20 Amazing Abstract French Nails Designs You Must Try in 2023

by Kristiyana

As soon as I chip my manicure, I am off to scrolling through Pinterest in the hopes of finding what might be my next favourite nail design. Sounds familiar? Most of us girls are always striving to get the latest trendy look for our nails, whether it’s inspired by one of our favourite celebs or the design is purely seasonal. This time, here at Deavita.net, we are looking to offer you with a classic nail design look that also comes with a twist. Trust us, you will love it. Welcome, 20 amazing abstract French nails ideas that you must try in 2023!

Abstract French Nails Designs 2023

abstract french manicure

Some of you might be asking, “What are abstract French nails?”. Well my lovelies, this type of nail art features your classic French tip nails, but the design is altered to create a completely unique and often whimsical, stylish manicure. Abstract French nails can be whatever you want them to be – featuring various colours, embellishments, sparkles, glitter, shapes, and sizes. Let your imagination run wild! And if you are having a hard time finding inspiration for your next mani, just look at our top 20 choices for abstract French nails designs!

Abstract French Nails in Black and White

abstract french nails black and white


If you are a woman who prefers a cleaner nail look, but still won’t mind experimenting a little, then I think you will like this black and white manicure in an abstract French design. This one would be easier to pull off on a longer nail. You can wear it with an almond, oval or square shape for the best look.

Pastel Orange Abstract French Manicure

orange abstract french manicure

Want to have a stunning French manicure for the summer? Pastels are the way to go! Pastel colours have long been used in nail art when it comes to spring and summer designs. They make one think of blissful moments enjoyed in the warm weather outside. A pastel orange abstract French mani can be your ideal summer nail look, don’t you think?

Short Abstract Colourful French Nails Design

short abstract french manicure

Or maybe you are looking for a cool abstract French tips design for your short nails? We have many of those as well! For a cute and whimsical look, opt for subtle French tip spirals in rainbow colours. It’s a simple, yet eye-catching design that you can also easily do by yourself at home.

Sage Green Abstract French Nails Idea

abstract sage green french manicure

I adore sage green! There is just something about this colour that brings both peace and elegance to any area of life. And sage green is also one of the trending colours in fashion and interior design for 2023. So, how can you resist getting this stunning sage green abstract French manicure? I know what I am going to do for my next appointment at the salon.

Abstract French Nails with Animal Prints

abstract nail french

If you are a woman who seeks to always make a statement with her personal style, then this is the abstract French nail look for you. Nothing says style and chic like long, almond-shaped abstract French nails featuring a unique animal prints design in different muted colours. I myself can’t get enough of this look.

Black & White Abstract French Coffin Nails

black and white abstract french coffin nails

The coffin/ballerina nail shape is trending like crazy in 2023. If you can pull off a longer nail that will hold, then this elegant black and white abstract French manicure would look outstanding on you. It’s a simple enough design that offers class and chic.

Square Abstract French Nails in Pastels

long square abstract french manicure

Do you prefer to wear your nails in a square shape? These abstract French nails in pastels would be perfect for you. The design is not even that hard to make, yet it offers you with a lovely girly nail look to wear during the warmer seasons. Opt for a different pastel colour for each finger.

Beautiful Abstract Marble French Nails

abstract french manicure ideas 2023

Now this is a statement look! When you are searching for the ideal mani to wear to a special occasion like a wedding or other big event, these mesmerizing abstract marble nails will certainly catch the attention of everyone. Plus, they give you a rich girl vibe. What’s not to love?

Colourful Abstract Short French Nails Art

 abstract french nails short

If you are in need of another cute nail art look for the summer for your short nails, I am sure you will like this one. Add a different subtle splash of colour to each of your nails. Complete the design by including adorable tiny flower decorations in a colour which is a shade darker than the one you already have. Wear your short nails in a square or oval shape.

More Abstract French Nails Designs 2023

colourful abstract french manicure

Pastel rainbow abstract French tips design

abstratc french manicure designs

Black & white abstract French design for square-shaped nails 

short square abstract french nails

Stylish brown and white abstract French nails design

brown abstrach french nails

Shades of blue abstract French square nails

short abstract french nails

Gorgeous sage green & gold abstract French manicure

sage green abstract french nails

Short nails with cute abstract rainbow French mani

square abstract french nails

White abstract French nails with green swirls

white abstract french nails

Stunning almond abstract French nails in pastels

almond abstract french nails

Melting abstract French design for short nails

abstract french design for short nails

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