BBQ Grill Designs 2023: 18 Ideas for the Outdoor Grill Kitchen of Your Dreams

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

A few more months and we will welcome everyone’s favourite season of the year – Summer. Hello sunny days, beach holidays and good vibes. What’s more, you will be able to enjoy more leisure time in your garden or backyard, where you can gather friends for cocktail nights or BBQ fests. But first, of course, you will need some trendy ideas on how to create the outdoor BBQ grill kitchen of your dreams, don’t you think? Here are 18 outstanding outdoor BBQ grill designs to get you ready for summer 2023!

BBQ grill designs 2023

bbq island with built in for outdoor

How to choose the best BBQ grill design for your garden, backyard, or patio? Well, first, you will have to take into account how much area do you have on hand. Can you go for a bigger BBQ grill space, or does it have to be something more compact and practical? Do you envision a comfortable seating area for friends and family? What about a dining table and cocktail bar? These are just some of the questions you will need to ask yourself before investing your resources. And speaking of resources, secondly, think about how much can you spend for the outdoor BBQ grill kitchen of your dreams. This includes money, time and work. By making a step-by-step plan before you start, you should have a picture in mind of exactly what you want and how are you planning on getting it. Easy enough, right?

New England style BBQ grill design

rock bbq area and patio

And now, to draw on some inspiration. Create the perfect place for your summer vacation with this beautiful New England style outdoor BBQ grill kitchen design. It features a Wolf barbecue grill with just enough surrounding space to cook and place the prepared meals. The comfy seating area is ideal for gathering friends and family to enjoy the splendid warm weather.

Modern outdoor BBQ grill design

 place the bbq grill backyard design

When you are deciding where to place your BBQ grill outside, it’s crucial to remember to be aware of your surroundings. As the BBQ is an open flamem you should maintain a safe distance from the house to the grill itself. Don’t place the BBQ grill right outside the rear door, and remeber to position it on a flat and clean area. Take note from this modern outdoor kitchen idea with a BBQ grill.

Simple and practical BBQ grill idea

bbq cover for bad weather design

Looking for BBQ grill designs that are easier to set up? Draw inspiration from this compact outdoor BBQ kitchen. This design can easily be created on your patio or in your backyard. The kitchen’s style is traditional, featuring exposed wood and some distinct accents. There is also a useful counter which can be used as a bar to serve drinks to your peers.

Ideal L-shaped BBQ grill design

outdoor grill design

L-shaped outdoor kitchens have a classic and timeless style. This one right here featuring a BBQ grill has just enough space where you can enjoy preparing food for your summer BBQ party and enough placement to make drinks and serve what you have cooked. I know, it’s perfect, right?

All-white outdoor BBQ grill designs

bbq on porch

I just love a design in all-white! Don’t you? All-white interiors and exteriors bring this innate sense of style, taste, and sophistication to a place. This design right here features a sink and peninsula that divide the dinning space from the outdoor kitchen. The kitchen itself is built into the back wall, and has a fresh and cheerful yellow accent and a BBQ grill.

Outdoor BBQ grill area with roof

modern porch with rattan furniture and bbq

This design right here features an outdoor BBQ grill kitchen that has a strong connection to the indoor place. It’s directly adjacent to it, as only a glass wall stands between the two areas. The roof of the house protects the outdoor area and gives the impression of a semi-indoor space. The outdoor design corresponds to the indoor one.

Cosy outdoor kitchen with fireplace

traditional bbq are with pergola design 2023

A fireplace or fire pit outdoor design are perfect for anyone who wants to create an oasis for relaxation and peace. This cosy and modern design here has a comfortable seating area positioned in front of the fireplace, and a BBQ grill station placed near it. All of these elements combined create an inviting and wholesome setup. Wouldn’t you agree?

More BBQ grill designs 2023

bbq grill design ideas

Rustic angular BBQ grill kitchen design

 bbq grill designs 2023

Multi-level countertops with built-in umbrella design

outdoor area ideas

DIY BBQ grill kitchen idea from stacked stones and wood

bbq garden design

Welcoming and cheerful garden BBQ grill with red accents

outdoor kitchen design

The perfect outdoor BBQ grill kitchen for the summer

bbq grill designs

Elegant and fancy white and gray BBQ grill kitchen

outdoor kitchen designs 2023

Distinct brick kitchen design for your backyard

 bbq grill design idea

Bristol brick outdoor kitchen with grill

outdoor kitchen designs

Compact and modern outdoor BBQ kitchen idea

wall paneling urban bbq area idea




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