Creative DIY Outdoor Games for Kids – Fun Time All Summer Long

by Kremy

Summer vacations are the time for spending fun time outdoors! What could be better than a few DIY outdoor games for kids? Are you planning a kids’ party in your backyard or a birthday party for your child? Even if there is no special occasion, kids will love playing in the garden. With a little creativity, you will not constantly hear “I am bored!”

Creative DIY Outdoor Games for Kids Fun Time All Summer Long

We have some super fun outdoor games ideas for you which will help you keep children busy for hours without spending a lot of money. You think you cannot do that?  Sure, you can!

Creative Outdoor Games for Kids – How to Create a Super Fun Playground Corner in the Garden

Create a Super Fun Playground Corner in the Garden


Creative outdoor games for kids will allow the little ones run, jump, build castles, climb, swing, get wet and all these activities can happen in your backyard. Yes, creating a special playground corner will require your participation but such DIY projects are real fun – a labyrinth, climbing walls, a sandbox or an obstacle course – you can improvise and upcycle any items into fun games. If you plan to create a playground, choose a suitable space. It should be an open sunny space so that your child is in front of your eyes. Let’s look at some great ideas!

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DIY backyard obstacle course

DIY backyard obstacle course

A backyard obstacle course is a huge fun and the best way to keep your kids busy and active during the summer. In addition, such activities promote the development of important physical and mental skills. To make a backyard obstacle course you do not need complicated or expensive equipment. Place ribbons or ripe between the trees, hang hoops from tree branches, lay several hula hoops in a row and have kids jump down the line. Lay a long piece of wood on the ground and use it a balance beam or place it across two chairs and have kids crawl under it. Of course, you should remember that  this is intended to be a supervised activity. Parents must be sure that the elements of the course are in good condition and safe for the kids.

DIY Backyard Climbing Structures

DIY Backyard Climbing Structures

Diy backyard climbing structures can be climbing walls or rope nets and kids just love them! Indeed, climbing is one of the best outdoor activities. It develops reactions, strengthens muscles, coordination of movements, logical thinking, etc. A DIY climbing wall for kids can be of various sizes and shapes, and can be placed near the fence or on the wall of the house.

DIY Outdoor Mud Kitchen

DIY Outdoor Mud Kitchen

All girls, without exception, love to play this game. What do you need for a DIY mud kitchen project? Old pallets are the perfect building material. A mud kitchen can be simple, made of cardboard boxes and stools, or assembled from decorated wood-based panels. Some craftsmen create real masterpieces for their kids. It all depends on your abilities and skills. Of course, you will need vessels, pots and pans as well as all sorts of kitchen equipment and utensils. Kids can use plastic ones or you can buy some metal dishes, ladles, pots, etc. from a flea market.

DIY Backyard Bowling

DIY Backyard Bowling outdoor games for kids and adults

This educational game can bring many benefits to the child. It develops the child’s coordination and accuracy, helps him learn to achieve goals. There are many DIY backyard bowling ideas. To make bowling pins you can upcycle plastic bottles, cans or even use wood logs. Pool noodles can trace the lane of your outdoor bowling for kids.

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch

DIY Outdoor Hopscotch stepping stones

Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game! Yes, it can be drawn on the side lane or on the patio deck, but if you are looking for a fun DIY project, just use stepping stones. You can buy (or make) concrete pavers, pain them in bright colors with outdoor paints and then add the numbers. As a result you will have a unique and vibrant hopscotch in the backyard!

DIY Outdoor Arts and Crafts Space for the Kids

DIY Outdoor Arts and Crafts Space for the Kids

Children love arts and crafts! So why not create an art corner in your backyard? Allow the kids express their artistic side! A backyard chalkboard is a simple and cost-effective DIY project and you can use salvaged wood which costs almost nothing! Add a craft table and chairs, some crates for supplies and you’re done!

Backyard Balloon Dart Board

Backyard Balloon Dart Board

Darts – another cool idea for simple and fun outdoor games. why not make it even more fun and craft a balloon dart board? To add another extra experience, why not fill the balloons with water! What could be a better outdoor game on a hot summer day?

DIY Backyard Racing Track

DIY Backyard Racing Track

To make a backyard racing track, you can do without materials at all, the main thing is to tamp the soil well, decorate the place around with toys, flags and even flowers – almost everything that is likely to be found in a children’s corner. Your child will like such a homemade mini track and will definitely not get bored soon.

Creative Outdoor Games for Kids – DIY Toss Games

diy ring toss game ideas

Toss games are a lot of fun not only for kids, but for the whole family. You can make a DIY ring toss or a bean bag toss game for your backyard. You can use rope, cardboard paper, plastic or metal buckets, upcycle bottles, etc. You can even have a craft afternoon with the kids to make the rings or bean bags. Another option is the frisbee toss. Hang a few hoops on a rope and have fun trying to get the Frisbee through the hoops.

How to Make a Giant Lawn Tic-Tac-Toe

DIY Lawn Tic Tac Toe ideas

A backyard Tic-Tac-Toe is such an easy project and the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening. For constructing your own tic-tac-toe board, you can paint rocks or paper plates, use rope, spray paint or hula hoops. Just use anything that you have in the garage for your backyard game project.

Creative Outdoor Games for Kids – Lawn Scrabble

Outdoor Games for Kids Lawn Scrabble

What can be more fun than playing a Scrabble in the backyard? If you are looking for the perfect DIY outdoor game project, this one is just for you! You can use wood plaques from a craft store or make your own letters from cardboard and paints.

Summer fun for kids – Backyard Water Games Ideas

Backyard Water Games Ideas Summer fun for kids

Well, on hot days it is very cool to play with water. Backyard water games can be way more interesting than jumping in an inflatable pool. Water blasters, water balloon bombs, DIY water slides – the only limit is your imagination. Here are some super cool ideas for you!

Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss Game

DIY Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss Game

All you need for this game is several buckets and sponges. The object of the game is to hurl the sponge bombs into each other’s buckets!

Water Cup Race

Outdoor water games for kids ideas Water Cup Race

Get some plastic cups and make holes on the bottoms with a screwdriver. Put the cup on a string and attach the string to posts. The object of the game is to use water guns and get the plastic cups move to the other end of the string.

Water Balloon Baseball

Water Balloon Baseball backyard games for kids

How much fun is that! All you need to do is fill up some water balloons and get a bat!




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