Claw Clips Hairstyles for Thick Hair: How to Recreate The 90s Trend in 2023?

by Gabby

I have always been in love with the classic hair buns with the big claw clips from the 90s! But, are they back in style? What are the best claw clips hairstyles for thick hair and how to recreate them? How to ensure that our bun will stay put for the entire day? 

Claw Clips Hairstyles for Thick Hair: How to Recreate The 90s Trend in 2023?

claw clips hairstyles for thick hair 2023

Do you have thick and healthy long hair? Then you surely know how hard it is to put it in a bun without it falling apart after a few minutes! Long and thick hair is a blessing, but then there are its peculiarities. Speaking of buns with big claw clips, you must have noticed that they are very popular again. There are also many varieties that look super chic. The advantages of hairstyles with claw clips is not only that it keeps the hair up, but also that it looks much more beautiful and feminine than a ponytail. That’s why today we are focusing on the hairstyles with claw clips for thick hair and how to recreate them exactly!

Are Claw Clips Good for Thick Hair?

We are going to start by answering a very important question – are claw clips good for your thick hair? You know that putting your hair up with a hair tie can be very damaging, since you can pull the hair from the roots which can lead to breakage. Putting your hair up with a claw clip, however, is looser. That means that claw clips are better for your thick hair!

How Do You Style Claw Clips with Thick Hair?

Starting off strong with 3 of the most classic hairstyles with claw clips! But first, I have to give you an essential tip that will make things easier. Keep in mind that you have to find the right claw clip for your thick hair. Otherwise, you are risking your hairstyle to fall apart after 5 minutes. The claw clips should not only look pretty, they have to be comfortable and suitable for the texture of your hair. In this video you can see how to create:

  1. French twist up hairstyle
  2. Tied Hair up
  3. Twist up hairstyle

If you are a fan of the simple things and straight forward tutorials, then you are going to love these. Out of all of them, the French twist hairstyle for thick hair is everyone’s favorite, since it is the most known classic. You have seen the 90s movies and the gorgeous actresses wearing them proudly.

Tips: Sometimes, for thick hair it is hard to keep the claw clip in place. That’s why we recommend that you put a rubber band on the bottom of the hair clip and at the top as well.

Claw Clips Hairstyles Braids: Half Up Half Down Hairdos

claw clips hairstyles braids thick hair


Recently, half-up half-down hairstyles have become quite popular. They are one of the most popular hairstyles for the summer because they are comfortable, look good and go on everyone. The braids give the hairstyle a Boho vibe that you can show off proudly on the beach or at a festival. Half-up and half-down hairstyles can also be worn with a claw clip as you can see on the photo. But adding braids is truly what makes this hairstyle so special. How to create it?

  • Start by making two braids in the middle of your hair as shown on the photo. If you want, you can do three or four braids, but don’t forget to leave pieces of hair.
  • Grab your favorite claw clip and do a twist (you can watch the YouTube tutorial above) with the hair that is not braided. If you want to spice things up, you can do tiny braids on random places and grab them as well with the claw clip.
  • If your hair is straight, you can curl it, since it will put the look together and it will make it appear even better!

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Claw Clips Hairstyles for Curly Hair

claw clips hairstyles for curly hair 90s trends thick 2023

Can people with thick curly hair wear claw clips hairstyles? Anything is possible, if you embrace and love your curls! I know that natural curls are hard to maintain and sometimes they can look a bit all over the place. But ponytail is not always the best solution! You can simply make a twist up hairstyle, that will make you look sophisticated and elegant. This is the best you can do for your curls!

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Claw Clips Hairstyles 2023 Inspiration

claw clip hairstyles 90s trends easy and quick for thick hair

Claw Clips Hairstyles for Medium Hair

claw clip hairstyles for medium hair

Cute Hairstyles with Claw Clips

cute hairstyles with claw clips high bun 2023

Easy Twist Up Hairstyle with a Claw Clip

easy twist up hairstyle with a claw clip

Claw Clip Hairstyles for Black Girl with Thick Curly Hair

claw clips hairstyles black girl curly hair

Aesthetic Claw Clips Hairstyles to Wear in Summer 2023

aesthetic hairstyles with claw clips summer 2023

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claw clip hairstyles for long thick hair with curls

Cute Hairstyles with Claw Clips for Black Women with Braids

claw clip hairstyles black girl braids

Cool Hairstyles with Claw Clips: Thick Hair Trends 2023

cool hairstyles to do with claw clips thick hair trends 2023

Summer Hairstyles with Claw Clips for Thick Blonde Hair

easy hairstyles with claw clips for thick blonde hair

Claw Clips Hairstyles with Curtain Bangs

claw clips hairstyles with curtain bangs

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