What Are Blueberry Milk Nails? 20+ Designs for the Latest Summer 2023 Manicure Trend

by Kristiyana

Which are the latest nail summer trends for 2023? What celebrity-inspired mani is currently having its moment? Welcome blueberry milk nails! 

Summer Nail Trends 2023: Blueberry Milk Nails

blueberry milk nails dua lipa

So far, we’ve seen some pretty amazing nail trends that are going to be dominating summer 2023. From mermaid-inspired manicure designs to hot pink Barbiecore ones, this year is offering us with many outstanding, sparkly, girly and glazy nails to rock during our dream summer vacation. But the hottest celebrity-inspired nail trend has to definitely be blueberry milk nails. A-listers like Zendaya, Dua Lipa and Sofia Richie can’t seem to get enough of them. So how do these nails look?

What Are Blueberry Milk Nails?

Blueberry milk nails are a light blue manicure design featuring a creamy white base. Thanks to this milky base, your pastel blue nails look more creamy instead of flat. Blueberry milk nails are super popular right now, and you can find many stunning designs for a simple mani, or something with a bit more spice to it.

Short & Square Blueberry Milk Nails

short square blueberry milk nails


Up first, we have a simple and elegant classic blueberry milk nails design. If you want to rock a short square nail shape during summer 2023, an easy way to spice up your nails would be with the trendy blueberry milk nail polish.

Iridescent Blueberry Milk Manicure

iridescent blueberry milk nails

Looking for a summer manicure design with a bit more sparkle and flare? Try the iridescent blueberry milk nails design! With just a simple shimmery top coat, you can turn your blueberry milk manicure into something that looks like it’s out of this world. It can also be easily done at home by yourself.

Blueberry Milk French Nails Tips

blueberry milk french nail tips

Who doesn’t love a classic French nail design? This manicure has proven to be timeless, as many women still choose to wear it year after year. Not only that, but recently there have been a lot of trends featuring French nail tips, but with a twist. This one gives you blueberry milk French nail tips. Certainly a must-try.

Blueberry Milk Manicure with Accents

blueberry milk nail design with blueberries


And how can you try the blueberry milk nails trend without adding a few blueberry fruits to your new manicure? Personally, I adore this design as it is suuuper cute, and the creamy-white accent nails really put a spotlight on the blueberries. A design you can try for both long, medium and short nails.

Sheer Blueberry Milk Nails Design

 sheer blueberry milk nails

Sheer nails designs are also having their moment this year. A subtle, translucent shade can add just enough charm and elegance to your nails, without making them look over-the-top. A great choice for someone who wants to try the blueberry milk nails trend, yet keep it simple.

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More Trending Blueberry Milk Nails for Summer 2023

blueberry milk nails zendaya

Cute blueberry milk nails with blueberries

blueberry milk nails trend 2023

Super long & bold blueberry milk nails

long coffin blueberry milk nails

Cloudy blueberry milk nails design

blueberry milk cloud nails

Simple & elegant blueberry milk mani

minimalist blueberry milk nails design

Light blueberry milk nails with accents

blueberry nails with accents

Blueberry milk chrome French tips

chrome french blueberry milk tips

Blueberry milk baby French tips

blueberry milk baby french tips

Long & pointy blueberry milk mani

long pointy blueberry milk nails

Elegant short & square blueberry milk nails

simple blueberry milk nails

Sheer blueberry milk nails with accents

sheer blueberry milk nails design

Marble blueberry milk manicure

marble blueberry milk nails

Matte blueberry milk nails with accents

 matte short blueberry milk nails

Blueberry milk nails summer trend 2023

blueberry milk nails summer trend 2023

Negative space blueberry milk nails

negative space blueberry milk nails


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