for plus size women in such a way as to favorably present the advantages of your figure.

As you know, denim fabric varies a lot. Therefore, you need to understand which type of fabric will help hide the flaws of the figure, and which, on the contrary, will emphasize your curves in a flattering way. For a curvy figure dense denim is a good choice as it envelopes all the excess and will hold its shape.

How to Style Baggy Jeans? Chic Casual Outfit Ideas for Plus Size Women

how to style baggy jeans chic casual outfits for plus size women

Baggy jeans were at the peak of popularity in the 90s and today they are back in fashion. It looks like this trend will stay with us for a long time – fashionistas loved it so much last season. Sporty style has become something normal. Nowadays no one is surprised by the combination of sneakers and a dress. “Comfort above all” is the new moto and these jeans are a symbol of freedom, comfort and unconventionality. The cut allows you to feel relaxed and does not restrain your movements – and this is very important in our hectic daily life. Casual outfit ideas with baggy jeans for plus size women are based on feeling cool, comfortable and of course, fashionable! So, dear ladies, let’s see how to style baggy jeans if you are curvy?

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Baggy Jeans and Shirt

baggy jeans and down shirt

To create a stylish look for every day, combine the jeans with a classic button-down shirt or a delicate blouse. A leather corset accents the waistline. Chunky shoes and a stylish black coat are perfect for the cold winter days.

With a Blazer

plus size baggy jeans outfits ideas

To create a relaxed image, combine baggy jeans with a classic cut blazer. Such a garment will look appropriate both in the office and in an informal setting. Pair with a printed or solid color t-shirt, a blouse or an elegant top and high heel shoes or loafers, depending on the occasion – going out with friends, going to a meeting or to the office.

Total Denim Look with Baggy Jeans

plus size total denim outfit with baggy jeans

For a casual style outfit, the total denim look is perfect. Pair the baggy jeans with a shirt, t-shirt, crop-top and a denim jacket. Loafers, sandals, sneakers, ankle boots or high heels – choose the shoes to match the need of the moment. Add a belt to accentuate the waistline.

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Baggy Jeans and Crop-Top

baggy jeans and crop top plus size casual outfits

A cropped top and baggy jeans is the perfect casual outfit for going out with friends, going to a club or for the warm spring-summer days. Add a short jacket and a pair of sneakers and you are ready to go!

With a Loose T-Shirt

casual plus size outfits with baggy jeans ideas

Combine your baggy with an oversized T-shirt and chunky loafers to create a casual, relaxed look. The French tuck works great with a t-shirt and adds to the casual feel of the outfit.

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Baggy jeans, high heels and leather trench

baggy jeans high heels and leather trench

Baggy jeans paired with sleeveless top and chunky boots

baggy jeans paired with sleeveless top and chunky loafers

A casual outfit for every day

sporty style outfit for every day

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