Winter Nail Colors 2024: The 10 Shades That You Will Be Seeing Everywhere

by Kristiyana

What are the latest trends in the nail art world? What color nails will be in 2024 for winter?

trendy emerald green manicure winter 2024

As the frosty chills of winter continue to chase you in January towards coffee shop dates and cozy movie nights-in, it’s by far time to revamp your nail polish collection with the latest trends of the season, don’t you think? Classic winter colors like black, gray and different shades of red will always be in for the season, but for 2024 we will be experiencing them in a whole new way, along with other gorgeous hues that will add a fresh and glamorous note to your fingers.

Winter Nail Colors 2024: The 10 Shades That You Will Be Seeing Everywhere

winter nail colors 2024 trends give you silver metallics

According to Cosmopolitan, for the winter nail color 2024 trends we will be experiencing a rise in interest when it comes to rich and creamy hues, as well as matte finishes and shiny jewel tones that will make the cold season a lot more interesting. If you are someone who wants to play it on the safe side and not risk going for a color that might not entirely suit her skin tone, you can easily look up our article for selecting the best shade for your skin. Otherwise, let’s move along and get inspiration for our next manicure appointment!

Shimmery White Shades for Winter 2024

shimmery whites for 2024 nail color trends

To challenge your inner winter fairy princes, create mesmerizing icy nail tips with shimmery white tones! Simply add a pearlescent or other sparkly finish to your typical white manicure and marvel at how your nails catch the light and blend in with the snowy winter landscape.

Hot Metallics to Keep You Warm During the Season

gold metallics 2024 nail color

Metallic nail polish colors have been having their moment for quite some time now in the nail art world, and their magical glamour will continue to prevail in winter 2024 as well.

Whether in gold or silver, this Y2K-inspired nail trend will add a futuristic and chic touch to your style, and warm-up your fashionable looks during the cold winter weather.

Winter Nail Colors 2024 Give You Deep Plum Nails

deep plum winter nail color

For a luxurious and sultry winter nail design, the nail polish trends of 2024 give you deep plum nails. A shade that perfectly fits in with the winter color palette, yet brings something more to the scene. Adding glitter will make your manicure all the more worthwhile.

Already can’t wait for February the 14th? Get inspired with 20 Valentine’s Day nails designs 2024 for your dinner date!

More Nail Colors That Will Be Hot in Winter 2024

dark gray manicure 2024

Classic red nails are always in style

classic red nails are hot for winter 2024

Navy blue with a dash of sparkle in winter

navy blue nails for winter nail colors 2024

Creamy nudes to set you in a cozy mood

creamy whites for winter nail polish colors 2024

A matte finish to elevate you black winter nails

black matte nails for winter nail colors 2024

Hot black cherry nails for winter nail colors 2024

black cherry winter nail color

Muted sage green for a trendy winter manicure

muted sage green nails trending shades of green winter 2024

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