Brilliant Backyard Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Really Outstanding

by Kremy

We all know that there is always something to do in the backyard. The Internet is full of amazing backyard ideas and outstanding landscape designs. Looking at such photos one can ask himself the question “Am I using the full potential of my outdoor space”? Is there a certain feature that can be added and make the time outdoors even more pleasant? We will give you some creative backyard ideas that can help you turn your plot into an oasis and the favorite place of your family.

Brilliant Backyard Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Outstanding

Of course, the landscape design and decoration of your backyard will depend on its size. If the plot is large, then the flight of your imagination will be limited only by the financial capabilities. Even if you have a small plot, some of the ideas listed below may be an inspiration for something nice, but on a smaller scale.

Super Cool Backyard Ideas to Make the Place More Comfortable

Super Cool Backyard Ideas


How to make an outdoor space more comfortable and welcoming? There are many backyard ideas that come to help. When it comes to comfort, the main that you need is a beautiful green lawn, a relaxing/entertaining area which gathers together all family members, shade, water feature, fireplace or firepit, etc.

Backyard Dining Area

Garden design ideas Backyard Dining Area

Very little space is needed to install outdoor dining furniture. To be able to dine alfresco, all you need to do is purchase a table and chairs

Think About Garden or Patio Shade

patio shade ideas outdoor sun protection

A shade or canopy is a must, especially during the summer season. In hot weather, you and your family or guests will be protected from the sun and in rainy weather you can safely continue your lunch or dinner. A pergola is among the most popular choices, but you can opt for an umbrella, shade sails, retractable awnings, canopies, etc.

Another option is to choose a shade structure – a gazebo, garden pavilion, cabana, palapa, etc. Each of these will offer you a pleasant stay outdoors and with the right furnishings will become your favorite place for entertaining, enjoying your morning coffee or tea or reading a book on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Transform a Garden Shed into a Small Studio

Garden Shed Art Studio Ideas

Garden sheds are used to store your equipment like lawn mowers and gardening tools but they can be transformed into fabulous backyard getaways, art and craft studios or a peaceful and quiet relaxing area.

Hang a Hammock or Garden Swing

brilliant backyard ideas hammock string lights

There’s nothing quite like rocking gently in a hammock or a garden swing hung between the trees in your backyard. A hammock or a garden swing is the ultimate resting place. You can sit with a cup of coffee, admiring the sunset or sunrise, read your favorite book, think over important issues and enjoy the fresh air and birds’ singing. Add some outdoor throw pillows, arrange a few lanterns and you will have the most romantic backyard retreat!

Add a Water Feature

garden design ideas backyard water feature

Bubbling fountains, cascades, koi pond – these are just some of the options to add a spectacular feature to your backyard. You may remember that an oriental landscape design is not complete without a small artificial pond or small water source. Water is a powerful element and Japanese masters consider it not only the source of life, but also together with the earth – a symbol of harmony and balance. Undoubtedly, a water feature adds character, style and elegance to any outdoor area.

Garden Fireplace or Fire Pit

backyard design ideas Garden Fireplace or Firepit

Backyard fireplaces or fire pits are an amazing feature that creates a warm, comfortable environment to spend time with family and friends. Such a feature immediately becomes an outdoor centerpiece. Even in a small area, you can find a corner for organizing a resting place with the possibility of cooking over an open fire.

Add an Outdoor Shower

backyard ideas garden design outdoor shower

On hot summer days, nothing is more refreshing than an outdoor shower. If your home is a modern sanctuary with fresh decor, then you just need to invest in creating a unique shower.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting ideas patio design

Outdoor lighting has a practical and decorative function. It allows you to spend more time outdoors, move around the backyard safely and enjoy the illumination of the most important elements of your backyard landscape design. To add extra coziness and a romantic touch, you can use fairy lights, combine lanterns, candles, solar lamps, etc.

Outstanding Backyard Ideas – Fun Time for Children and Adults

Outstanding Backyard Ideas

When we talk about adding unique features to your backyard we have to mention the options for fun pastime of children and adults. Besides comfort, the best backyard ideas include outdoor games.

Create a Playground

backyard playground for kids

A playground in the backyard will keep the children busy for hours! You can install a play set with different activities – climbing, swinging, sliding, jumping, etc.

Install a Trampoline

Install a Trampoline in the backyard

All children (even older ones) love trampolines. It is a lot of fun at any time of the day and the market offers a huge variety of models with a wide range of safety features including padded frames and poles, enclosure nets, etc. Choose the safety features to make sure that your children will not get hurt and will be as safe as possible.

Stock Up on Outdoor Games

Outdoor Games ideas Backyard decor

Outdoor games are the perfect pastime for the whole family. From mini golf and yard bowling to water games, yard games guarantee tons of outdoor fun.

These are just a few of the many backyard ideas that can be an inspiration for you to create an outdoor area where you will spend many happy hours with the people that you love!



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