20 Glamorous Red and Black Valentine’s Day Nails for the Season of Love!

by Stephanie Yankova

Can you hear the love chimes already? Valentine’s Day may be a month from now, but there’s no right or wrong time for romance, so why not immerse ourselves in the spirit of love if we feel like it? Give yourself a well-deserved pampering with these stunning designs of red and black Valentine’s Day nails! Do you prefer them short and square, or long and pointy? There’s a little something for everyone! 

Red and Black Valentine’s Day Nails

milky white nails with red and black french tips and mini hearts

There’s something innately elegant, yet edgy, about the combination of red and black. This color duo is extremely versatile – it’s classic and classy which allows you to wear it on any occasion, and the bold contrast makes it really easy to play around with different designs. Let’s browse through some ideas to help you get inspired before your next appointment!

Felix the Cat Valentine’s Nails Design

felix the cat valentine's day nail design idea

Do you remember the love story of Felix and Kitty, and how overwhelmingly happy she was when he gifted her a red rose for Valentine’s Day? If you, like me, grew up with this cartoon, you probably hold it very close to your heart, and if you don’t shy away from a more playful manicure, who better to put on your nails than the OG lover boy?

Heart-Tipped French Manicure

black red heart tipped french manicure

If you want to be extra this Valentine’s give the classic French manicure a fresh spin with these black and red heart-shaped tips! They look chic, yet playful, and also look fantastic in pictures (just saying)!

black red heart shaped french tips with silver chrome outline

You can make the hearts more defined by adding a thin silver chrome outline at the bottom of the tips. Or if silver’s not really your cup of tea, you can opt for gold!

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Funky Mismatched Red and Black Valentine’s Day Nails

funky abstract mismatched black and red valentine's day nails

For those who like to showcase their bold artistic personalities, this fun mismatched set is perfect for your Valentine’s manicure. Flames, hearts, crocodile skin prints, and abstract French tips? Yes, please!

Red Chrome Hearts

negative space red chrome hearts and black french tips valentine's manicure design

Red chrome has been growing in popularity over the last few months, so this is the perfect time to jump on the trend! You can try the negative space technique, which creates a really nice effect that makes it seem as if the heart has been removed from the nail.

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More Red and Black Nail Art Ideas

short almond black and red valentine's day nails minimalist heart decoration

Short Nails Valentine’s Day Design with Red Hearts

short red black heart nail art design valentine's day 2024

Simple Red Glitter Kisses and Black Hearts Nail Design

short square black red and white valentine's nail design 2024

“LOVE” Lettering and Cupid Arrows

white red and black valentine's day nails with gold glitter and love lettering

Sacred Heart Valentine’s Day Nail Design

red and black valentine's nail design with a sacred heart decoration

Long Square Black French Tips with Edgy Red Flames and Hearts  

long square black tip french nails with edgy red hearts and flames

Valentine’s Nail Design with Heart Polka Dots and Red Glitter

mismatched heart nail art design 2024

Minimalist Mismatched Red and Black French Tip Nails

mismatched red and black french tips valentine's nails 2024

Long Square Black and Red Acrylic Valentine’s Nails

long square acrylic valentine's day nail design glitter rhinestones kiss stamps

Comme des Garçons Hearts  

long square black nails with comme des garcons hearts

Abstract Check Pattern French Tips with Small Red Hearts

abstract check pattern french tips with read hearts

Funky Valentine’s Nails with Hearts, Vines and Flames

abstract red and black valentine's day nails with leaves hearts and flames decorations

Red Hearts and Animal Patterns

abstract valentine's nails design red hearts animal prints

Long Almond Valentine’s Nails with a Red and Black Check Pattern and Hearts

black and red abstract heart and check pattern valentine's nails

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