10 Practical Backyard Decoration Ideas For A Dazzling Transformation On a Budget

by Stephanie Yankova

For someone like me who has spent their whole life living in the concrete jungle, the concept of having an outdoor space is incredibly foreign. However, the dream of having a garden of my own has always driven me to follow the latest design trends and innovations. Since you’ve opened this article you’re probably someone who’s either lucky enough to have a backyard, have taken up the task of redecorating one that’s not yours (been there, done that), or are in the process of buying your first house and need inspiration for your future favorite outdoor space. Look no further – here are 10 backyard decoration ideas that will make every neighbor (including me) jealous!

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How Can I Make My Backyard Look Cozy?

Whether you are looking for ideas to decorate a small backyard or a large one, with the right choice of a color palette, fabrics, furniture and lighting any outdoor space has the potential of becoming a sanctuary. DIY furniture, incorporating nature and effective decoration are some of the few things you can do to add character to your backyard.

Build a gravel fire pit

gravel fire pit easy cozy backyard design solutions comfortable atmosphere


What better way to create a cozy atmosphere than to gather your friends and family around a big fire pit? Be it daytime or nighttime, the sound of crackling wood and the flickering flames will make you feel like you’re a kid again, and who doesn’t want that? One of the easiest ways to create the area for your cinder block fire pit is by using gravel or crushed stone. It’s important to have a protective non-flammable layer between the ground and the fire pit, and this is one of the easiest and most affordable options.

Ambient outdoor lighting

backyard ideas ambient lighting easy design solutions cozy atmosphere

Lighting plays a huge part when you’re designing an outdoor area. It not only guides you through the space, but also contributes to the overall atmosphere. Placing big rattan lamps around your backyard or patio is an effective way to create a warm environment in your space. Their size makes them an absolute statement piece, and the shape pays a homage to the terracotta amphorae which were used as terrace and garden decorations in Ancient Greece.

Sit back, relax and let yourself go in the cozy hug of a hammock

hammock cozy backyard design inspo tips bohemian lifestyle relaxing

If you’ve ever sat in a hammock, you know how comfortable and relaxing its embrace is. It embodies the spirit of the carefree, Bohemian lifestyle. If you’re craving an instant detachment from the hustle and bustle of the big city, hanging a hammock in your backyard might be the closest you’ll get to a soul-calming experience in your home. The best thing about it – you don’t even need trees to hang it. You can attach one side to the exterior wall of your house and the other one to a sturdy pole inserted into the ground.

Backyard decoration ideas for a pergola hideout

pegola outdoor design ideas inspiration tips tricks solutions inspiration

Take the living room outside with a beautiful pergola! Create your intimate little hideout area and let your imagination run wild with the decoration. Adding white cotton curtain to the construction will make you feel like you’re on a romantic vacation. Place a big coffee table in the middle and depending on the size choose to add a big corner sofa, or a smaller two-seater one paired with armchairs on each side. Play around with fun patterns on the cushions, and don’t forget to add some plants and fairy lights to tie the whole atmosphere together.

The Al Fresco table of your dreams

outdoor decoration al fresco table greenery garden tablescape

It’s tea time! Now that we’ve built our beautiful pergola, we can easily transform it from a leisure to a dining area with some furniture adjustments. Replace the sofa and coffee table with a long dining table and place some metal chairs around it for a modern look, or wooden ones for a more rustic appearance. Don’t forget the tablescape! A big white tablecloth, a couple of candles and vases with fresh flowers will instantly elevate the look of your table.

Boho Al Fresco backyard decoration ideas

backyard decoration ideas boho bohemian persian rug palette table outdoor living picnic creative abstract

If you gravitate more towards the Bohemian lifestyle, leave the chairs in the house and take out the Persian rugs and blankets, because we’re having a picnic! Throw around a few pillows for some extra comfort and instead of using a table, you can put a few pallets together, throw a big tablecloth on top and voilà! Don’t forget the final touches – candles, vases with fresh flowers and a beautiful set of plates to compliment the whole decor.

DIY Backyard Decoration Ideas

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Your home is your signature, an extension of yourself, and your backyard needs to embody that same spirit. However, taking up a renovation project requires not only time, but also resources. The truth is that you don’t need to break the bank in order to create a ravishing outdoor space in your home. Here are a few easy DIY backyard decoration ideas on a budget.

Build an outdoor bar

backyard decoration ideas outdoor living diy bar concrete blocks easy tips inspo

It’s summer, the Sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you’re throwing a backyard party, because – well, who doesn’t like gardens and parties? One issue – there are too many drinks and sweets and not enough space. Don’t fret – all you need is cement blocks and a little bit of imagination, and you can quickly build yourself a functional outdoor bar.

Backyard decoration ideas for DIY seating

diy seating ottoman rope tire easy tips tricks backyard furniture budget solutions

Ottomans are a great choice for backyard furniture. They’re quite big, easy to move around, and most importantly – comfortable. One downside – they’re quite expensive on the market, especially if you want to buy a few of them. No issues here! They’re super easy to make. All you need is some old tires and rope, and you’ll have new outdoor seating in no time!

Wall planters

wall planter wooden tips tricks plants greenery inspiration design ideas

If you have a backyard, chances are you probably have plants too! The thing about them is that they instantly uplift the mood in any space, which subsequently makes you want to buy more. One day, you wake up in a jungle of pot plants that have taken up way more space than what you had in mind. There’s a super easy solution to this hurdle – a wall planter. It’s easy to build, and you can modify it entirely to your own liking depending on how many plants you want to put on it.

Cinder block bench

backyard decoration ideas diy bench concrete blocks timber wood cushions bohemian boho

For those of you who don’t want to splurge on expensive outdoor furniture, the last one of our backyard decoration ideas is for you! All you need to build this bench is a couple of cinder blocks for the base, square planks of wood and some paint in case you want to add a touch of color, and you’re done!

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