Ash Blonde Hair Color – How to Choose the Perfect Tones for Your Skin Complexion?

by Stephanie Yankova

 You may have noticed that more and more women are switching their darker hair color for smoky blonde tints, and let me tell you – it’s not a coincidence! Ash blonde hair is one of the most rapidly emerging hair trends for the upcoming summer season, so get ready to see all kinds of variations of this stunning hairstyle. Like any other hairdo, the ash blonde hair color has its quirks, so it’s good to be prepared and know what you’re getting into when choosing to make this drastic hair color change. How to choose the right shade of ash blonde for your skin tone? How do you style and maintain it? Keep reading to find the answers to these questions and get inspiration from our ash blonde hairstyle selection to try out at your next hair appointment!

Choose the Best Shade of Ash Blonde Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

blonde hair color chart dark light warm cool

When choosing the right shade of blonde for your skin tone the easiest way to pick the right color for you is by matching it to the undertone of your skin. Cool and light ash hair color will suit people who have a pink or blue skin undertone. Dark ash, golden and dirty blonde for example will suit people with warm yellow or golden skin undertone. While this is a good way to choose a shade that complements your complexion, if you’re aiming to cool down or warm up your skin tone, then apply the skin-matching technique in reverse. For those of you who have a cool undertone and want to add a hint of warmth to your complexion for the summer months, then opt for a warm shade of blonde. Inversely, if your undertone is too warm for your liking, and you want to cool it down, then use a sandy, ash, or platinum blonde to achieve a more balanced result.

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Cool Skin Undertone

cara delevigne cool ash blonde hair color dark roots shoulder length haircut effortless waves


Referring back to the blonde hair color chart, if you have a cool skin undertone and want a blonde hair color that complements your complexion, opt for the shades from medium to light and ice ash color. For a warmer appearance, honey sandy and rose-tinted ash blonde will do the trick for you! Let’s take a look at some exemplary hairstyles!

Ash Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights and Dark Lowlights

platinum ash blonde hair color dark lowlights wavy hairstyle shoulder length

This stunning ash blond hair color with platinum highlights and dark blonde lowlights is a classic hairstyle that may require a little bit more maintenance than others, however, the results are absolutely worth it!

Cool Ash Blonde Balayage with Dark Roots and Babylights

cool ash blonde babylights hair color dark roots medium length wavy hairdo (1)

Undeniably, ashy balayage is one of the biggest hair trends of the year! One thing your hairdresser can do in order to make its maintenance a bit easier is to leave your dark roots and create a seamless blend with babylights. One thing to keep in mind when getting a balayage is that it’s not suitable for people with pale skin as it will make you appear washed out.

Black Hair with Medium Ash Blonde Balayage

black roots medium ash hair color balayage cool skin tone


For maximum effect with minimal hair damage to your locks, you can try out this melted blend between your naturally dark hair and medium ash blonde. Going full blonde is a big, high-maintenance commitment, especially for those of us who were born with thick, black hair. A more warm-toned ash blonde balayage is a great way to give the blonde trend a try. Just remember to use the right shampoo and aftercare hair products in order to maintain this luscious look for longer!

Sandy Ash Blonde with Platinum Money Pieces

sandy ash blonde hair color platinum money pieces neutral balayage

Warm-toned golden roots seamlessly blending into sandy ash blonde highlights with platinum money pieces will add a stunning dimension to your summer sun-kissed blonde hairdo!

Ash Blonde Hair Color for Warm Skin Undertone

dark medium ash blonde hair color gray brown

Medium and dark ash blonde hair color is essentially a deeper shade of the cool-toned blonde ash with a little bit of gray undertones which complement warm skin complexions. If you have naturally dark, Asian hair it may be challenging to achieve a platinum blonde ash color, which is why hairdressers advise on adapting the shade of blonde to the intensity of the natural hair color and the structure of the hair strands. Here are some examples of ash blonde hairstyles for people with warm skin undertone with dark brown or black hair.

Latte Brown Hair with Ash Blonde Highlights

latte brown dark hair ash blonde highlights long wavy hairstyle

Here, the streaks of ash blonde highlights blend beautifully with the natural hair color with the use of transitional colors of lighter browns and different shades of blonde for a luminous result!

Dark Ash Blonde Hair 

dark ash blonde hair color highlights long straight hairdo

This dark ash blonde with shades of caramel is much more gentle to black hair and easier to maintain. However, your hair will have to go through a couple of bleaching sessions, so don’t forget to do proper aftercare once your hairdo is finished to prevent any further hair damage.

Ashy Blonde Balayage

ashy blonde balayage long wavy hairstyle modern hairdo warn skin undertone

This soft, medium ash balayage is a beautiful hairstyle for women with both cool and warm skin undertones. It incorporates shades from warm browns to platinum highlights which add so much dimension to your hair that you simply can’t get tired of looking at it!

Medium Ash Blonde Hair Color with Babylights

medium ash blonde hair color babylights balayage ombre haistyle

This golden, medium ash blonde hairdo flows beautifully from the natural dark roots thanks to the interplay of babylights that will save you a few visits to the hair salon. Because the bleaching doesn’t start from the roots and is blended with the natural hair color, the growing out process will be much more effortless and low-maintenance.


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