Ponytail Trends 2023 – These Are the TOP 7 Hairstyles to Try Immediately

by Kremy

An impeccable appearance begins with stylish hair, in addition to clothing and accessories – and every lady who wants to look exquisite and delightful knows this. This applies not only to festive looks, but to everyday looks as they define our image and style in life. A beautiful ponytail is one of the most stylish and versatile hairstyles for all occasions. We are all used to the ponytail, but stylist keep amazing us with numerous variations. So, what are the ponytail trends in 2023? Let’s have a look at the best hairstyles to copy this season!

Are Ponytails Trending In 2023?

ponytail trends 2023 top 7 hairstyles to try immediately

If you do not follow hairstyle trends, you may think that this is too much noise for nothing. Yes, at first glance it may seem that the ponytail hairstyle is boring or very simple, but that’s not true at all! A sleek ponytail hairstyle is suitable for long, medium length and even short hair and for any texture – straight, wavy or curly. The ponytail is literally versatile. You can wear a ponytail hairstyle at a formal event, in the office, in the gym and as an everyday hairdo.

Ponytail Trends 2023 – These Are the TOP Hairstyles to Copy

ponytail trends 2023 these are the top hairstyles to copy


Ponytail trends 2023 feature hairdos in different styles. Many celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Ariana Grande, etc. wear stylish variations of the ponytail hairstyle. In addition, stylists offer amazing ideas with hair accessories that wonderfully complement the different ponytail variations and make a simple hairstyle much more interesting and festive.

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High Ponytail Hairstyle 2023

high ponytail hairstyle 2023

A high ponytail is THE hairstyle of this season. It is versatile and is suitable for any event. Each high ponytail is special and it is difficult to find two identical hairstyles. A sleek high ponytail with a knot is the perfect hairstyle for the office. With a wavy or curly high ponytail hairstyle you will look spectacular at a formal event.

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Low Ponytail Trends 2023

low ponytail trends 2023

The variations of low ponytail hairstyles are quite a lot, which provides many opportunities to create an interesting and unique trendy look. A sleek low ponytail with a parting is elegant and perfect for evening dresses with a square or V-shaped neckline. Among the most popular ponytail trends 2023 are the variations with bangs and as we mentioned earlier – braids!

High or Low Bubble Ponytail 2023

high or low bubble ponytail 2023

This is a trendy hairstyle suitable for a party and we have seen it on red carpet as well. It looks best on long hair. After gathering a ponytail, take small rubber bands and tie them along the length of the hair at the same distance.

Voluminous Ponytail

voluminous ponytail 2023 hairstyle trends

We have to admit that the voluminous ponytail is our favorite hairstyle! One of the main reasons for the great popularity of the voluminous ponytail, is that even celebrities wear it very often, even on the red carpet. It looks great with straight, wavy and curly hair. The trendy voluminous ponytail hairstyle will be a great evening option for long and medium long hair.

Braided Ponytail

braided ponytail hairstyles 2023

The braided ponytail hairstyle is one of the TOP trends in 2023. It immediately creates a chic or bohemian look. This hairstyle is suitable for any hair length that falls below the shoulders. Choose the braid that you like most – fishtail braid, French braid, loose braid, etc. Are you looking for Coachella 2023 hairstyle? Braided ponytails are all the rage, so add braids to your hairdo!

Bangs and Ponytail – 2023 Hairstyle Trends

2023 hairstyle trends bangs and ponytail

Bangs and ponytail is an amazing style. It requires minimal maintenance but is still glamorous and romantic. Whether you opt for trendy curtain bangs, blunt bangs or long wispy bangs, the attention will be drawn to your face and your eyes!

Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles

ponytail wedding hairstyles

Ponytail wedding hairstyles are very popular. The numerous variations allow brides to create a romantic, elegant and feminine look.



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