Create Your Own Home Oasis with 15 Small Backyard Fire Pit Ideas on Landscaping!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

Spring is finally here, and now is the time when we can all enjoy a nice warm day, spent in our gardens or backyards. Nothing better than setting up a small area, where you can read a book, drink a glass of lemonade or invite friends over to sit by the fire and drink cocktails. Wondering how to create the perfect backyard firepit oasis for your leisure time? Here are 15 budget-friendly small backyard fire pit ideas on landscaping.

Small backyard gravel ground fire pit idea

small backyard fire pit ideas landcaping

Want to set up a relaxing corner in your small backyard for you and your family? Create this laid-back seating area where you can enjoy the warm spring and summer nights. The fire bowl will warm you up at times when it’s colder. A gravel ground will create a rustic look. Don’t forget to stock up on soft blankets!

Stylish half-bricked garden fire pit

what is the cheapest way to make a fire pit area

Do you want to create a firepit for your garden that has an exceptional look? Give a try at this stylish half-bricked firepit. It won’t be that easy to make, but the outcome will surely be worth it. You and those closest to you will be able to enjoy your time spent together by the warm and light of this cool firepit.

Budget-friendly small backyard landscaping

small backyard patio lounge area

Are you looking for a budget-friendly landscaping idea for your small backyard? I’ve got just the thing for you! When you want to design the perfect outdoor area for resting, consider investing in one specific item that will light up the whole place (pun intended). In this case, a freestanding firepit. Surround the rest of the place with more affordable pieces like comfy pillows and blankets.

Beautiful fire pit idea from yard stones

how do you landscape around a fire pit

In need of more small backyard fire pit ideas for landscaping? Why not create this beautiful fire pit? You will need to use big yard stones, mulch, and paver sand. Be sure that this firepit will get you a few complements from your guests and neighbours.

Hidden firepit design for small patio

small garden hidden fire pit

Or maybe you are in need of an idea for a firepit on your small patio? Try this hidden design! The firepit is hidden under a blue tile tabletop, which when not in use can be used as a table. When it gets cold, you can just remove the top and set up a fire for you and your guests. Amazing right? And the comfy furniture and beautiful vibrant tones make this landscaping idea even more perfect.

Creative in-ground fire pit for small yard

how do you build a simple fire pit in your backyard

What about an even more creative and budget-friendly idea for a firepit in your small backyard? Utilize your small garden with this unique in-ground fire pit. Surround it with gravel, pull up some chairs and a table, and invite your friends over to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

Cosy rustic firepit landscaping idea

boho garden fire pit ideas

String lights make everything look magical, wouldn’t you say? If you want to add more cosiness to your outdoor firepit area, a set of lovely string lights would do the trick. Complete the design with rustic wooden furniture, layered with sheepskin throws and pillows.

Round stone firepit in small backyard

what looks good around a fire pit

For your small backyard, create a round firepit at the centre, with gravel underneath as a fire-resistant. Complete this landscaping idea with some budget-friendly furniture, where you can sit and enjoy the soft light and warmth of this stylish firepit.

Built-in wall stone firepit landscaping idea

stone fire pi wall backyard

Why not create this built-in wall stone fireplace in your small backyard to mimic the look of an actual one? The built-in stone firepit will create a wind barrier, perfect for enjoying the natural warmth and light of a fire outdoors. You can set up a seating area in a semicircle where you can relax.

Small rectangular firepit for your patio

small patio fire pit ideas landscaping

Big firepits surely make a statement, but a small one can also create a welcoming and cosy atmosphere. To spice up your small garden or patio, set up a small rectangular firepit that won’t take up too much space. Surround it with wicker chairs where you can sit and enjoy its warmth.

Open-concept firepit landscaping idea

small balcony fire pit ideas

Create an area in your small backyard or patio fit for cooking, dining and partying! This open-concept firepit design features a low-profile cement firepit at the centre, surrounded by a zone for cooking and comfortable seating. The perfect place to invite your friends over for an outdoor gathering.

Rustic firepit design fit for camping

rustic fire pit small garden idea

Do you love to go camping? So do I! Set up a simple rustic firepit at the centre of your small backyard by the trees to re-create that laid back feeling of camping in the wild. Pull up a few chairs, add some throw blankets and enjoy a nice campfire, while roasting marshmallows.

Boho small backyard firepit idea

fire pit ideas with string lights

Don’t you just love Boho designs? They create a chic aesthetic, that is stylish and super cosy at the same time. So this spring season, why not set up a cute relaxing area in your small backyard with lanterns, plants, wicker and wooden chairs, print pillows and soft throws? Don’t forget those string lights!

Small oasis garden landscaping

amazing small garden with fire pit

Okay, this is my dream small backyard fire pit landscape! The beautiful wall garden creates an intimate and cosy oasis, with a wood-burning firepit to keep you warm in the evenings. What more could you possibly want?

Sleep under the stars garden firepit idea

budget friendly fire pit ideas

If you liked the rustic firepit design fit for camping, then you will love this one even more! Set up a ground-level mattress and layer it with snugly blankets, pillows, and other fabrics fit for the outdoors. Create a stone firepit area surrounded by chairs where you can tell campfire stories and eat s’mores.




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