15 Salt and Pepper Pixie Haircuts: Trendy Short Hairstyles That Highlight Your Beauty

by Kremy

Short haircuts are getting more and more popular among women of all ages. Every season we see new variations and original styles, hair colors, and highlight techniques, and all these efforts are aimed at making our lives easier and, of course, making us look our best. A pixie haircut is perfect for busy and energetic women of all ages who don’t like to lose time styling their hair every morning. In addition, it is a great choice for ladies with gray hair. We shall look at different salt and pepper pixie hairstyles that will not only help you accent the beauty of your facial features but make you look younger as well.

salt and pepper pixie hairstyles trendy short haircuts

Salt and Pepper Pixie Haircuts – The Perfect Choice for Women of All Ages

trendy salt and pepper pixie hairstyles for women of all ages

When you hear “salt and pepper pixie hairstyles,” you might think that this is something for mature women. It is true that the trend to accept gray hair and stop fighting it is growing strong, and we’ve seen many celebrities wearing their silver manes with pride. But salt and pepper hair is popular among younger women as well, and it is a matter of personal preference whether you opt for more “salt” or more “pepper.”.

As you know, salt and pepper is a combination of black and gray hair that looks as natural as possible. The color was created to discourage dyeing gray hair. It focuses on steely hues and the contrast of light and dark. And when you combine this hair dyeing technique with a short haircut, what do you get? Trendy salt and pepper pixie hairstyles!

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Salt and Pepper Micro Pixie Haircut

salt and pepper micro pixie haircut

A short salt and pepper pixie haircut will emphasize the face, accenting its beautiful shape. It opens the lines of the neck and cheekbones in a very sexy way. This hairstyle looks not only bold and daring, but also quite creative. How to style it? Just wash your hair and let it air dry.

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Pixie with Baby Bangs for Women over 60 with Glasses

pixie with baby bangs for women with glasses

A short pixie with micro bangs is a trendy haircut for mature ladies with glasses. It’s a practical, low-maintenance haircut that will make you look younger instantly.

Pixie with Short Bangs

modern pixie with short bangs

Short bangs are the answer for those who are not ready to spend a lot of time on styling but want to look like a million bucks!

How to style it? Short bangs can cause you problems – they stick out in all directions. Wet your hands and use a styling product to fix the bangs. It is as simple as that!

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Salt and Pepper Asymmetrical Pixie with Long Bangs

salt and pepper asymmetrical pixie with long bangs

An asymmetrical pixie with long bangs is perfect for round and heart-shaped faces. By balancing the proportions with voluminous hair, you can hide the cheeks. The salt and pepper color adds a great deal of charm and playfulness to the hairstyle.

Bold Pixie with an Undercut

bold pixie with an undercut

A pixie with an undercut looks adventurous and a little rebellious. At the same time, the dark-light hair color creates an intriguing contrast, and if that is your choice for a new haircut, it will not remain unnoticed.

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Shaggy pixie haircut

shaggy pixie haircut

Shaggy hairstyles are so fashionable! This textured pixie cut is suitable for women with thin hair, as it adds volume. The darker roots and the gray tips look really trendy!

Trendy Pixie Bob Haircut

trendy pixie bob haircut for women over 60

A pixie bob with a salt and pepper hair color is great for women with thin hair. It allows you to create volume on the top of your head, which gives it more texture and density. The hairstyle suits many face shapes, but if you have a round face, it is better to choose a pixie bob with volume on the top of the head to make the face look more elongated.

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Photo Gallery: Trendy Salt and Pepper Pixie Haircuts for Confident Women with Style

15 trendy salt and pepper pixie haircuts

The salt and pepper hair color makes the pixie look a bit mischievous

the salt and pepper hair color makes the pixie look a bit mischievous

Side swept pixie

side swept pixie

Low maintenance pixie haircut

low maintenance pixie haircut

Sexy Tomboy pixie for women over 50

sexy tomboy pixie for women over 50

Tapered pixie for women over 60

tapered pixie for women over 60

Textured pixie cut

textured pixie cut

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