Express Yourself with 20 Fabulous Funky Nail Designs in 2024

by Kristiyana

Are you in need of a unique manicure design that will make your nails the center of attention at an upcoming festival or concert in 2024? Maybe something that can bring everything to the table, yet still look coherent and chic? 

funky manicure idea for long nails

Summer might be a little too far away, but spring 2024 will be here soon enough, and you know what that means…lots and lots of occasions for meeting friends outside, going to different outdoor events, opportunities to wear your favorite bright-colored outfits and makeup. And of course, much inspiration when it comes to cheerful and striking nail designs! Let’s make sure you are ready for all of this fun with some one-of-a-kind funky nail designs!

20 Fabulous Funky Nail Designs to try 2024

bright funky nail design

In the ever-evolving world of beauty and cosmetics, nail art has gained much praise as a powerful form of self-expression. Beyond classic nail designs like the French tip or bright red nails, there are many inspirations in the realm of manicures for a funky, bold and unique look that transcends all conventions and gives you space to embrace your personal style and eccentricities. Without further ado, we give you the best funky nail art for 2024.

A Funky Reimagination of the Classic French Tips

funky french tips manicure

For those die-hard fans of the timeless appeal of a French mani, why not spice things up a bit in 2024 with a funky version of this nail design instead? We are thinking bright colors and bold patterns! All can work out well if you plan your ideas ahead and get some tips and advice from your manicurist. Draw inspiration from this design right here!

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Funky Nail Designs Short Manicure Idea 2024

funky colorful 70s swirls nails

Can a funky nail design look good with a shorter nail? It sure can with this 70s-inspired groovy nail art idea! You can mix different colors to get interesting and unique swirls, but the pink, yellow and pastel purple mix is a vintage classic that you must certainly try first before sending it away.

A More Simple & Delicate Funky Nail Design

funky nail designs simple manicure idea for long nails

Or maybe you want a funky nail design that is slightly more simple than those featuring bright colors and bold patterns, yet is original in every way? This mix and match mani for long nails is one-of-a-kind and is sooo cute! A lovely idea for spring nails as well if you ask me.

Want to try some simple, funky nail designs at home? The Beauty Allure’s YouTube tutorial will offer you with some great ideas!


More of Our Favorite Instagram Inspo for Funky Nail Designs 2024

cool funky nail design 2024

A funky chrome nail design? How can you resist?!

funky chrome nail design 2024

Neutral funky nails for a luxurious look

neutral funky mix and match nails 2024

Funky nail designs with glitter in orange

funky nail design with glitter orange idea

Beautiful funky blue & white nails

funky blue and white nail design

Funky french tips manicure for a festival 

funky french manicure 2024 idea

Edgy funky nail design with flames & checks

edgy funky nail design

Funky manicure design with pearls

funky nail design with pearls

Groovy pink gradient short French tips 

funky pink gradient swirls for short nails

Funky zebra French tips with green 

funky green french tips

Vibrant rainbow nails design 2024

funky rainbow nails 2024

Cute & simple funky nail design for short nails

funky mix and match nail design for short nails

Funky abstract pink glitter French tips 

funky nail designs with glitter in pink

The coolest funky nail design 2024 inspo via Instagram

funky nail designs 2024

Short funky zebra pattern French nail tips

funky nail designs short zebra french tips

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