20+ Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles for Modern Brides – Trendy Hairdos for a Stunning Look!

by Kremy

Are ponytail wedding hairstyles trendy? Which one to choose? Every bride wants to be irresistible on the wedding day. Every season we something new and original in manicure, dresses, décor and of course – fashionable hairstyles and haircut trends. Until not long ago, hairstylists avoided the ponytail as a wedding hairstyle for being well… not festive enough. Times change and nowadays ponytail wedding hairstyles are getting more and popular. Let’s look at some exceptional bridal hairdos!

Ponytail Wedding Hairstyles – The Latest Bridal Hairdo Trends to Copy

ponytail wedding hairstyles the latest bridal hairdo trends to copy

Ponytail wedding hairstyles were influenced by celebrities and red carpets. The striking and chic variations of an everyday hairstyle like a ponytail, quickly found their place in wedding hairstyles. The ponytail hairstyle has several popular variations, which can be used as a base for new and unique bridal hairdos in different styles – romantic, Bohemian, modern, etc. From high, low, voluminous to sleek, side, braided ponytail, there is a fantastic hairstyle for every bride!

High Ponytail – A Versatile Bridal Hairstyle

high ponytail is a versatile bridal hairstyle


Despite the fact that a simple high ponytail does not sound like a very special bridal hairdo, do not forget that in 2023 the trends in fashion, makeup, even interior design, are aimed at naturalness. The simplest version of this hairstyle is that the ponytail is tightened on the very top with a beautiful ribbon or elastic band with some ornaments.

high ponytail with veil trendy wedding hairstyles

As simple as it is, this is the best ponytail wedding hairstyle for brides who want to wear a veil. You can fix the veil above or under the ponytail.

High Sleek Ponytail – Bridal Hairstyle Trends

high sleek ponytail bridal hairstyle trends

A sleek and smooth ponytail hairstyle is the perfect choice for modern brides. The sleek look is best for straight hair. If your hair is wavy or curly, you need to straighten it with a hair straightener. The minimalistic hairstyle is suitable for romantic lace dresses, Greek-style wedding dresses or modern style dresses.

Wedding Hairstyles Ideas – A Voluminous Ponytail

wedding hairstyles ideas voluminous ponytail


A voluminous ponytail looks very chic and artistic. It is an easy hairdo and you can add hair accessories for a more glamorous look.

Low Ponytail – The Most Fashionable Hairstyle of the Season

unique ponytail wedding hairstyles

The low ponytail is the trend of the season. The simplicity of this hairstyle does not stop stylists showing their imagination and thanks to accessories a low bridal ponytail can look in a unique way.

low ponytail wedding hairstyle variations

Any low hairstyle is suitable for girls with an oval or triangular shape. Round-faced brides can visually correct the oval face by releasing a couple of strands framing the face.

Side Ponytail – A Romantic Wedding Hairstyle

side ponytail romantic wedding hairstyle

A side ponytail hairstyle can look romantic and playful at the same time. This wedding hairstyle is relaxed and easy to do. Usually the hair is combed to one side and fastened with an elastic band or ribbon, forming a low ponytail. On the other side, where the hair was combed out, some accessory is attached. The low ponytail can be sleek, straight, curly or braided, so you see – there is no lack of options for the brides to choose from.

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Curly Bridal Ponytail

curly bridal ponytail

A curly wedding ponytail hairstyle is a little bit more complicated version as it requires more time for both preparation and styling. The curls can be done either before gathering the hair into a ponytail or after that. A curly ponytail can be fixed high or low, depending on the style of the dress and the overall concept for the bridal look.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyles

braided ponytail hairstyles

Braided ponytails are among the trendiest hairstyles in 2023. There are numerous variations and you can add large or small braids depending on the look you want. Braids can be at the crown or around the base, the hair in the ponytail can be braided, you can add twists as well.

Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail bridal hairstyle trends

The bubble ponytail can be worn for any occasion. Brides can opt for high or low version of the hairstyle. If you want to add volume, fluff up the sections of the ponytail a bit. Bubble ponytails can be styled sideways as well and you could leave some strands that frame the face for a feminine touch. Add some delicate hair accessories to finish the look.

How to Choose Your Ponytail Wedding Hairstyle?

how to choose your ponytail wedding hairstyle

When you choose wedding hairstyles with a ponytail, you need to consider several factors. On the first place – the style and theme of the wedding as well as the style of the wedding dress.

low ponytail the most fashionable hairstyle of the season

The hairstyle is part of the look. Facial features, hair color, height, figure – everything is important. Do not forget that each bride is unique and it is better to look natural instead of copying someone else.




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