70s Hairstyles Inspiration: 6 Looks You Can Totally Recreate and Make the Most of This Fashion Decade!

by Anjelina

In the 1970s, various spheres of modern art flourished, but fashion was not left behind either. Femininity, romance, and elegant casualness are undoubtedly appropriate to describe the hairstyles of the ladies of that time. In fact, hairstyles were very different and girls managed to express themselves and their individuality in many ways. Contemporary fashion offers a retrospective look, giving a chance to long-forgotten trends of the past. In today’s article, we will take a detailed look at the 70s hairstyles that are still popular today and worth giving a try!

Characteristic features of hairstyles from the 70s

70s hairstyles romantic casualness effortlessly cute looks

In the 1970s, hairstyles were not elaborate; on the contrary, women preferred haircuts that did not require tedious and time-consuming styling. For the first time, loose long hair was fashionable, driven by the hippie style. Also loose braids and the high ponytail were very much in vogue and hair was generally not subjected to excessive styling techniques. The simplicity of the hairstyles of the 70s was offset by the use of accessories – hairpins with stones, flowers, headbands and bows.

A feature that is also worth mentioning is the curling of the locks outwards. This option successfully emphasized female beauty and individuality. Light combing created an elegant look. This way of hairstyling is very commonly applied today too.

Who are the 70s hairstyles suitable for?

70s hairstyles romantic casualness bouncy waves gorgeous look


Considering the variety of 70s hairstyles for women, then everyone could find a suitable option for themselves that would perfectly suit their personality and needs. Haircuts and styles are very suitable for everyday life and can be combined with different outfits. The casualness and effortless chic are the key element to be guided by.

70s hairstyles you can totally try to recreate

natural long hair with a fringe and headband

As you’ve already found out, seventies hairstyles are simple. There are different options – romantic voluminous waves can be achieved with a hair dryer and a round brush. Texture can be added with a curling iron. And if you have long hair, you can leave it as it is and simply add an accessory like a headband, for example, or braid it into a loose braid. You need basic skills to achieve a casual 70s look and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Now, let’s take a look at some inspiring ideas for looks you can try to recreate right now!

Trendy Afro style

trendy afro hairstyle idea inspired by the 70s

In the 1970s, the lavish Afro-inspired hairstyle was extremely popular. The shape of the hair resembles an ethereal cloud or “halo”. Naturally curly hair was styled during the haircut, while straight hair was curled with small-diameter rollers. The afro hairstyle is all the rage right now and if you like it, it’s worth giving it a chance!

Half-up, half-down hairstyle with ribbon

half up half down hairstyle with ribbon 70s inspired

Hair accessories were very commonly used in the 70s, as we have already mentioned to you. That’s why we suggest you try a very delicate and romantic half-up, half-down hairstyle idea featuring cute ribbon. Is there a more girly vibe than that?

Medium shag cut and bangs

medium shag cut with blunt bangs casual look

Naturalness, free spirit and 70s rebelliousness – the shaggy hairstyle combines all of this. The choppy layered hair with bangs will definitely transform your look by highlighting the carefree and frivolous nature of your character. In fact, the shag cut has had several peaks of popularity – in the 70s, in the 90s, and is currently seeing increased interest again.

Hippie style: Long hair with a hair scarf

hippie style 70s inspired hairstyle long hair with a hair scarf

When we talk about the 1970s, we can’t ignore the strong influence of the hippie style, which thousands of girls were influenced by at that time. With the inimitably cute boho vibe, it is truly unique. And it doesn’t take much to achieve a hippie-inspired hairstyle like the one above. Just let your hair down loosely (preferably in its natural state) and tie a scarf that covers most of your head and goes just above your eyes.

Voluminous side part bob

voluminous bob side part blowout effect

Bob hairstyles are becoming a classic that is not influenced by changes in trends and time. This haircut was definitely one of the favorites in the 70s, and needless to say, it is once again at its peak of popularity. But to get that extra 70s vibe into your recently cut hair, you need to give it plenty of volume! You can use a brush and a blow-dryer for this, and don’t forget to do a side part to add a little more of that carelessness so characteristic of those years!

Pretty updo with a hair accessory

pretty updo with hair accessory wavy hair

If you love beautiful messy updo hairstyles, you can definitely go for one and add a cute hair accessory that will remind of the 70s. Remember that it’s okay to go for a casual look, so don’t worry about any flyaways that may occur. Embrace the style!

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