Tuxedo Nails or the Latest Celebrity-Inspired Nail Trend You Must Try

by Kristiyana

Looking for a fresh nail trend to try? Have you heard of the hottest new celebrity-inspired tuxedo nails? All you need to know about the latest manicure design you must try in 2023. 

Introducing the Latest Nail Trend of 2023: Tuxedo Nails

camila cabello manicure camila cabello tuxedo nails

This year we’ve been lucky enough to be part of many dazzling nail trends – Barbie nails, mermaid nails, blueberry milk nails, and the list goes on and on. But as a new day begins, a new star is born – let’s give a big welcome to classy and elegant tuxedo nails! How was this trend born? And how to get the new nail look? Just keep on reading!

What Are Tuxedo Nails?

As the name of this manicure suggests, tuxedo nails feature a colour combination of black and white spanning in various designs. Similar to a tuxedo suit you can see at a fancy event, this nail trend takes inspiration from elements of the classic tuxedo – crisp black lines or accent buttons. The trend was first inspired by J Lo’s black and white French manicure from years before.

Tuxedo Nail Designs to Draw Inspiration from in 2023

vanessa hudgens tuxedo nails vanessa hudgens manicure


Draw some inspiration for your new tuxedo nails from Vanessa Hudgens’s Oscars black and white manicure. It features the two staple colours, blended together in an eye-catching abstract pattern. The design is both classic, yet reminds you of an abstract French tip, wouldn’t you say?

Slanted Black & White French Tips

black and white nail designs geometric french tips

Can’t give up your favourite French manicure, yet want to try tuxedo nails? You can have both with these slanted black and white French tips. Opt for a nude pink colour at the base and create the slanted black and white lines at the tips. If you are confident enough in your own skills, you can try this manicure at home.

Tuxedo Nails Design with Buttons

stiletto tuxedo nails tuxedo nails

Or if you are looking for a tuxedo nails design that is closer to the classic tuxedo look, try this super cute and charming one with buttons. This manicure can be your perfect everyday look, yet is also suitable for more formal events (just like a tuxedo).

Short Tuxedo French Nails Design

tuxedo french nails minimalist french nails

Prefer to wear your nails at a short length? Then you can try these minimalist short French tips in black and white. You have thin black lines at the tips, and attention-grabbing white ones at the base. Finish off the tuxedo manicure with a glossy top coat.

Cute Tuxedo Nails with Hearts

black and white nail designs minimalist black and white nail designs

Love, love, lovee these! For someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, go for this lovely black and white manicure with a nude pink base and accent hearts nail art. Can be a perfect nail design for a romantic date as well.

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More Tuxedo Nail Designs to Draw Inspiration from in 2023

tuxedo nails 2023 tuxedo nail designs

Classic tuxedo nails with glitter

coffin shaoed tuxedo nails tuxedo nails with glitter

Tuxedo French tips for almond nails

tuxedo nail designs black and white french manicure

Cool geometric tuxedo manicure

geometric tuxedo nails black and white nail designs

Tuxedo French nails design 2023

minimalist tuxedo nails short tuxedo nails

Black tuxedo nails with white at the centre

tuxedo nails square tuxedo nails

Long glossy tuxedo nails design

coffin tuxedo nails tuxedo nails 2023

Black, white and nude pink manicure

tuxedo nail designs long tuxedo nails

Extravagant long coffin tuxedo nails

black and white french nails long tuxedo nails

Elegant black & white French manicure

abstract french nails tuxedo french nails

Square abstract tuxedo nails

black and white manicure tuxedo manicure ideas

Black and white nude nails design 

black and white nude nails elegant manicure designs

Classy & elegant tuxedo nails design 2023

what are tuxedo nails tuxedo nails 2023

Black and white French tips manicure

geometric french tips black and white french tips

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